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CMIS and SharePoint - Making it Real (CMSWatch)
Microsoft recently released an MSDN article written by Trent Swanson and Bhushan Nene from Microsoft, along with independent SharePoint MVP Scot Hiler. The article demonstrates how to implement an external content repository as a document library-like construct within SharePoint. The authors also released the underlying code, which you can download into your own environment.

Share Pointers: Yes/No Fields Aren’t Your Friends (SDTimes)
Not too long ago, I was working with a client who reminded me of one of my least favorite nuances about SharePoint: Yes/No site columns. It sounds pretty simple, right? Perhaps you need to make a list to store information about projects. You would create a new list and add the site columns to store the information for the project.  Imagine that one of the requirements is to create a field to answer the question, “Is this an open project?” You review your options and decide that, since this is a “yes” or “no” type question, clearly the Yes/No field type would be the best option for the job. Look at its name, it is so obvious this is the best option, right? Technically it would "work" just fine. But there's an issue.

Microsoft and EMC Renew Their Vows (CNET)
It was a lovefest Tuesday here at the Plaza Hotel where Microsoft and storage company EMC announced that they are extending their strategic partnership another three years. The software giant and information management company have been working closely together for years, but they didn't formalize their relationship until 2006. Now things are going so well for the companies, they've decided to extend the formal relationship. As part of the extended partnership, the companies say they'll be focusing more on storage and virtualized environments. They'll also concentrate on productivity and security solutions to prevent data breaches.

Ballmer: Google Apps Overpriced And Under-featured (Silicon Alley Insider)
Back in October, Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer dismissed the idea of Google (GOOG) Apps as a competitive threat to the MS Office suite, saying the product had no traction in the enterprise space and the only people using the product were university students.

Microsoft Learns from Vista Mistakes with Windows 7 (Redmond Channel Partner)
Windows 7 might just be a true rarity, a blue moon rising in the Pacific Northwest. Microsoft's next operating system could just be, if early returns are accurate, a highly anticipated product that actually lives up to its considerable hype.

Microsoft Announces Six Windows 7 SKUs (RealTechNews)
Word was that Microsoft would announce the list of SKUs for Windows 7 on Feb. 3rd, and that’s what happened. Unfortunately for those of us hoping to see something like Windows XP, with two versions, we didn’t get our wish.

Criticism Mounting Over Windows 7 Security (CNET)
Microsoft is facing increasing heat over the security implications of a change designed to make Windows 7 less annoying than its predecessor. One of the chief complaints with Windows Vista is frustration with all the warnings that pop up to notify users that changes are being made to the operating system. With Windows 7, Microsoft has changed the feature so that users see fewer messages by default and also so they have more control in deciding how often they are notified.


Around the Blogosphere
Making External Repositories Work Like Document Libraries in SharePoint Server 2007 (and a Cool Example Using the CMIS Spec) (Andrew Connell)
Fellow Ted Pattison Group instructor & SharePoint MVP Scot Hillier just had an article posted on MSDN. It’s the first sample I’ve seen that leverages the CMIS specification announced by Ryan on the SharePoint Team Blog a few months back which essentially is an ECM interop spec so various apps can talk to each other more easily.

Video Interviews, SharePoint Conference, and Wednesday SharePoint Reads (Michael Gannotti)
Another busy day yesterday at TechReady. Most of the interviews we did were internal but I have lined up a number of SharePoint folks to talk on Thursday. I will also see if today I can grab some other folks for one or more interviews I can post here. In the meantime thought I would pass along some Wed. morning SharePoint reads. I did want to specially call out annual SharePoint Conference announcement. Announcing the SharePoint Conference 2009!

Managed Mashup Framework (Brendon Schwartz Collaborating on SharePoint)
I would have released this earlier but I was only able to give it a little bit of attention at night.  I have been tremendously busy working on a new Enterprise Search Engine for Community Server.  Both cool projects, both tons of fun to work on, but work comes first. This Mashup Framework is meant as Enterprise option to Microsoft Popfly and uses the same schema as the Popfly blocks you have already written.  The differences are very small and only require that you write your code in .NET.  With this framework you have control over the code, where it runs and the security of the blocks that request information.

