Bamboo Has a New Jingle

We are, ok, I am, proud to present Bamboo's new jingle, "Web Parts for SharePoint".  Some of my colleagues around the office do not seem to share my excitement for the 225th song in Jonathan Mann's "Song a Day" series on  I've been singing it around the house since I got it in email last night around midnight.  I dare you to listen to it 10 times in a row and tell me it isn't the catchiest most delightful little ditty you've heard since the Eastern Motors song:

I suppose for the uninitiated, this deserves a little back story.

Last week Microsoft announced the $500 winner of a jingle contest for Bing, the newly rebranded search engine.  Give it a listen:

Now like most people, my first reaction was a derisive snort.  Who is this clown singing "Bing! Goes the Internet?"  It wasn't until about 8 hours later, when against my will I was still walking around humming "Bing! Goes the Internet" that I begrudgingly started to recognize the raw genius of Jonathan Mann.

So it was especially amusing to me when TechCrunch covered the story the following day.  TechCrunch analyst MG Siegler described the Bing jingle (which my wife correctly identifed as a "Bingle") this way in his post Bing Has Succeeded... In Finding the Worst Jingle Ever:

"Sure, the song will get stuck in your head, but so does the sound of seals barking, or cows dying, if you listen to them for long enough."

I probably would have never had another thought about the Bingle except that unlike most folks, Jonathan Mann didn't lie down and accept the judgement of TechCrunch as the ultimate arbiter of cool.  Instead, he fired back with song #217a in his ongoing quest to write and produce a song a day, I'm MG Siegler

If you've ever wasted time trying to get the pontificating wind bags at TechCrunch to profile your company (assuming you don't work for Twitter, Facebook or Apple... and/or have no close personal relationship with Jason Calacanis), you probably enjoyed seeing somebody taking a nice poke at Siegler.

Again, as I was out and about in the world, I found that my mental iPod was stuck looping "I'm MG Siegler".  Over the course of a few days, I kept going back to YouTube for a fresh listen.  There is just no better way to say this, Mann's songs are as addictive as (if not also inspired by) crack.

I was absolutely delighted to find that Jonathan was fighting to extend his 15 minutes of fame with song #219 That Cowardly, Dastardly Villain MG.

Dr. Pepper was forcibly exhausted through my nose at the reference to the Smurf's arch enemy Gargamel. 

But it wasn't until I viewed song #221, I Wrote the Worst Jingle in the World that I knew I had to commission a Mann original for Bamboo.  When Jonathan sang, "If you're looking for a jingle, that's the worst one in the world, maybe I can outdo myself, I'd like to give it a whirl"... I felt he was speaking directly to me.  And the enthusiastic, passionate response straight from my heart was "YES!  Yes, I do want the worst jingle in the world"

Now although I have oversight of marketing at Bamboo, I do not necessarily have authority to go around commissioning original works of art.  Our CEO is pretty tight with the budget, especially as we pull up out of the worst recession in a couple decades, and I figured I had only about a 3% chance that he might appreciate the genius of my expenditure.  Didn't matter.  Although I still have every intention of submitting this expense as a legitimate and worthy unplanned marketing spend, I will not lose a wink of sleep if I end up paying for this out of my own pocket.

I love "Web Parts for SharePoint".  With no more than a paragraph of guidance, Mann has captured the essence of Bamboo and spun it into another compelling and delightfully persistent ear worm

Ok... am I wrong?  Are my skeptical co-workers correct, or just not as hip as you and I?  Do you think you can do better?  I will put up $500 cash of my own money for the first person to submit an alternative Bamboo jingle that is unequivocally better.  You think you're smarter and more talented than Jonathan Mann?  Put up or shut up. 

Love it and want your own?  Jonathan was a pleasure to do business with.  Contact him at

"He wrote the worst, he wrote the worst, he wrote the worst jingle in the world.... how many people do you know that have done the worst of anything?"

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Arthur E. Callahan wrote re: Bamboo Has a New Jingle
on Fri, Aug 14 2009 2:28 PM

Bah! This tomfoolery merely clogs up the ethertubes I use to receive my electrical invoices!

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