How to Use the Document Set Content Type in a SharePoint 2013 Document Library

A Document Set is a Content Type option within the document library which you can use to group together multiple documents or files in your SharePoint environment. A document set resembles a folder, but it has some functional differences.  For example, unlike with folders, where you can create sub-folders within a folder, you cannot create a sub-document set in a document set.  In this article, we'll introduce you to the Document Set in SharePoint 2013, as well as to some common functions, including how to set up your document set and how to manage its permissions.

How to add Document Set as a Content Type to your Document Library:

  • To begin, you will need go to Document Settings and change the Advanced Settings to: Allow management of content types:

  • Next, under Settings, click Add from existing site content types and find the Document Set content type. Select Document Set and click Add:

  • Now, when you go to your Content Types, you will see that Document Set content type is visible in your document library content types:

Create a Document Set and add Document to your Document Set:

  • Go to your Document library and select New Document -> Document Set from the drop-down list:

  • Input a name for your document set to create new folder. Your new Document Set will be displayed under your MyDoc:

  • You are now ready to start uploading documents to your document set as pictured below:

Managing Permissions for your Document Set:

  • To manage the permissions for your document set, go to the Manage tab and select Permissions:

  • From here, you are able to set the permissions of your documents. By default, the folder inherits permissions from its parent. You have the option of creating custom permissions by clicking Stop Inheriting Permissions and setting applicable permissions as needed:

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