FAQs at the Bamboo Booth - SharePoint Saturday DC Edition

SharePoint Saturday DC was great fun, and provided me with a welcome opportunity to meet with several customers and talk about how our Web Parts were enabling them to meet their business needs. We fielded a fair amount of the standard questions that we answer several times a day when we're exhibiting at shows. One non-standard question did come up when a gentleman stopped by to ask where Chris Dooley got his Coke as there was a surprising lack of caffeine onsite, and we even helped point him in the right direction (gas station down the street).   Tips on Coca Cola procurement notwithstanding, however, presented below is a "greatest hits" sampling of questions from the Bamboo booth.

How do you license your products? Is it by user or by server? We license our products by front-end Web server. If you have 2 servers (like a load balance) that you are deploying our products on, then you will need two keys. There are one or two exceptions to this rule, but for the most part we charge per front-end Web server.

How long is the trial period? We offer fully functional 15-day trials. The cool thing about our trials is that you can uninstall and reinstall from our online store without losing your configurations. Remember: Your trial begins when you download, not when you install. So if you put it in a folder and install it after 14 days, you'll only have one day left on that trial.

What if I have a dev server? Bamboo offers a discount on dev servers. Please contact sales@bamboosolutions.com for more info.

Where can I find technical details on Bamboo products? Can I set up a meeting to review? Bamboo is different in that we have an extensive community site and Web presence where almost any technical detail you might need is posted publicly. Please check out our Web site and see how much info we make available.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the level of detail we make freely available.

What would you say your strengths on your parts are as a company? We basically have a part for almost every common issue that users are trying to get past in SharePoint out-of-the-box. We have Project Management tools, calendaring tools, admin self-serve tools, list rollup, charting tools and much much more.

In short, we were excited to represent Bamboo at the SharePoint Saturday show and to meet our customers (and potential customers), and to hear from you what we're doing right and what we could be doing better. Soliciting feedback from our customers is paramount to our ongoing commitment to community-driven development, and in return for your valuable feedback, we aim to help you help your users improve the effectiveness of their SharePoint environment.

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