This Week in Bamboo (Aug 31st - Sep 6th)

For this past week we released the following patches:

User Account Set Up Web Part (HW07 R3.1.64) -
User options for NT Directory Services

Bug Fixes:

  • Active Directory results delayed
  • User name cannot contain "."
  • Instruction text is incorrect
  • "The method or operation is not implemented" error message
  • User name field does not support special characters in non-English languages

Virtual Map View Web Part (HW31 R1.5) -

  • Supports BDC interface
  • Allows specifying of multiple URLs
  • Displays number of markers currently being rendered

Bug fixes:

  • Choice values with checkboxes do not display correctly when added to marker tab 
  • Error when a tab title is blank
  • Pop-out marker does not display correctly
  • Bottom right corner Navigation map does not display correctly

Group Email Web Part (HW14 R1.4.6) -

  • Uses standard SharePoint rich text control in SMTP mode
  • .dll file is installed in the BIN folder
  • Code access security is applied

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