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The SharePoint Sessions Revisited – Part Three – Transcending Federated Search (FastForward)
This is part three of a four part series on AIIM’s Automating Document-centric Processes – Is SharePoint Enough?” Seminar. In each case I will start with the title and quote the session description before going into my notes.

Microsoft Offers Startups Software and Cloud Services for (Almost) Free (ZDNet)
Via its new “BizSpark” program announced November 5, Microsoft is offering startups a variety of Microsoft products and technologies for free. Microsoft unveiled the program on the first day of the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft Launches BizSpark to Boost Azure (InfoWorld)
Looking to boost Web-based ventures and its new Windows Azure cloud services platform, Microsoft on Wednesday is announcing Microsoft BizSpark, a program providing software and services to startups. "The cornerstone [of the program] is to get into the hands of the startup community all of our development tools and servers required to build Web-based solutions," said Dan'l Lewin, corporate vice president of Strategic and Emerging Business Development at Microsoft. Participants around the globe also gain visibility and marketing, Lewin said.

Who Owns the Cloud Business Inside Microsoft? (PC World)
To understand Microsoft Corp.'s cloud software strategy, look not just to what the software maker plans to deliver , but how. For instance, its massive data center investments show the seriousness of Microsoft 's purpose around software-as-a-service (SaaS), however belated it may be.

Inside Microsoft's Network Identity Framework (Redmond Developer News)
As Microsoft gets set to deliver its newly unveiled cloud-based services centered on the Windows Azure platform and Live Framework, the company's new identity management roadmap will be the key to addressing concerns about security and authentication.

Cloud Computing Tools For Managing Amazon, Google Services (InformationWeek)
Getting the most out of Amazon's Web Services or Google's App Engine requires the right tools. We run down the benefits of Elastra, Coghead, Heroku, Enomaly, and Hyperic CloudStatus.

How to Explain Cloud Computing to Your CFO (CIO)
Forrester has just released a report outlining the CFO-ish benefits of cloud computing. The report, entitled "Talking to Your CFO About Cloud Computing," is aimed at communicating the benefits of cloud computing to him or her. (Someone a bit more cynical than me might say a companion report, to help you communicate cloud computing's benefits to a CIO, is in order as well).

Firefox Flirting With 20% of Browser Market (TechRadar)
Mozilla's Firefox browser is now beating the 20 per cent mark – with a new report suggesting that it hit one fifth of all internet usage on several weekend days throughout October. Net Applications' data suggests that Firefox use peaked at a hugely impressive 21.8 per cent of market share in October on one day, with its weekly average topping 20 per cent for two separate weeks in the month.


Around the Blogosphere
Introduction to SharePoint Feature Stapling - Part 2 (SharePoint Magazine)
Welcome to part 2 of my Introduction to SharePoint Feature Stapling. In part 1 I explained the process of creating a feature stapler and associating it with a site definition. In this small post, I’ll be providing some insight into the feature stapling lifecycle and also providing some potential solutions to some of the downsides of the feature stapling process.

SharePoint Content Management Strategy (zevenseas)
Based on my personal experience in several projects and my latest experience in providing a SharePoint training for Computrain I provide you with a simple small strategy for Content Management. In this small strategy I will also explain the use of the tools available and when to use them. The strategy is a guideline and by no means fixed because organizations can have certain policies in place that prevent the use of certain tools (like SharePoint designer).

A ‘What's New’ Web Part (novotronix)
A recent prototype involved creating a ‘What's New’ web part. This was required to display a total of the new of recent new content and the latest 5 items. We had a number of options when creating this, but we chose to build it quickly using SharePoint Designer and the Search web service.

Findability and SharePoint – Part III (Bill English Blog)
In my last post, I went over some of the latest research about Findability but never really made the case for why Google's appliance is not, in and of itself, a robust or complete findability solution. In this post, I'll go over this point as well as discuss, briefly, why a technical search solution is not a full findability solution in and of itself.

*** NOW AVAILABLE *** Implementing a Brand in a SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Site (Andrew Connell)
An article I worked on has recently been published on MSDN. The article, Implementing a Brand in a SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Site, discusses three options for deploying files used in branding a MOSS 2007 Publishing site including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Personally I strongly prefer the last approach, but it's good to see all your options. The paper does NOT talk about how to make your site not look like SharePoint.

2008-11-05 Today’s Tips for SharePoint End Users (EndUser SharePoint)
Today’s installment finds two of the SharePoint Masters, Joel Oleson and Bob Mixon, holding court on Information Architecture and email management. Add a little check in / check out to the mix, and you’ve got a sweet set of articles.

