Running Windows SharePoint Services on Linux

Did I get your attention ;)

Why is this "impossible"...? WSS is an (ASP).NET application and you can run ASP.NET on Linux using Mono and with Apache and something like mod_mono you get ASP.NET support.

So it should be possible to port this to Linux right?

The reason this is "impossible" is that the gut of WSS is implemented in unmanaged code (good old C++). If you have ever used reflector to look at what is going on you "always" end up with a call to the SPRequest class. Hristo Pavlov has a great post about the internals of SPRequest. This transition to unmanaged code is the reason we have to call Dispose on our SPSite and SPWeb instances.
So remember; the gut of WSS and thus MOSS is "good old" COM hosted in owssrv.dll and written in C++ 
Happy 4th of July!

Posted Jun 30 2009, 10:36 PM by Jonas Nilsson | Edit this post

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