An Open Invitation to Qualified Guest Bloggers

Regular readers of the Bamboo Team Blog will have noticed that we've hosted a number of excellent guest blogs from distinguished SharePoint professionals* over the past several months.  We're currently in discussions to secure guest blogs from additional SharePoint thought leaders, but we felt the time was right to cast an even wider net by extending an open invitation to all qualified prospective guest bloggers. 

In October, Bamboo Nation received over 26,000 unique visitors, and we're on track to beat that number in November.   We invite you to jump onto the Bamboo Team Blog soapbox and engage our highly qualified audience of SharePoint users and professionals with a guest blog entry.  All that we ask is that you speak to any SharePoint-related topic about which you're passionate, share a lesson learned, or write about a timely issue.  Naturally, you're also welcome to plug your own company or product offerings in the course of your guest blog.

We want to make sure that the guest blogging process is as streamlined as possible for you, so guest blogging is as easy as choosing a subject, submitting your content (a Word doc with embedded images is perfectly acceptable), and we'll take it from there.  We'll handle the editing, proofreading, and formatting, and will send the finished blog to you for your approval prior to publication.

If you're not already a registered Bamboo Nation user, we'll create a profile for you so that the guest blog will be posted under your name.  If you've already got a Bamboo Nation account, that's great ... we'll just ask you to create a placeholder blog entry, and we'll take it from there.    

If you're interested in guest blogging for Bamboo, please drop me an email at  I look forward to hearing what you'd like to share with Bamboo Nation!

* Write a guest blog for Bamboo and take your place among the following SharePoint gurus:

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