How to Render SharePoint List Data from a Google Calendar

In Jonas' previous post, SharePoint support for iCalendar using the MashPoint REST API, he explained iCalendar support in MashPoint API, and how to display your iCalendar using a Vista gadget. In this post, I will explain how to use the same approach to display data from your SharePoint Calendar (or any other list based on the Event List type) to your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar has an option to import calendars via URL. If the URL returns iCalendar, for example, Google calendar can display it.

So, now we just need to type in the URL that would return the iCalendar feed from the SharePoint List and we are good to go.

Let's look at a SharePoint Calendar:


Our aim is to bring this data to Google Calendar. Since we will be using MashPoint REST API to accomplish this task, we have to use a URL that will get the iCal feed for this calendar. The URL should like this:


Wherein the $ical$ in the URL conveys to the REST API that we need iCalendar feedback.

NOTE: Before adding the URL to the Google Calendar, I had to make the SharePoint site anonymously accessible. This is because Google Calendar can't access a site using Windows authentication, and I didn't want to setup a site with Basic Authentication and SSL.

Anyway, once you put this URL in the Google Calendar, voila!, you can see your calendar in Google:


By the way, SharePoint also provides iCalendar support out of the box. This is accomplished by addressing the owssvr.dll with an URL like this:


This URL will return iCalendar feedback that Google Calendar can then use to display the calendar.

So, MashPoint REST API provides a way to get SharePoint list data to Google Calendar or any other widget or application that accepts iCalendar. If you want to try this, all you need to do is download MashPoint REST API and follow the instructions above.

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Posted Apr 03 2009, 02:30 PM by Jonas Nilsson


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