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Are You Integrating Properly? (Information World Review)
I will stop harping on about SharePoint one of these days. Promise. But probably not until it ceases to become one of the most popular content management tools among enterprises. So you know what I'm going to say next: despite the hype, SharePoint cannot be all things to all people. It isn't a one stop shop for your ECM needs, and if you think it is, you're going to find pretty quickly that the add-on functionality required to make it so will blow your budget through the roof.

Microsoft Announces 'Azure' Cloud Services (PC Magazine)
Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie started off the company's 2008 Professional Developer Conference Monday with a discussion of the back-end server parts of the company's "software plus services strategy". It might not receive as much attention as Windows, but it's just as important.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Azure at Professional Developers Conference (International Business Times)
Today, during a keynotespeech at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC2008), RayOzzie, Microsoft Corp.'s chief software architect, announced Windows Azure,the cloud-based service foundation underlying its Azure Services Platform, andhighlighted this platform's role in delivering a software plus servicesapproach to computing. The Azure Services Platform is an industry-leading moveby Microsoft to help developers build the next generation of applications thatwill span from the cloud to the enterprise datacenter and deliver compellingnew experiences across the PC, Web and phone.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform: A Guide for the Perplexed (ZDNet)
Now that the initial Microsoft PDC pixie dust has settled, developers are trying to digest exactly what Microsoft’s cloud platform is. Here’s my attempt to explain it. Microsoft layed out its “Azure” foundational infrastructure for the cloud during the keynote kick-off on day one of the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) here in Los Angeles. The goal of Azure is to provide developers who want to write applications that run partially and/or entirely in a remote datacenter with a platform and set of tools.

More on the SharePoint Service Pack (CMS Watch)
Janus has already provided a first take on Redmond releasing another service pack for the Office products. Of course, this SP is not a huge surprise. Microsoft releases services packs every six months to a year, with various "patches" released more frequently. However, what is somewhat unique is what's been coming in these service packs.

PDC 2008: Azure is, and isn't, Microsoft's Answer to Everyone else's Challenge (Beta News)
Anyone who thinks Microsoft isn't capable of responding to a serious challenge doesn't know Microsoft. It's the familiar puzzle, put together the same way: Let others blaze the trail, then wait for an opening and leverage resources.

What does Internet Explorer 8 Mean for You? (IT Pro)
Plan ahead for Internet Explorer 8 so you can take advantage of the security and deployment features – and update your web sites and applications to support the new standards.


Around the Blogosphere
Customizing the User Experience of SharePoint: Modifying the default Experience (Part 2 of 6) (SharePoint Magazine)
Hey, we’re back, and it’s time to get our show on the road once again. This is the second part of a six part series on customizing the user of SharePoint. The Customizing the User Experience of SharePoint series aims to explain how the user experience works, from how the interface is built down to details on how columns of lists  get created.

Great Move SharePoint and Windows Cloud OS "Windows Azure" (SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
Today at PDC, Ray Ozzie announced Windows Azure (previously known as Red Dog), Microsoft's big bet (HUGE bet) on cloud services. “Today marks a turning point for Microsoft and the development community,” Ozzie said. “We have introduced a game-changing set of technologies that will bring new opportunities to Web developers and business developers alike. The Azure Services Platform, built from the ground up to be consistent with Microsoft’s commitment to openness and interoperability, promises to transform the way businesses operate and how consumers access their information and experience the Web. Most important, it gives our customers the power of choice to deploy applications in cloud-based Internet services or through on-premises servers, or to combine them in any way that makes the most sense for the needs of their business.”

Bad Practices for SharePoint Server 2007 Search (Bill English Blog)
In working with a client today, they asked what were some of the practices to avoid regarding Search administration in SharePoint Server 2007 and Search Server 2008? After discussing these topics for a while, I decided to go ahead and write a quick blog post on them. So, here's four simple things that you *shouldn't* do when the crawler is actively crawling a content source:

Check out my interview with the SharePoint Pod Show (Andrew Connell)
Rob Foster & crew have posted the latest episode of the SharePoint Pod Show. I was recently in Nashville, TN teaching a class and since Rob lives there, we took the time to record a nice long bit for the Pod Show. They just released part 1 of the interview... we talk about all kinds of stuff including one very interesting Vegas phrase. :)

PDC 2008: Announcing Azure Services Platform and Microsoft SharePoint Services (Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog)
Today, in Day 1 of the PDC Keynote, Ray Ozzie unveiled the Azure Services Platform. Azure makes it possible for developers to create applications and services that run in the cloud or to create web, mobile, or hybrid applications that extend the value of on-premises applications. To learn more about Azure, go to

Whitepaper - Understanding and Troubleshooting the SharePoint Explorer View (Stefan Goßner)
As we often get support cases on this topic, here is a whitepaper link which gives background info and self guidance for troubleshooting: Brief Description - This whitepaper provides general as well as troubleshooting information on using the Explorer View of Windows SharePoint Services.

