This Week in Bamboo (Jan 4th - Jan 10th, 2009)

For this week, Bamboo Solutions released Calendar Plus Web Part R3.0 with some major enhancements. At the same time, we pushed out some significant minor changes with the Stock Quote Web Part and the World Clock & Weather Web Part. Please see the descriptions below for details related to the enhancements and fixes.

Calendar Plus (HW20 R3.0):

Known Issues:
Invalid URI error if List Rollup uses Relative URL - Customer needs to use List Rollup R3.4 or later.

Require List Rollup R3.3 or later (SPv3 only).

New Features:
• Interface Support to Bamboo List Rollup 3.3 or later (SPv3 only).
• Go To Date using Date Picker.
• Provide different skins in the selections for Calendar skin.
• Provide an action bar for filtering within Calendar Plus Web Part to allow real time filtering of calendar items.
• Pull holiday entries from remote SharePoint List.
• Allow user to specify Calendar size in pixels.
• Add CSS for the Color Code Legend such that users can add a box around individual color codes and one for the entire legend.
• Allow user to enter relative path URL for both holiday calendar and List rollup URL.
• Allows user to filter on any columns not just the column in the display text box or Tool tips.
• Add ability to filter Cal+ using a Query String URL in the browser by using query filter WP.
• Support for "filter Web Parts" in MOSS 
• No longer offer SPv2 with version R3.0 on the storefront.

Bugs Fixed:
• Column field is not displaying the correct name in 'GANTT' View.
• Calendar Plus does not display long text even with text-wrap enable - User need to height property in custom CSS A.CalendarPlus-Item-XXXXXX:link and A.CalendarPlus-Item-XXXXXX:hover).
• Calendar fails to connect to Rollup dataform when Bamboo Navigators is on the page. 
• Log on prompts when Calendar Plus is connected to a calendar list on an anonymous site. 
• Background Bar of displayed event always is the same height - even if you change the font for the text.
• Improperly Dispose of SP objects.
• Invalid URI error if List Rollup uses Relative URL - Customer needs to use List Rollup R3.4 or later.
• Calculated column on non-English (US) site causes rendering error.  
• Connect web part filters on any column in the calendar list versus just the Displayed Column or Mouse Over Tool Tip.
• When Tasks rollup is not a default view, the Start Date is not available.

World Clock and Weather Web Part (HW17 R2.0.6):

Known Issues:
• Opera Brower: Cannot show Analog/Digital Clock when using SilverLight option.
• Firefox or Opera Brower : Unable to display raining special effect. Unable to use slider control in the tool part to change special effect density.

New Features:
• Option to display Analog/Digital clock using javascript - (Before users can only use Silverlight to display clock).
• Error handling for the city search.
• Application notes link in the setup now points to Bamboo online documentation.

Stock Quote Web Part (HW52 R1.1):

New Features:
• Added Custom Symbol Translation so now Stock Quote Web Part works for most of the international stock symbols.
• The Time and Date shown for stock quotes were not related to the stock price information, but instead display the system date/time when the user clicks "Get Quote" or the page loads with a default stock.  It is now fixed to display the actual date/time for which the quoted price is relevant.
• Added an option in the tool pane to change the color of the chart background.
• Changed the feed to get the stock data. Now all feeds are from yahoo except the intraday chart.
• Changed default chart view from Intraday to 1-Month, so that failed Yahoo to MSN symbol conversions would not result in the default chart failing to display.

Bugs fixed:
• Corrected the chart for the missing value in the end of the chart history.
• Added the German Translation for some labels.
• Inserted the condition to check for the positive value of chart height and width.

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