Need Help With Your Bamboo Download? Try a Bamboo 101 Webinar

Bamboo 101 WebinarIf all else fails...

Purchased any products that required assembly lately?

If yes, chances are that product came with a set of detailed instructions on how to put your product together with minimal fuss, just like Bamboo's lovingly crafted Application Notes that are available online for every product.

Now, tell me honestly, did you read the directions before you started putting pieces together?

Let's face it. For many of us (and yes, I'm definitely among the guilty), reading the instruction manual before being required to do so by necessity... well, it's just not done. We want to get straight in there and get our hands dirty. We don't have time to read directions. But... as liberating as the "trial and error" approach can be (and truly great for the ego when it yields success)... there can be a downside.

You know what I'm talking about... when you find you need to go back and  undo a portion of your work because your intuition and confidence took you to places that you shouldn't have gone without at least a cursory glance at the instructions.

It reminds me of something my Grandpa used to say, "When working toward a solution, it always helps if you know the answer."

With that in mind, Bamboo 101 is here for you. This new webinar series will give you a visual introduction to some of our most popular Web Parts and bolster your faith in your intuitive abilities. Sit back with a beverage, put your feet up, and watch while we walk you through installation, configuration, and show you how to make the most of Bamboo in your SharePoint environment.

Coming up this July, we'll be looking at Bamboo's Calendar Plus & List Rollup, Task Master, and Chart Plus, and watch out in August when we'll introduce the Filters Collection and take a good look at List Integrity.

Sign up for a Bamboo 101 webinar today....and if all else fails... read the manual!

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