SharePoint Daily for November 13, 2008

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SharePoint is the Uniting Force Behind Microsoft’s New Biz Server Strategy (SiliconRepublic)
The SharePoint collaborative working technology is to feature right across Microsoft’s new family of server products for small- and medium-sized businesses, has learned.

Microsoft Offers Push E-mail With New SMB Servers (PCWorld)
Microsoft is offering smaller businesses the same kind of Windows Mobile push services that enterprises get with new versions of its server software, expected to be launched on Wednesday.

Recession Upside for Enterprise 2.0 Upstarts: Microsoft and IBM a Tough Sell Now (CIO)
Ross Mayfield, president of Socialtext, a vendor that sells Web 2.0 technologies to enterprises, says this economic downturn could be an opportunity for Enterprise 2.0 firms like his to seize market share from IBM Lotus Connections and Microsoft SharePoint.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 (ZDNet)
This is an impressive update to Microsoft's Small Business Server that packs a big punch. However, it may be overkill for a lot of companies and isn't quite as easy to manage as it first appears.

How Microsoft Aims to Remain Dominant (BNET)
Despite the marked shift to Web software, Microsoft remains a dominant technology company and one of the biggest, most profitable firms in the world. The firm just made some of its first significant product direction announcements since Bill Gates officially left in late June. Who better to ask about the company than Mary Jo Foley, who has followed the company for the better part of 25 years, and this year published “Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era”

Microsoft Outspending Google to Gain Share (WindowsITPro)
Some see irony in Microsoft's unsuccessful attempts to compete with the new tech bully on the block, Google. But for the software giant, beating Google isn't just a matter of pride, it's about survival. So with consumers picking Google's search technologies over Microsoft by a factor of 6 to 1, Microsoft has only one choice: It must outspend Google in a bid to regain lost share.

Microsoft Starts Rolling out IE 6 for Windows Mobile (ZDNet)
Microsoft has made available for download emulator images for Internet Explorer (IE) 6 for Windows Mobile phones. (Yes, that isn’t a typo. Even though Microsoft is finalizing IE 8 for PCs, it’s only up to IE 6 for its mobile platform.)

Windows 7: Vista Minus the Nagging (InfoWorld)
In recent weeks I've had the chance to chat with many Windows admins about the tech media's unfair treatment of Windows Vista and Windows 7. These are well-known Windows experts such as Jeremy Moskowitz, creator of PolicyPak, and well-respected journalists such as Greg Shields, who is taking aim at InfoWorld's "patently biased" Windows 7 compatibility calculator this week in his Realtime Community blog.

Windows 7 Benchmarks Part II: Some Second Opinions (Daily tech)
Initial reaction to an early report that Microsoft's Windows 7 might share similar performance and compatibility issues with Windows Vista was mixed and heated.  Some lamented the inability of running Vista adequately on netbooks or older work computers, while others pointed to the OS's track record.

Windows 7: This Time Microsoft Gets it Right (ITWorld)
Microsoft may call the newest version of its operating system Windows 7, but you may want to think of it as Windows 6.5. In overall look and feel, it mimics Vista, although there are enough changes to make it far more than just a juiced-up service pack.


Around the Blogosphere
PDC Sessions Available (Shared Points for SharePoint...)
I just got a tip from my colleague that the PDC sessions are available at So now everyone can see all the great stuff that some of us had the pleasure of experiencing in LA a couple of weeks ago. These are a few of recommendations for you to check out after checking out everything about Windows Azure:

Findability and SharePoint – Part V (Bill English)
In my last post, I outlined the elements that keep us from easily and/or quickly finding information and the costs associated with a poor findability solution. And in a future post, I'll outline how to build out a findability architecture that will integrate with your information architecture as well as integrating with the findability tools that already exist in your environment if you're running Microsoft technologies.

2008-11-12 Wednesday ScreenCast for SharePoint End Users (EndUser SharePoint)
Today’s screencast is very short, with only two recommendations, but both are outstanding.

Announcing SPDisposeCheck tool for SharePoint Developers (Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog)
The SPSite and SPWeb Dispose() methods are an important thing for developers who work with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to master. Many SharePoint API's allocate COM based memory that is not released by CLR garbage collection and must be released by calling the Dispose() methods. Microsoft Guidance for when to call SPSite and SPWeb Dispose() methods have been published in this MSDN whitepaper by Mike Ammerlaan and Scott Harris. In addition, Roger Lamb has provided additional detail and discussion on his MSDN SharePoint Developer blog. This guidance applies only to customers building custom software that they compiled to .NET assemblies that make use of SharePoint API calls.  Also, an update to the MSDN whitepaper is being planned to reflect key guidance from the blogs.

