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Office 14: Worth a Wait? (CNET)
Among the many tidbits in Steve Ballmer's talk to financial analysts Tuesday was the fact that folks should not expect the next version of Office, code-named Office 14, to come out this year. "From a strategy perspective, the next big innovation milestone is Office 14, our next Office release, which will not be this year," Ballmer told the Wall Street crowd. "There's a version of SharePoint. There's a version of Exchange. There's a new version of Office Live."

10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Office 2007 (InfoWorld)
Rollouts of Office 2007 are on the rise, but are there caveats you haven't considered? The folks at ConverterTechnology think so, and although I love Office 2007 and its ribbon interface, I recognize that not everyone does or has even yet made the switch from a previous version.

Microsoft's Ballmer Vows to Spend Wisely During Economic Downturn (The Seattle Times)
Microsoft reiterated its belief that the economic crisis will persist at least into the second half of 2009 but attempted to reassure analysts Tuesday that it will continue to cut costs and spend wisely. Speaking at a meeting in New York, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Microsoft is looking to the television maker RCA as a role model. RCA spent money on research and development through the Great Depression, then dominated its market, he said.

Have a Taste of Pirated Windows 7 (Softpedia)
Although it has been just over a month since Windows 7 Build 7000 made it out the door, and only a couple of weeks since the downloads were discontinued, Microsoft is ready to talk pirated Windows 7. Of course that generally, the Redmond company turns to a more politically correct terminology when dealing with the piracy phenomenon affecting its software products. In this context, much in the same manner as Windows Vista, Windows 7 users may also be victims of software counterfeiting, or running non-genuine Windows copies. At this point in time, pirated Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 operating systems will deliver the same user experience complete with the desktop background going black and with nagging notifications to go “genuine.”

Microsoft May Ship Windows in September, Compal Says (Update3) (Bloomberg)
Microsoft Corp. may begin shipping its Windows 7 operating system as early as the third quarter, months before the software maker’s official prediction, a computer-industry executive said. “According to current planning, it should be late September or early October,” said Ray Chen, president of Taipei-based Compal Electronics Inc.,the maker of laptop personal computers for Hewlett-Packard Co. and Acer Inc.

Internet Explorer Hits Speed Bumps (Computerworld)
In my story this week on why browsers still fail, there wasn't space to go into some of the more interesting jams that Microsoft has gotten into with Internet Explorer. But clearly there's an irony to the examples below - and a lesson to be learned as to the costs of straying too far from standards.

Browser Boosts, Open Source on Microsoft's List (CNET)
Microsoft hasn't had appreciable competition for its two cash cows, its Office productivity suite and its Windows operating system, in more than a decade. Recently, however, Apple's Mac OS X and Linux for Netbooks have given Windows a run for its money on the desktop, and Google, Zoho, and other software-as-a-service providers have mounted a challenge to Office. But the real competition is in the browser, which increasingly displaces the traditional desktop operating system, and through which businesses and consumers reach their preferred applications. This is perhaps why Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted Microsoft's need to improve Internet Explorer to Wall Street analysts on Tuesday, as Mary Jo Foley reports.

Is the New Browser War a Good Thing for End Users? (ZDNet)
Browsers are getting better. Much better. The latest beta from Apple of Safari 4 shows just how much work is going in to making the modern browser fast, reliable, easy to use and standards compliant. Even Internet Explorer, while trailing the pack in terms of speed and compliance, is getting better. But is the new browser war a good thing for end users?


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint Hazards (Andy Dale officetalk)
Monday mornings are not much fun at the best of times, but this week’s began expensively for me thanks to a Worcestershire pothole. There I was driving my normal journey to the Officetalk offices in Evesham when I had a very nasty jolt. Bang! I had hit an unexpected hole in the road. There were no warning signs and I had no idea how much damage had been done to my car. So this week I am going to write about SharePoint Potholes and how to stop them halting your SharePoint system.

Customizing the User Experience of SharePoint: Custom fields deep dive (Part 5 of 6) (SharePoint Magazine)
The Customizing the User Experience of SharePoint series aims to explain how the user experience works, from how the interface is built down to details on how columns of lists  get created. The series is also an exclusive preview of the topics from my upcoming book, “Building the SharePoint User Experience”, which deals with SharePoint user experience for 350 pages. Actually, as with this series, the book explains the SharePoint architecture from a user experience perspective.

