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Pricing for SharePoint can be complex, especially when you're also calculating the cost of optional products.  For these reasons, and for your convenience, we've developed the SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator.  This tool can help you develop a good ballpark estimate of what your total licensing expenditures for SharePoint 2010 will be.   Please note that this is the calculator for SharePoint 2010; our price calculator for SharePoint 2007, is located here.

Note: Results reflect data collected as of October 1, 2010.  Listed prices do not include Software Assurance, which will add roughly another 25%-40% to the cost.

As a disclaimer, all of the information presented here is based upon publicly available information provided by Microsoft, in U.S. dollars, and is current as of the effective date listed above. You should only use this tool to generate a ballpark estimate.  The best and only method for obtaining accurate costs is to contact a Microsoft Licensing Specialist.  Many factors may affect your specific situation, including a volume licensing agreement.

Here are some additional issues to consider regarding SharePoint 2010 licensing:

  • Windows Server License: Every server in your SharePoint farm requires a Windows Server License. You can use Standard licensing unless your configuration requires an Enterprise license. You will need CALs (Client Access Licenses) unless all content is accessed only via Internet-facing sites. Note that SharePoint 2010 will require 64-bit (x64) server.
  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation is still free, but you do need proper licenses for Windows servers, SQL servers, and Internet connection if needed.
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Server License: You will need this license to run SharePoint 2010. You will also need the requisite number of Client Access Licenses (CALs) for each employee (or device) accessing the server, including employees who are accessing the server via extranet sites.
  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise: Is available as an addition to the Standard SharePoint 2010 Server license. Note: There is no Enterprise server license; you just need to purchase Enterprise CALs in addition to the Standard CAL. You cannot mix Standard and Enterprise licenses in a farm. For a detailed comparison between Standard vs. Enterprise, go here.
  • SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet sites: You need this license in order to create Internet-facing SharePoint sites for non-employees. A license is required for each Internet facing server, and there are no CALs required if you expose the entire content to the Internet. The Enterprise version provides additional features and allows Internet users to use FAST Search Server (see the search option below).
  • Windows External Connectors: This is not a SharePoint license, but a Windows Server license which is required if you are using SharePoint for an Internet-facing site. Each Web Front-end server definitely requires an External Connector license. There is some confusion as to whether you really need an External Connector license for every box in your farm.
  • Microsoft Office Forms Server is integrated into SharePoint 2010 Server. There is no longer an option to run the Form Server independently with SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

For Search technologies, the following options are available: 

  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Search: Build-in with SharePoint Foundation, scoped to a single site collection (cannot index external data), and with a maximum of 10M items that can be indexed.
  • Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express: Free download with functionality limited in a manner similar to SharePoint 2010 Search, but will allow you to index external content.
  • Microsoft Search Server 2010: This option allows you to extend the search functionalities beyond site search as well as the ability to deploy across multiple servers. The Standard Edition is limited to 500,000 items and a single index database.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This is the search engine provided with SharePoint 2010 Server SKU. It has the same capabilities as MS Search Server 2010 but are tightly integrated with SharePoint features such as social networking (people search).
  • FAST Search Server: This is licensed separately, and provides full enterprise search features for your SharePoint farm. Note that FAST search will require the SharePoint Enterprise CALs license. You will also need a SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise license in order for extranet users to use the FAST search features.


For a complete reference on search options available for SharePoint 2010, see the Microsoft article, Search Technologies for SharePoint 2010.

Pricing for SQL 2008 Server can be found here:

Questions or comments?  We welcome your feedback in the SharePoint Price Calculator forum.


    SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator
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