Creating a SharePoint Page Layout to Play Video Content (Ian's SharePoint Blog)
There is so much video content available now days that can be used as a source of content for your web site (Internet or Intranet). This article shows you how to create a SharePoint Publishing Layout page that supports authoring a web page with the following features:

SharePoint Governance Meeting Breakdown (SharePoint Branding & Design)
One of the things I have noticed is that if you throw out the word "Governance" you have some people say they don't have it but think it might be useful, and others who just run for d-hills. Its a normal reaction for people to not want restrictions or other people telling them how to use a system. But all in all it's best to have one.

Windows Azure Datasheets (Mark Harrison)
Windows Azure Datasheet, Microsoft .NET Services Datasheet, Microsoft SQL Services Datasheet, Live Services Datasheet


Around Bamboo Nation
Create a SharePoint Document Workspace (SharePoint Blank)
As noted last week while investigating how to create a wiki site, I discovered that there are many other, additional template types available that allow you to quickly and easily create a site for collaboration in SharePoint.  Today I'd like to take a closer look at one of those additional templates, the Document Workspace template.

Bamboo Theatre Presents : The SharePoint Team Calendar Web Part (The Bamboo Team Blog)
As promised last week, today we've added a quick look at some of the features available in the Team Calendar Web Part, which gained a few new features superpowers in release 1.1. If you've got two minutes and ten seconds to spare, and want to see how SharePoint can take advantage of your exisiting Microsoft Exchange/Outlook setup... well, boy do I ever have a movie for you.

This Week in Bamboo (Oct 19th - Oct 25th) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
For this week, we released the following patch updates. Alert Plus Web Part (HW05 R2.4.26), SharePoint Knowledge Base Solution Accelerator (SA05 R1.1.36), Grants Management Solution Accelerator (SA02 R1.2.55)


SharePoint Events
October 27-30, Los Angeles, California, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference
October 28, Christchurch, New Zealand, Christchurch SharePoint User Group
October 28, Franklin, Tennessee, Nashville SharePoint Users Group
October 28, San Antonio, Texas, San Antonio SharePoint User Group
October 29, Sydney, Australia, Sydney SharePoint User Group
October 31, Perth, Australia, Perth SharePoint Users Group

November 3-7 and 10-14, Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft TechEd
November 4, Grand Rapids, Michigan, West Michigan SharePoint User Group
November 5, Chicago, Illinois, The Chicago Microsoft SharePoint Business Strategies Group November Meetup
November 5, New York, New York, SharePoint User Group: New York City
November 6, Kansas City, Kansas, Office Developer User Group of Kansas City
November 10-13, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Connections Conference
November 10, Sydney, Australia, Sydney SharePoint User Group
November 11, St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis Sharepoint Users Group
November 12, Bloomington, Minnesota, Minnesota SharePoint User Group
November 12, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado Springs SharePoint User Group
November 13, Atlanta, Georgia, MOSSmosis Atlanta
November 13, Puget Sound, Washington, Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group
November 13, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint User Group of the District of Columbia
November 13, San Francisco, California, San Fransico SharePoint Users Group
November 15-16, Sydney, Australia, Office DevCon
November 18, Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide SharePoint Usergroup
November 18, Irving, Texas, DFW SharePoint Server Community
November 19, Iselin, New Jersey, NJ SharePoint User Group
November 19, Roanoke, Virginia, Roanoke Valley SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Bay of Plenty User Group
November 20, Columbus, Ohio, Central Ohio SharePoint User Group
November 20, Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Office Geeks
November 20, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky Sharepoint Users Group
November 20, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona SharePoint Professionals Group
November 20, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
November 26, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland SharePoint User Group
November 26, Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group

January 27-29, San Francisco, California, SPTechCon

February 2-4, San Diego, California, SharePoint Best Practices Conference

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Microsoft Updates
Manage Lists and Libraries with Many Items (Windows SharePoint Services)
When a list or library has a large number of items, you must carefully plan its organization and how users need to access the data. By planning and using a few key list and library features, you can ensure that users can find information without adversely affecting the performance of the rest of your site.

Create a Library (Windows SharePoint Services)
A library is a location on a site where you can create, collect, update, and manage files with team members. Each library displays a list of files and key information about the files, which helps people to use the files to work together.


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