Upload documents Directly to Office Live Small Business (Brendon Schwartz Collaborating on SharePoint)
If you are looking for place to store documents and collaborate on them with many people, Office Live Small Business might be the right place for you.  You can get email, document storage, and a web site without having to manage the server yourself.  As the name states it is for Small Business and there are other offerings for larger business, but this is a great place to start collaborating for your company.

Findability and SharePoint – Part IV (Bill English Blog)
In this post, I want to focus on why we have poor findability solutions in our organizations and what the real costs are for maintaining a poor findability solution. What keeps us from finding the information we need at the time we need it? Well, the AIIM research shows the following statistics:

Two Great New SharePoint Developer Resources (Paul Andrew)
Lots of work has gone into the new Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance. I'm very excited to see this content released and recommend it as required reading for all SharePoint Developers. Read Blaines announcement here. And read the guidance documents on MSDN here.

Online SharePoint Study Group (EndUser SharePoint)
I met with Paul Grenier this weekend to discuss what else we could be doing to help End Users in their SharePoint development. All of us at school found it helpful to have a ’study partner’ at one time or another, so I started thinking about how we could do this online.


Around Bamboo Nation
An Appreciation of Mindsharp's Computer Based SharePoint Training (SharePoint Blank)
Our friends at Mindsharp recently provided us with their End User Training for MOSS Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware.  Given my excellent experience attending the in-person version, Mindsharp's Power End User training, over the summer, I've been anxious to dive in and check out their CBT offerings.  I finally got a chance to do just that earlier today.

Democracy Never Tasted So Good (SharePoint Poll Web Part) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
As many of you may know, yesterday was an election day in the U.S.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please read the news. The whole nation celebrated and exercised individual choice, and here at Bamboo we celebrated with dessert.  What better way to show choice than to choose between bipartisan options of marble and ice cream cake? (They have both chocolate AND vanilla. Everybody wins!)


Microsoft Updates
Cumulative update packages for the 2007 Microsoft Office core suite applications and for 2007 Microsoft Office servers: October 28, 2008 - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
The cumulative update packages for October 2008 contain the latest hotfixes for the 2007 Office core suite applications and servers. We recommend that you test hotfixes before you deploy them in a production environment. Because the builds are cumulative, each new fix release contains all the hotfixes and all the security fixes that were included with the previous 2007 Office suites fix release. We recommend that you consider applying the most recent fix release that contains the hotfix that you need.

Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreservermui.msp): October 28, 2008 - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated October 28, 2008. This article describes the following items about the hotfix package:

Error message when you try to create a new Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Web application: "Absolute path information is required" - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
In SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration, when you try to create a new Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Web application, the Internet Information Services (IIS) Web site is not created. The new Web application is displayed in the Web application list. However, you cannot create any other new Web applications in SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration. Additionally, when you try to delete this Web application, or when you try to create a new Web application, you receive the following error message: Absolute path information is required.


SharePoint Events
November 3-7 and 10-14, Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft TechEd
November 6, Kansas City, Kansas, Office Developer User Group of Kansas City
November 10-13, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Connections Conference
November 10, Sydney, Australia, Sydney SharePoint User Group
November 11, New York, New York, EndUser SharePoint's Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint
November 11, St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis Sharepoint Users Group
November 12, Bloomington, Minnesota, Minnesota SharePoint User Group
November 12, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado Springs SharePoint User Group
November 13, Atlanta, Georgia, MOSSmosis Atlanta
November 13, Puget Sound, Washington, Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group
November 13, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint User Group of the District of Columbia
November 13, San Francisco, California, San Fransico SharePoint Users Group
November 15-16, Sydney, Australia, Office DevCon
November 18, Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide SharePoint Usergroup
November 18, Irving, Texas, DFW SharePoint Server Community
November 19, Iselin, New Jersey, NJ SharePoint User Group
November 19, Roanoke, Virginia, Roanoke Valley SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Bay of Plenty User Group
November 20, Columbus, Ohio, Central Ohio SharePoint User Group
November 20, Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Office Geeks
November 20, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky Sharepoint Users Group
November 20, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona SharePoint Professionals Group
November 20, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
November 26, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland SharePoint User Group
November 26, Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group

January 27-29, San Francisco, California, SPTechCon

February 2-4, San Diego, California, SharePoint Best Practices Conference

* Please contact Chris Dooley ( to include your event in our listing.


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