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Microsoft Pushes VoIP to Fend off Cisco (GigaOM)
Microsoft today unveiled its next-generation Communications Server product that will allow users to replace their existing phone systems with Microsoft’s software. It’s about time Redmond pushed its VoIP offering further. The product, which goes on sale in February 2009, replaces a PBX system with Microsoft’s VoIP software on a server, allowing employees to make calls to any phone number, to make calls from within Microsoft documents and adding audio conferencing.

Are Enterprise 2.0 Applications Prices Going to Fall? What About Market Size? (FASTforward)
I recently wrote on this blog on why the enterprise 2.0 market might continue to grow in a down market, see Awareness Report Shows Significant Rise in Enterprise Social Media - Will It Continue? My blog colleague Jevon MacDonald covered the concept in more depth in his post, In uncertain times, Enterprise 2.0 takes the stage. I really like the series of points Jevon made. He concludes with this statement, “In a time of uncertainty such as we have seen in the past several months, new and promising technologies may prove to be the safest harbour for those who must continue to deliver growth.”

Report: Enterprise to Embrace Web 2.0 as Prices Drop (Ars Technica)
Social media tools designed for the enterprise are getting all grown up, and a new report from Forrester Research says its time for a market readjustment. Forrester analysts cite a number of reasons for impending price drops on "enterprise 2.0" tools like software and servers for blogs, wikis, and social networks, but they conclude that only mashup tools are likely to become more valuable.

Microsoft Prepares for Announcement of New Cloud Operating System (Accounting Web)
Microsoft is less than a month away from introducing an Internet-based operating system, CEO Steve Ballmer told a recent conference of software developers in London. "We'll need a new operating system," Ballmer said. "Just as we have an operating system for the PC, for the phone and for the server, we need a new operating system that runs in the Internet."

Busy October Patch Cycle Comes Around with 11 Fixes (RedmondMag)
As expected, Redmond announced that it's releasing 11 patches for the October rollout of its security fixes. Four of the items are designated as "Critical" and six of them are deemed "Important," with a "Moderate" patch to round out the slate.

Windows Mobile: What Went Wrong? (WindowsITPro)
Years ago, I received an invitation to participate in a Microsoft project that was codenamed Pegasus. Back then, these invites were sent by paper mail, not email, and NDAs had to be signed and physically returned before they were considered valid. It was 1996, and Microsoft was entering the market for personal digital assistants (PDAs) with a product that would go on to be called Windows CE. And yes, "CE" really did originally stand for "consumer electronics," though the software giant has been denying that for years for some reason.

Cloud Vendors Forecast Rapid Adoption (NetworkWorld)
Remotely accessible cloud storage isn't appropriate for all data types, but it's poised to attract a large amount of IT spending over the next few years. That was the prediction Monday from Patrick Harr, founder and CEO of online storage vendor Nirvanix, one of several speakers at Storage Networking World to address the emerging cloud storage market.

My (Tentative) Wish List For A Better Secure Browser (InformationWeek)
Web browsers are where the client machine rubber meets the Web server road. So it stands to reason that strong Web browser security is paramount -- far more effective than relying on thousands of Web application/plug-in developers to write more secure code. There are definitely some browser developers that are making strides in the right directions, but none of them are quite there yet. I'm still thinking through this, but if I were writing my wish list for a more secure Web browser today (and, well... I am) then here's what it would be:


Around the Blogosphere
"SharePoint for Project Management" E-Book Now Available (meetdux)
The electronic version of my book "SharePoint for Project Management" is now available at O' The printed version will be available by the end of October 2008.

Indexing PDFs - Can Someone Make it Easier Please? (Worker Thread Blog)
The two posts on this blog with the greatest number of hits are the one on configuring a PDF iFilter with WSS 3.0, and using Adobe Reader 9 with SharePoint.  Almost every SharePoint implementation I’ve been involved in has required setting up a PDF iFilter and I would say that after standard Office documents (mostly Word but some PowerPoint and Excel), PDFs are the file type most commonly uploaded to SharePoint document libraries.

How to Measure the Performance of Your SharePoint Site (Ian's SharePoint Blog)
Ed Robinson the CEO of Aptimize has written this paper with guidance for measuring the performance of SharePoint Intranet and Internet sites. Aptimize produces the Runtime Page Optimizer ( – a software component that instantly speeds up web pages, applying Yahoo’s rules of Exceptional Performance  to ASP.NET and MOSS/SharePoint 2007 sites.

