This Week in Bamboo (Oct 26th - Nov 1st)

Based on customers' feedback, we promptly released the following patches to address some issues.

Team Calendar (HW34 R1.1.24) -

Tool Pane UI Change:
In the Tool Pane - Config Exchange section, changed the label from Fully Qualified Domain Name to AD Domain Name.

SharePoint Custom Column Pack - Bamboo Visual Indicator (HW41D R1.0.37) -

Bug Fixed:
Customer Issue: Fix RadAjax issue with custom Master Page.

List Advanced Search Web Part (HW11B R1.4.24) -

Bug Fixes:

• Sort drop-down for Values alphabetically.
• Error when access as Anonymous User.
• Duplicate 'Field Name' entries for "Created" and "Modified".

Posted Nov 03 2008, 08:41 AM by Bamboo PM Girl

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