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Microsoft Online Services Expands, Adds New Package for 'Deskless' Workers (The Seattle Times)
Microsoft continues to build out its online services offering for businesses with an upcoming expansion into Europe and Asia and a new lightweight package for workers who aren't currently using corporate e-mail and collaboration systems. The company is announcing today that Microsoft Online Services, versions of the company's lucrative business software for e-mail, collaboration and online meetings, will be available for trial in 19 countries in Europe and Asia, beginning in April.

Microsoft Online Services Are Such a Trial (Microsoft Watch)
Who but Microsoft would use a major European trade show to launch new trial versions of products rather than the actual products themselves? It's the newest spin on vaporware. The services are real, but it's the global trial with real news substance. I laughed so much at the announcement, it took several hours to write this short post.

Microsoft Opens Office 14 Kimono, Slightly (InformationWeek)
Microsoft has yet to say much about the next version of Office, but the company is starting to let a few details fly, and more information about the release schedule and features should be available soon.

Cloudy Outlook Sees Microsoft Take Exchange, SharePoint Online (ZDNet)
Microsoft has unveiled its latest assault on the cloud computing market with the launch of its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The arrival of BPOS will see Microsoft's enterprise apps--including Exchange Online e-mail, SharePoint Online collaboration software, presence and IM product Office Live Meetings and, from later this year, Office Communications Online videoconferencing--sold as a single hosted software package.

Bootleggers Jump on 'Complete' Windows 7 (The Register)
Microsoft has been taking some heat lately for not listening to testers' feedback on Windows 7 as it insists that the operating system is essentially complete. Now it seems pirates and bootleggers in South East Asia are starting to cash-in on Windows 7's status as almost done.

Microsoft Issues Windows 7 Beta Update (GCN)
Microsoft has released a Windows 7 Beta client update that fixes some problems that a small number of users were experiencing with Internet Explorer 8 on the new operating system. About 10 percent of users were affected by "reliability" problems, which mostly stemmed from third-party plug-ins to IE8, according to the Internet Explorer team's blog.

Developers Largely Behind Windows 7 (VNUNet)
Microsoft has released details of its plans for Windows 7, and developers commenting on the announcement have proved largely supportive. An analysis of the comments made on the Engineering Windows 7 site show enthusiastic support for the libraries changes made in the new operating system, and the keyboard shortcuts and the new taskbar system. The bulk of the comments were positive about the changes, but some issues have been raised.

How to Make Your Computer Boot Faster (Popular Mechanics)
Why can’t a computers start up like a television? In short, it is all about the operating system. And contrary to common sense, the newer the operating system the longer it can take. But you can do something about it. Here are tips to get your tortoise-like boot time to hop like a bunny.


Around the Blogosphere
Manage Your Projects ... Not Just Your Schedule (Part 4) (meetdux)
So you think you’re almost done with the project.  The team is feeling pretty good about themselves.  You’ve all come together and overcome seemingly insurmountable technical obstacles, tight timelines, and unforeseen challenges to make it all happen – you feel like heroes.

SharePoint Calendar Hard Limit (Itay Shakury)
SharePoint’s calendar has a hard limit of 1000 items per calendar month. (this is not documented). I am not calling this a bug, because it seems intentional and planned. I am calling this a HARD limit, because 1000 is actually the exact number for upper boundary.

SharePoint Online – Doing Some Traveling… (Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden)
SharePoint Online is part of Microsoft Online Services.  It is a hosted environment for companies that would rather outsource their SharePoint data center than manage it themselves. SharePoint Online can be purchased as an individual service or as part of a suite of online services, which includes Exchange Online, Live Communications Server, and Live Meeting.

Creating Visio Flow Charts From Office Client Diagrams (Ian's SharePoint Blog)
I often have to take a customer documented business process or workflow from a Power Point presentation and convert it into a Visio diagram. This used to be a manual process of recreating all the shapes in Visio. Now there is a free Visio add-in that can do this for you.

Powershell “CmdLet” and SharePoint (Liam Cleary)
Recently I have been building a new Virtual Machine for some demonstrations I am doing. Normally I use a base VM, but for this one I thought I would build a new 64 bit Windows Server 2008 with everything on. However as I am building it I realised all the extra bits that I need to, such as creation of Active Directory Users. After realising how much needed to be done I thought it would be useful to script these processes using Powershell so I could use them again and again. So to start I installed my VM and installed the Quest Active Directory Powershell add-ons to do all the active directory stuff. I then decided instead of manually running the quest commands I wanted to make a spreadsheet of the details I wanted to fill in such as email address etc.

Charts, Graphs and Visual Indicators in WSS (EndUserSharePoint)
Christophe at Path to SharePoint is at it again. This guy’s got some really cool stuff going on. In addition to making look good, the functionality he is able to produce out of the box is something that deserves a deepdive. I’m considering doing a screencast of his Cross Site Menu solution, but in the meantime, checkout what can be done for visual reporting in WSS using jQuery Sparklines. No KPIs. No server side access.


Around Bamboo Nation
Detailed Out of the Box Site Usage Reports for your SharePoint Home Page? (SharePoint Blank)
I recently received an email asking if I knew why the available metrics for a site's home page are lacking some of the usage data that's available for other areas in the out of the box site usage reports.  Since I didn't know the answer, I did a little investigating, and happily learned a couple of things in the process.  As it turned out, however, I wasn't able to determine why certain data are not represented on the home page,  but I hope you'll agree that what I did learn is blog-worthy in its own right.

Bamboo Webinars - Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show (The Bamboo Team Blog)
If you weren't aware that we here at Bamboo conduct weekly webinars, then shame on you, but we'll forgive you this time.   Our SharePoint Project Management, SharePoint Administration, and What's New from Bamboo? webinars showcase products from our Project Management Suite, SharePoint Administration Suite, and our latest and greatest releases.  We'll show you how our products work together, walk you through usage scenarios, and provide ample time for answering your questions.


Microsoft Updates
Description of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreservermui.msp): February 24, 2009 (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated February 24, 2009.

Description of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreserver.msp): February 24, 2009  (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated February 24, 2009.

Search for People (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS))
You can search for people in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 from the Search Center site. You can find people by name, or by searching on their user profile values.


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March 3, Chicago, Illinois, The Chicago Microsoft SharePoint Business Strategies Group
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March 11, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
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March 12, Online, 'What's New from Bamboo?' Webinar Series
March 14, Boston, Massachusetts, SharePoint Saturday
March 18, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
March 18, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
March 22-24, Baltimore, Maryland, SharePoint .Org Conference
March 25, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
March 25, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
March 26, Online, 'What's New from Bamboo?' Webinar Series
March 28, Tulsa, Oklahoma, SharePoint Saturday

April 1, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 1, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
April 6-8, London, England, SharePoint Best Practices Conference
April 6-8, Montreal, Quebec, SharePoint Summit 2009
April 9, Online, 'What's New from Bamboo?' Webinar Series
April 18, Atlanta, Georgia, SharePoint Saturday
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October 19-22, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Conference 2009

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