The February Cumulative Update for WSS V3 and MOSS 2007 Has Been Released Yesterday (Stefan Goßner)
As discussed by the Office Sustained Engineering group cumulative updates for all Office Products including WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007 will be released every second month. Yesterday we released the so called February Cumulative Update. Currently the separate packages for the core products and for the language packs are available.

Audio: Mikeys Tech Talk – Access And SharePoint Integration (Michael Gannotti)
A while back I was asked by a member of my Facebook Blog Network to provide an overview of the ways in which Access and SharePoint integrate today. In this audio podcast I cover the integration and in a follow-up video screencast will demonstrate the solution.

***NOW AVAILABLE*** MSDN: Approaches to Creating Master Pages and Page Layouts in SharePoint Server 2007 (Andrew Connell)
An article I worked on has recently been published to MSDN. The article, Approaches to Creating Master Pages and Page Layouts in SharePoint Server 2007, demonstrates the two different options available to developers when creating custom master pages and page layouts within a MOSS 2007 Publishing site. Here’s a summary on what the article is all about:

Using SharePoint Instead of Email Attachments (Todd Klindt)
A couple of weeks ago I was reading through a magazine and I saw a review of site that let you upload files instead of sending them via email. Then the site sent your recipient an email and they downloaded it. You've heard the old saying about how when all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Well, I'm a SharePoint guy, so every time I see something I think to myself, "How would I do that in SharePoint?" I'm not very smart, so most of the time I never figure out a way. Fortunately for me this was an easy one. J So here it is, how to use SharePoint as a replacement for email attachments.

SharePoint 2007 Mobile Views and Microsoft Tag Beta (EndUserSharePoint)
One of the most frequently overlooked capabilities of SharePoint 2007 is its automatic creation of efficient, mobile views.  This is a powerful capability that people often find surprising.  The SharePoint mobile view allows you, and your users, to gain access to the SharePoint list information contained on your site.

Boy Bands - How to Understand the Site Definition/Template Debate (Clever Workarounds)
I’ve read a few blogs on site definitions vs site templates and reading some development centric articles, particularly the alternative presented by Raymond, and expanded by Mike and summarised neatly by Chris. Being a part time developer, I found that the explanation were a little…shall we say… geeky and I had to expend far too many brain cells. So to assist the rest of the SharePoint community who are not developers, I am going to attempt to explain the whole sorry debate to you using a more suitable analogy - boy bands. That way you do not have to worry about developer-speak.


Around Bamboo Nation
A Message to Today's SharePoint Developers, by Gary Wenig (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Our latest SharePoint Saturday $500 coupon winner, Gary Wenig a contractor with the U.S. Army shares his witty and nostalgic perspective on SharePoint, computers, and how it was 'back in the day'...

c? Step Right Up! (SharePoint Blank)
I never expected this to turn into an ongoing narrative, but thanks to EricJ's ongoing well-placed tips and suggestions in response to my last few posts, that's sort of what's happened this week.  Remember when I said on Monday that flyout menus in a SharePoint site didn't work in Firefox?  Well, insofar as out-of-the-box behavior is concerned, that's a true statement, but I had a line in my first draft of that post wondering if there might be an add-on to Firefox that would allow for the introduction of flyout functionality.  I ended up leaving that line out of the final draft, figuring I'd look into it when time permitted, and then EricJ went ahead and saved me the trouble by providing a link to just such an add-on for Firefox:

February e-news in a Nutshell (The Bamboo Team Blog)
This month we had two major product announcements: The SharePoint Navigators are now Available Individually & Purchase any Bamboo Suite and receive an additional non-production license at no cost

Bamboo Welcomes OTB Solutions to the Partner Advantage Program (The Bamboo Team Blog)
We are excited that OTB Solutions has joined our Partner Advantage Program.  OTB Solutions provides solutions to enhance their clients capabilities in the areas of business intelligence, project management, content management, portals, collaboration workspaces and social networking for employees, customers and partners. They work mainly with healthcare and life sciences clients in the Western US but have provided services to clients in over 15 countries globally.


Microsoft Updates
Description of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreservermui.msp): February 24, 2009 (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated February 24, 2009.

Description of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreserver.msp): February 24, 2009  (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated February 24, 2009.

Search for People (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS))
You can search for people in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 from the Search Center site. You can find people by name, or by searching on their user profile values.


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