This Week in Bamboo (April 26th - May 2nd, 2009)

At Bamboo, while we are focused on getting some major products to be released in this quarter, we have patched a few as well. Here are the patches for this week.

DWG Parser Solution Accelerator (SA03 R1.1.16) -


Bugs Fixed:

  • The client application always looks for the web service in the same web application as you connect to.
  • Not able to manual enter values for non-mapped fields. 
  • Fields not extract if Content Type is not set as the default. 

Calendar Plus Web Part (HW20 R3.0.48) -

Bug Fixed:
Error with % complete on German server.

Cross List Web Part (HW09 R1.2.9) -

Log file located at drive: \WINDOWS\Temp\BambooSolutions\bsc_bamboo_%processid.log.

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