Microsoft SharePoint Team Help Solve the Problem of Disposable Objects (Waldek Mastykarz)
The SharePoint team has just announced that they are working on a tool which will help SharePoint developers to deal with disposable objects in custom code. SPDisposeCheck – as the tool is called, will check custom compiled assemblies and validate them against the Microsoft guidance.

Dirty Dancing. Dirty Data. (Bill English)
Is your data dirty? Does it matter? Well, not really, argues one white paper from Accenture.


Around Bamboo Nation
Multiple Feature Event Receivers and the Single-Responsibility Principle (SRP) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
SharePoint OOTB deployment functionalities are quite limited, and as developers we always end up filling the gaps ourselves. You might need to write code to clean up web part galleries, deploy resource files, or update Web.Config files (perhaps to register an Http Module), basically do some extra stuff to have a complete solution deployment (or retraction), and most of the time you end up writing a Feature receiver class to undergo a task on Feature installed, activated, deactivating or uninstalling event handlers.

Bamboo Secures Gold Sponsorship at SharePoint Best Practices Show Feb 2-4, 2009 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
On the heels of the hugely popular east coast SharePoint Best Practices show this past fall, we are now looking forward to participating as a Gold Sponsor at the SharePoint Best Practices show in sunny San Diego this February. Once again, Mindsharp will have a world class list of SharePoint MVP and industry guru speakers to address to the IT Pro, Developers and Designers, the Information Worker, the Information Architect/Taxonomist (IA), Project Managers and CIOs.  The Washington DC show sold out early, and...hello? who wouldn't want to be in San Diego in February?! Don't wait to register.  I'll post more show details as they become available, so stay tuned...


Microsoft Updates
The "Check Names" button does not work as expected after you set a "Peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter" LDAP filter in a Windows Consider the following scenario: SharePoint Services 3.0 site - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
You set a "Peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter" LDAP filter in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site. For example, you set the following LDAP filter.

The index is corrupted when the SharePoint Server 2007 index server experiences power failure or restarts unexpectedly - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
When the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 index server experiences power failure or restarts unexpectedly, the index is corrupted.

Security trimming is not honored when more than one List View Web Part is displayed on the same page in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article (KBAlertz)
If a page in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site contains more than one List View Web Part, and if the total number of uniquely secured items from these lists is larger than 1,000, security trimming is not honored in one or more of these Web Parts.


SharePoint Events
November 3-7 and 10-14, Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft TechEd
November 10-13, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Connections Conference
November 13, Atlanta, Georgia, MOSSmosis Atlanta
November 13, Online, Bamboo Recent Product Releases
November 13, Puget Sound, Washington, Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group
November 13, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint User Group of the District of Columbia
November 13, San Francisco, California, San Fransico SharePoint Users Group
November 15-16, Sydney, Australia, Office DevCon
November 18, Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide SharePoint Usergroup
November 18, Irving, Texas, DFW SharePoint Server Community
November 18, Sydney, Australia, Sydney SharePoint User Group
November 19, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland SharePoint User Group
November 19, Iselin, New Jersey, NJ SharePoint User Group
November 19, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
November 19, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
November 19, Roanoke, Virginia, Roanoke Valley SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Bay of Plenty User Group
November 20, Columbus, Ohio, Central Ohio SharePoint User Group
November 20, Evansville, Indiana, Evansville Indiana's SharePoint Group
November 20, Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Office Geeks
November 20, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona SharePoint Professionals Group
November 20, Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh SharePoint Users Group
November 20, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
November 22, Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore SharePoint User Group Code Camp
November 25, Christchurch, New Zealand, Christchurch SharePoint User Group
November 25, London, England, SharePoint User Group UK
November 25, Online, The Basics of Content Types in SharePoint 2007
November 26, Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group

December 2, Chicago, Illinois, The Chicago Microsoft SharePoint Business Strategies Group
December 2, Grand Rapids, Michigan, West Michigan SharePoint User Group
December 2, Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville SharePoint Users Group
December 2, San Diego, California, San Diego .NET Developers Group Meeting
December 3, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
December 3, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
December 4, Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City Office Geeks
December 4, Online, Bamboo Recent Product Releases
December 9, Tampa, Florida, TOGA User Group Meeting
December 10, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
December 10, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
December 18, Online, Bamboo Recent Product Releases

January 27-29, San Francisco, California, SPTechCon

February 2-4, San Diego, California, SharePoint Best Practices Conference

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