SharePoint Saturday D.C. Announces Charity Food Drive Contest In the Spirit of Collaboration and Competition

As promised in my earlier post announcing SharePoint Saturday D.C. (SPS DC), we can now reveal the exciting details of a contest that the event organizers have arranged.  A contest, you ask?  Is this not a charity food drive, where we all come together in the spirit of giving back to the community?   It is, yes, but what would life be without competition and an attendant chance to win?   Read on to see how the organizers have combined the spirit of charity with the thrill of competition, thereby creating a proverbial win/win situation for everyone involved.

Watch the video announcing the SharePoint Saturday DC Canned Food Drive on May 2, 2009 from Dux Raymond Sy on Vimeo

The Prize:  There will be more than one winner, as the top 20 donors will get to spend an hour with their choice of a participating SPS DC speaker.  If you have not checked out the list of SPS DC speakers, please do so, as I am sure there is more than one expert in the list that you would like to spend some face-to-face time with. 

The Rules:  Just one rule - bring or mail your canned food donations to the event.  

FAQ:  Just one for now...

Q.  I would like to participate in this worthy cause but I will not be able to attend.

A. You don't have to be at SPS DC on May 2, 2009 to win. You can still make a donation and participate in the contest. Just send in your donations to the address listed here,  and send an email to notify the organizers to notify of your donation.

Full contest details can be found at the official SPS DC event site.

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