Announcing SharePoint Project Management Central™

Bamboo Solutions CEO Mike TannerSharePoint Project Management CentralIf you want to manage projects in SharePoint you have probably discovered that there are two “out of the box” solutions that seem to be at polar extremes. If you want to implement sophisticated project management features like critical path analyses, manage large project tasks, resources, costs, do portfolio analysis, etc., you can use MS/Project and implement Project Server, using SharePoint to manage documents, lists and discussion threads. Or, you can build your own complicated spreadsheets.  On the other extreme, if you have very light-weight needs, you can manage simple tasks and lists right in native SharePoint and take advantage of its extended collaboration features along the way.

Our customers tell us they really like the idea of managing projects right within SharePoint (both MOSS and WSS). They want a single-click location where project teams and their execs can see a graphical dashboard of progress on tasks, resources and issues in real-time. And they want to drill-down. But they just want it simple, up and running right away, and feeling just like SharePoint does - so that their people can use it anywhere in the organization without having to become project management experts or spreadsheet jockeys. Unlike the two ‘out of box’ extremes, folks tell us they need something in this “middle ground” that includes the key functionality of a project management application, but in a way that supports collaboration and is broadly accessible across the company.

Of course, this is exactly why we have launched Bamboo PM Central!  So if you haven’t looked at it yet, check it out.  With PM Central, our goal is to provide a Project Management tool for the majority of information workers who are not necessarily Project Management experts, but who will benefit from having project management application functionality right in SharePoint.  PM Central aims to complement high end tools like MS/Project where desired. But it also creates a SharePoint-centric way of managing projects for those who need a pure SharePoint approach.

For Bamboo, PM Central is the first of several application ideas we have been working on.  So PM Central is also a kind of product line expansion for us. Of course, we continue to aggressively add Web Parts to our library and enhance existing products. But you can also expect some other exciting announcements from us later this year related to expanded applications!   Our ongoing aim is to create additional ROI for your SharePoint investment.

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