How to Manage and View Data in a SharePoint 2013 Task List

Managing project tasks can be an arduous process, which is why in SharePoint 2010, Microsoft introduced project task lists to help you track and manage your project tasks more efficiently and effectively.  For SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has once again improved how users manage their project tasks by introducing the Task List.  In this article, we'll look at how the project tasks lists have been updated, including viewing and filtering options that are new to SharePoint 2013.

New View Options in Task List for SharePoint 2013:

Gantt Chart View:

In SharePoint 2013's Task List, Microsoft has included a number of new default views, including the Gantt Chart view, which allows users to view data in Gantt Chart form (much like the Project Task View in SharePoint 2010, as pictured below):

Project Task View in SharePoint 2010:

Task List in Gantt Chart view in SharePoint 2013:

Calendar View:

The updated Calendar View in the Task List allows you to view a task's duration in calendar form:

New Filter Options in Task List for SharePoint 2013:

In SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has changed some of the options you have for filtering and viewing project tasks in the Task List.  These new options include:


This view will filter data by % Complete for tasks which have a due date that is later than today's date:


This view will display tasks that have been completed (i.e., % Complete is greater than or equal to 100%):

Late Tasks:

This view will display tasks that have not completed as of today's date, and are therefore considered "late" (i.e., % Complete is fewer than 100% AND the due date precedes today):

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