List Attachments are Searchable (Todd Klindt's Blog)
I have a confession to make, I was wrong. One of my readers made a comment on a blog post asking if the contents of attachments to list items were indexed, and therefore searchable. I said they were not. I was wrong. Had I spent five minutes to test it, I would have known better. After being called out on it by another reader I decided to test it. Imagine my surprise when I found it worked.


Around Bamboo Nation
Point Look and Feel, Part 1 of 3 (SharePoint Blank)
I've touched on some of the customization options available regarding the look and feel of a SharePoint site in this space previously, but as I continue to plumb the copious notes I took at the Mindsharp Power End User summit, it feels somewhat natural to follow last week's Web Parts excursion with a look at these look and feel options.

Sharepoint and Search Server 2008 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
For my first guest post on the Bamboo Team Blog, I've decided to write about something that has recently excited me in the SharePoint realm. Microsoft has further stepped up its competition with Google this year to provide a more robust enterprise search platform, Microsoft Search Server 2008. The product itself is not brand new, but recent updates have piqued my interest. And although this isn't a SharePoint product per se, it is run completely on the SharePoint framework. We will discuss what this product is and how it applies to your current SharePoint search experience.


SharePoint Events
October 15, Iselin, New Jersey, NJ SharePoint User Group
October 15, San Diego, California, Southern California SharePoint User Group
October 16, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Bay of Plenty User Group
October 16, Columbus, Ohio, Central Ohio SharePoint User Group
October 16, London, England, SharePoint User Group UK
October 16, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky SharePoint Users Group
October 16, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
October 21, Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide SharePoint Usergroup
October 21, Irving, Texas, DFW SharePoint Server Community
October 21, Perth, Australia, Perth SharePoint Users Group
October 21, Tampa, Florida, Tampa Office Geeks Association
October 22, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland SharePoint User Group
October 22, Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group
October 22, Roanoke, Virginia, Roanoke Valley SharePoint Users Group
October 23, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona SharePoint Professionals Group
October 23, Richmond, Virginia, Richmond SharePoint User Group
October 25, Puget Sound, Washington, Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group: SharePoint Sprint
October 25-26, Los Angeles, California, SoCal Code Camp
October 25, Orlando, Florida, MOSSmosis Orlando
October 25, Puget Sound, Washington, Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group
October 27-30, Los Angeles, California, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

November 3-7 and 10-14, Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft TechEd
November 4, Chicago, Illinois, The Chicago Microsoft SharePoint Business Strategies Group November Meetup
November 4, Grand Rapids, Michigan, West Michigan SharePoint User Group
November 6, Kansas City, Kansas, Office Developer User Group of Kansas City
November 10-13, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Connections Conference
November 12, Bloomington, Minnesota, Minnesota SharePoint User Group
November 12, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado Springs SharePoint User Group
November 13, Atlanta, Georgia, MOSSmosis Atlanta
November 13, San Francisco, California, San Fransico SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Office Geeks

January 27-29, San Francisco, California, SPTechCon

* Please contact Chris Dooley ( to include your event in our listing.


Microsoft Updates
A Preview of Office SharePoint Server Site Templates (Get the Point)
My name is Tom, and I write for Office Online. I'm a new guest blogger on Get the Point, and today I'd like to discuss the default site templates included in Office SharePoint Server 2007. When you create a new Office SharePoint Server site, you can start by using a site template, which you can later customize. There are four categories of site templates from which you can choose: Collaboration, Meetings, Enterprise, and Publishing. In each category, there are several site templates provided.

Use a “Flat” View to Avoid Fishing for Files in Folders (Get the Point)
Are your files submerged in a deep folder structure in your libraries? Are you always fishing for files in folders? Are you over your frustration limit? By using a flat view, you can surface files from folders into a single view. Whenever you need to see all the files together, you can switch to the newly created custom view.

Create a Custom Site Theme and Make it Available to Others (Get the Point)
A theme in Office SharePoint Server is a set of fonts, colors, graphics, and other decorative elements that provide a consistent appearance to your site. A site comes with a set of themes that enable you to quickly change the appearance, based on your organization's needs. (For more information, see the article Change the site colors or theme on Office Online.)


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