Download: Workflow Development Resources Interactive Map (Andrew May's WebLog)
For the last several weeks, I’ve been experimenting with using mind maps, both as a way of brainstorming about developer content, and as a possible way of presenting content in a less-structured way than a typical (linear) table of contents. In regards to that last goal, I really liked how mind maps let you graphically lay out a content area, and draw non-linear relationships between various nodes. I could see how this could be a much more intuitive, discoverable way of presenting content, especially for a technology as complex and interrelated as Windows SharePoint Services. I was using an application called MindManager (from Mindjet) to create my mind maps, and was generally pretty happy with the results.

Getting Buy in From End Users (EndUserSharePoint)
First of all I would start out with the foundation of my site i.e., the Planning Spread sheet as the seed to your site and roll out strategy. This file will be the answer to keep your support materials from growing and morphing into the monster movie marathon of huge user guides and FAQs. Once you have that planning sheet in place you then want to give your users a clean and simple definition of what SharePoint is, it should be just the common dictionary entry.


Around Bamboo Nation
Announcing the User Manager for Sites Web Part - Delegate User Management (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Creating and managing users and groups in SharePoint tends to mean a lot of work for IT. This can create a bottleneck, where front line employees like site managers have to funnel requests for user management to IT, and wait for them to have time to make changes and respond. There are several good reasons for IT to be in control of user account creation and management, not the least of which are security concerns and IT's understanding of how users fit into the overall system.

BPSPC: Educated Approach for Selecting Third Party SharePoint Products & Vendors (The Bamboo Team Blog)
The final morning of the Best Practices SharePoint Conference (BPSPC) began for me with a session on the "Educated Approach for Selecting Third Party Products & Vendors," presented by SharePoint MVP Natalya Voskresenskaya.  Needless to say, being as Bamboo is a third party vendor, I was looking forward to hearing an MVP's recommendations on the process by which an organization should go about choosing a such a vendor.

BPSPC: Who’s at the Bamboo Booth? Barbara Gunning (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Who: Barbara Gunning from Jack in the Box here in San Diego.


Microsoft Updates
Performance is poor when you try to generate a custom audit report for a SharePoint Server 2007 site (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
Performance is poor when you try to generate a custom audit report for a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site.

Error message when you add a new variation label and try to create the hierarchy: "The variation system failed to pair up pages and /ja-JP/web/Pages/default.aspx because their Content Types do not match" (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
After you change the content type of the Default.aspx page used as a variation hierarchy on an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site, you add a new variation label and try to create the hierarchy. However, you cannot create the hierarchy. Also, the following error message is logged in the Variation logs:

Error Message When You Complete the Upgrade From an Earlier Version of GroupBoard Workspace to GroupBoard Workspace 2007: "Upgrade completed with errors" (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
You perform an in-place or gradual upgrade from an earlier version of GroupBoard Workspace to GroupBoard Workspace 2007. However, when the upgrade is complete, you receive the following error message: Upgrade completed with errors. Review the upgrade.log file located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Logs\Upgrade.log. The number of errors and warnings is listed at the end of the upgrade log file.


SharePoint Events
February 6, Online, Become Your Company's SharePoint SuperStar!
February 7, Kansas City, Kansas, SharePoint Saturday
February 11, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
February 11, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
February 12, Online, What's New from Bamboo
February 17, Milan, Italy, SharePoint Administrators Summit
February 19, Falls Church, Virginia, PMI Washington DC - Skyline Luncheon
Februar 20, Online, The Fundamentals of SharePoint Dashboards in WSS
February 21, New York, New York, SharePoint Saturday
February 26, Online, What's New from Bamboo

March 14, Boston, Massachusetts, SharePoint Saturday
March 23, Baltimore, Maryland, SharePoint .Org Conference

April 6-8, London, England, SharePoint Best Practices Conference
April 6-8, Montreal, Quebec, SharePoint Summit 2009

* Please contact Chris Dooley ( to include your event in our listing.


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