The List and Forms Extensions Toolkit Continues to Display Impressive Levels of Personal Growth

I keep telling the List and Forms Extensions Toolkit (we talk a lot -- it's a product management thing) that it's got nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a great collection of SharePoint list columns that certain people absolutely swear by, and it's the fastest, easiest answer to some of SharePoint's most annoying questions.

Doesn't matter. Every couple of days I hear the same things over and over again, the kind of thing you'd probably expect to hear from a young, rapidly maturing product.

"Does having a Bamboo Selector AND a Linked Selector make me look fat?"

"What happens to my fields if my users update the data they're linked to? Will they update?"


Whoa, whoa, easy there, Custom Column Pack. I'm telling you, it's not easy raising a young product in these trying times. Anyways, after a lot of long talks late into the night, we've come up with something to address the Pack's insecurity problems, both figuratively and literally.

The Bamboo Lookup Selector Column

First of all, while I'd obviously never say this to the Pack's face, he actually was starting to look a little chunky with both a Selector and Linked Selector column. So, we've put the Pack on a little diet, combining the features of both columns into a single column, called the Bamboo Lookup Selector. It's the only Selector column you'll ever need, and in addition to supporting all the great features of the original Selector and Linked Selectors (dependency, multi-select, keyboard shortcuts, etc.), it now responds to changes in linked data by updating its stored data to match. It's kind of like Pinocchio, only instead of turning into a real boy, the new Lookup Selector has turned into a real lookup column. 

I've taken the liberty of illustrating the product development process in the diagram pictured below.

And of course, we haven't forgotten about those of you already using the classic version of the Selectors. Never fear -- it's easy to set up a new Lookup Selector to copy over values from a classic Selector, which means you won't be stuck using the old Selectors while a couple of legacy columns hold your entire list hostage.

Of course, while that may take care of the Pack's self-image issues, there's still the matter of that exciting new column he feels pressured to add. He's got a point -- how do you one-up the Visual Indicator that Steve likes so much?

The Bamboo Column Level Security Column

Why, it's the Bamboo Column Level Security Column, the perfect antidote to your own SharePoint insecurity issues!  With Column Level Security, you can restrict access to an individual column, without worrying about hiding the entire list from unauthorized users. Instead, you simply create a Column Level Security Column, and assign any combinations of users or groups either Read or Edit access. Then, you can open the list itself to everyone, and anyone without viewing permission will see these extremely secretive-looking little symbols, instead of your private data.

Plus, just like with the new Lookup Selector, we've made it easy to copy in existing data (either text, numeric, or currency), so that you can set up a new, secure column for salaries, social security numbers, or that column of terrible things you don't want anyone to find about, but that you feel compelled to store on your SharePoint portal. OK, that might be a little weird. But no weirder than a guy taking his Custom Column Pack out to lunch. Not that I do that or anything.

At any rate, check out the new and improved Custom Column 4-Pack (with easy bundle licensing!) or any of the pack's components at the Bamboo Storefront, and if you're new the Custom Column Pack, download a free 15-day trial and give it a test drive. 


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