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This is the place where we showcase and incubate new products and technologies in development at Bamboo. All products available within Bamboo Labs are free to download and use. Support for these products is offered on a limited basis via the Bamboo Labs forums only.

You will hear this message from us over and over again across our site, but it's always worth repeating.  Bamboo is committed to being a community-driven software development shop.  Your suggestions and feedback help us decide what to build and how to build it.  While a product is available at Bamboo Labs, it is under current, active development.  We take your input from the forums in real time as we are developing.  This is truly your opportunity to direct us and help ensure our products meet your needs.

Bamboo SP Analyzer - Released September 4, 2012

Bamboo is pleased to introduce a completely reworked SharePoint analyzer solution called Bamboo SP Analyzer. Bamboo SP Analyzer is a unique tool that allows SharePoint administrators to unlock the secrets of their SharePoint farms. In this initial release, SharePoint administrators are provided the capability to: discover all Web Parts residing on individual pages (whether, visible, hidden, or closed); truly see the acceptance of a particular solution; and help troubleshoot issues that particular SharePoint sites may be experiencing.

More Information  •  Free Download for SharePoint 2007  •   Free Download for SharePoint 2010Bamboo SP Analyzer Forum

SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part - Released January 27, 2011

SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part

The SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part provides a read-only, top-down, hierarchical view of an organization.  Utilizing Microsoft Silverlight 4 technology, the SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part provides a quick glimpse into a corporation's organizational structure using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 profiles as the data source.  Each user profile is represented by a Business Card that presents MOSS 2007 profile attributes in an easy to read format.  Users can navigate through the management tiers of an organization and optionally print the displayed Organization Chart for future reference.  The SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part also provides users the ability to search MOSS 2007 profiles based on specific profile attributes.  They can then quickly view a selected resulting profile's Business Card and identify the individuals that report to them within the organization.

 More Information    Free Download   SharePoint Organization Chart Web Part Forum

Bamboo Content Migration for SharePoint- Released December 30, 2010

Bamboo Content Migration for SharePoint

Bamboo Content Migration for SharePointBamboo Content Migration for SharePoint is an application that allows users to move content between SharePoint environments. Use the application to migrate content from sites within the same SharePoint Server version. For example, you can migrate content from a SharePoint 2007 environment (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007) to another SharePoint 2007 environment (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007). Or, migrate content from a SharePoint 2010 environment (Server 2010 and Foundation 2010) to another SharePoint 2010 environment (Server 2010 and Foundation 2010). You can migrate content from full site collections or you can migrate specific subsites within a site collection.

 More Information    Free Download   Bamboo Content Migration for SharePoint Forum

Bamboo Happy Birthday Reminder Web Part – Posted December 23, 2009

Bamboo Happy Birthday Reminder Web PartBamboo Happy Birthday Reminder Web Part

Bamboo Happy Birthday Reminder Web Part reads user profile information such as email address, name, and birthday from SharePoint's Active Directory.  When you access a page containing this Web Part, a list of animated images is displayed for the user(s) whose birthday falls in the specified range (displayed by day or week, as configured).  An email is also sent to the birthday boy or girl, wishing them a happy birthday, so you'll never have to worry about sending a belated "happy birthday" card again.

More Information  •  Free Download  •  Bamboo Happy Birthday Reminder Forum

SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part - Updated August 14, 2009

SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part

SharePoint Tag Cloud Web PartWith this first version of the SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part, you can create a tag cloud -- based on tags YOU set up.  The tags reflected in this display aren't coming from your users, or from content (e.g. lists or libraries) associated with the Web Part.  You will need to manually enter all of the tags that appear in your tag cloud.

Here's an example of what you could do that would be useful.  Let's say that you have a list or library that contains documents or articles related to all of the products offered by your company.  Let's further say that you would like to get a sense of which products are the most popular with your users based on how often they navigate to the supporting documentation.  With this version of the Bamboo Tag Cloud Web Part you could create a tag cloud using the names of your products.  As users click through these tags to the associated documents, the tag cloud will begin to reflect relative interest in the various products by incrementing the font size of the most popular tags.

More Information Free Download SharePoint Tag Cloud Forum

PDF Document Parser - Updated July 23, 2009

PDF Document Parser

PDF LogoThe Bamboo PDF Document Parser is a custom document parser for PDF documents and PDF forms. It allows you to import metadata and form data from your PDF form into your SharePoint list and also populate your PDF document with metadata from the List.

More InformationFree DownloadPDF Document Parser Forum

SharePoint Analytic Accelerator - Posted October 20, 2008

SharePoint Analytic Accelerator

SharePoint Analytic Accelerator LogoThe SharePoint Analytic Accelerator allows organizations to display a wide-range of site usage metrics in a central, accessible location. When compared to SharePoint's out-of-the-box reports, the Bamboo's SharePoint Analytic Accelerator provides end users with a better experience as they use to tool to investigate things like traffic history, page hits, top users, and top pages.

More InformationFree DownloadSharePoint Analytic Accelerator Forum

Silverlight Media Player Web Part - Posted June 20, 2008

Silverlight Media Player Web Part 

Silverlight Media Player Web Part LogoOne of the differentiating capabilities of Bamboo's MashPoint platform vs. the BDC is its support for streaming data.  This simple Silverlight Media Player provides one way to take advantage of this feature.  Connect to a library of audio or video assets (e.g. training videos, product screencasts) and bring them into your SharePoint environment. 

Free Download  Silverlight Media Player Web Part Forum


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