Even the Queen uses SharePoint!

Ok, so maybe that's not true. But, I am in London and can attest that lots of folks in the UK do, perhaps the Royal Family excluded. Today I am at the sold out ICS Solution's SharePoint Showcase and luckily, the current global financial crisis has not dampened anyone's enthusiasm for Web Parts! Along with several other Microsoft partners who specialize in SharePoint, we were lucky enough to speak to the attendees about Bamboo. 


I briefly went over the most popular products we have as well as our new Web Parts, including Stock Quote Web Part, which got quite a few chuckles that turned into groans which then began to look like uneasiness and fear.  Luckily I was able to avoid a panic attack by quickly showing the Weather and World Clock Web Part: happy looking visuals of suns and clouds plus it's free!


After speaking, we were able to have sit down meetings throughout the rest of the day with customers, some familiar with Bamboo, others who are new to SharePoint and thus, new to us. Besides having really cool (which I've been told is a very American phrase) accents, the various partners and customers here at this event are eager to learn about how to enhance their portals and make them more user friendly. I talked to one customer who is not only looking to improve alerts and calendaring, but also creating sites and managing users across their entire farm. They were super impressed with our buy-what-you-need way of doing business and even more excited that by buying from our online store in dollars they are actually saving money! Without a doubt, the UK is right behind the US in terms of people using SharePoint, and it was great to meet some of our British customers and to learn where they are at in their deployment, what Web Parts they like, what they are looking to do in the future.


Things are starting to wrap up here and we're heading back to London in a few for the UK SharePoint User Group Meeting.  Fortunately, I'm just starting to get used to the time difference and the fact that people are driving on the other side of the road! Now...if I get just get a glass of ICED TEA (apparently a rare delicacy in Europe) and maybe a trip to Harrod's (you can't go wrong with the two S's: SharePoint and shopping!)


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Joel Oleson wrote re: Even the Queen uses SharePoint!
on Thu, Oct 16 2008 3:01 PM

The Royal Family may not, but the US Senate, House, and Presidential Staff do.  So did most of those currently running for president.  I don't think Mccain does though, he probably has a staffer upload his SharePoint docs for him.

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