This Week in Bamboo (May 3rd - May 9th, 2009)

If you want an improved loading time with Team Calendar or converting InfoPath form (.xsn) in SharePoint to PDF, the patches this week have those features for you. See more below.

Office to PDF Conversion Solution Accelerator (BW04 R1.5.4) -

New Features:

  • Supports InfoPath to PDF conversion.
  • Supports PDF security, i.e. remove print option, edit option, password protection and other security. 
    (***NOTE**** only supported with Suite as conversion engine and global setting.)

Set up and configuration changes:

  • Add the PATH to open office automatically if it’s not set.
  • Increased <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="102400" />.
  • .NET 3.0 or higher is required.
  • Manual configuration of the decom settings is no longer required.

SharePoint Team Calendar (HW34 R1.2.49) -

Note:  End users must clear browser cache after install this patch update.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Improved loading time for year and month views (multi-mailboxes exchange mode).
  • Multiple All day appointments/meetings do not display properly in Day and Week Views.
  • If filter by status and the item is not part of the x items set in the toolpane it will now show up in Year View.
  • Event alignment error. 
  • Cancel Button in CSS Editor says 'Cancel Meeting'.
  • Calendar is not displayed correctly in Custom Master Page.
  • Remove post back when closing New Meeing or New Appointment window.


  • An event which expands over several days will not display as one solid band. It will show as blocks. This is due to the Control which the application is using.
  • Customer master page will display correctly only for "Fit in web part zone" option.

Mini-Calendar Web Part (HW22 R2.4.58) -

Bugs Fixed:

  • The WP gets error message "Column 'ID' does not belong to table " when using "List rollup" option and adding wp on Finish language pack site. 
  • "Field ID is invalid" when using Finnish language pack.
  • Custom styles are not applying correctly for subsites.
  • Index was outside the bounds of the array message. 
  • Script error when trying to edit Summary Link Web Part on a page containing Mini Calendar.

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