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I don't normally send updates in the middle of the day but I felt that this one couldn't wait. While doing my morning news searches I have seen quite a few posts debating if Office 14 will ship this year. As of this afternoon we finally have an answer...

Ballmer Confirms Office 14 Will Not Ship in 2009


Office 14 Delayed Until 2010, 'Netbook' Server Planned (PC Magazine)
Microsoft will not release its next-generation Office 14 suite in 2009, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer confirmed during a Tuesday "strategy update" Webcast. A "netbook"-like version of Windows Server is also planned. Ballmer offered little explanation or context for the Office 14 delay, although he did say that the free OpenOffice suite had caused the company to lower the worldwide price of the suite.

Ballmer Says Microsoft Won't Ship Office 14 This Year (Information Week)
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) chief executive Steve Ballmer on Tuesday said the software maker would not release Office 14 this year, which means the company is also unlikely to release a Web-based version of the productivity suite in 2009. In a meeting with financial analysts in New York, Ballmer said the successor to Office 2007 "will not be this year." While Microsoft had not set a release date, industry speculation built expectations of a 2009 release.

Ballmer: Office 14 Will Not Be Released in 2009 (Neowin)
Despite Windows 7's release looming over the horizon, ZDNet has stated that Steve Ballmer himself said, "Office 14 will not be this year," in an interview with analysts at the Wall Street Journal. Keen readers will notice that Ballmer called it Office 14, and not Office System 2009 which it could possibly be named on release.

Microsoft: Office 14 Won't Ship Until 2010 (ComputerWorld)
Microsoft Office 14, the next version of the productivity suite, will be "generally available" in 2010, a Microsoft Corp. spokeswoman said Tuesday. She declined to discuss other details about Office 14, the follow-on to the current Office 2007. Her comment followed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's statement to Wall Street analysts earlier this morning that Office 14 would not ship this year.

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Wictor Wilen wrote SharePoint 14 delayed until 2010
on Tue, Feb 24 2009 5:20 PM

Not that unexpected, but Microsoft chief executive office Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the new Office 14 clients and servers (read SharePoint) will not be released during 2009. The products will b...

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