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Ride The SharePoint ECM Wave (Business Solutions)
It was a little more than two years ago when the hype began. That was when Microsoft announced that the 2007 release of Microsoft SharePoint would be the first version of the platform to include content management features. The next thing we knew, Microsoft was front and center as a platinum sponsor of AIIM Expo 2006 — the ECM industry’s premier conference and trade show. The marketing push promoting SharePoint’s content management capabilities continued up to and beyond the release of the platform in early 2007. As a result, SharePoint 2007 has become the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft, with more than 85 million licenses of the platform sold in its first year.

Custom Field Types for SharePoint 2007 (MSDN)
As the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint 2007 continues to accelerate with both business users and developers, one has to attribute much of its success to how quickly users can create lists within their sites. Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 provides many useful built-in list types that are used to track common forms of business data such as tasks, scheduled events, and announcements. WSS also provides users with the flexibility to add and remove columns from a list to handle scenarios where the built-in WSS list types do not provide an exact match to the business problem at hand.

Microsoft Bob Rides Again (PC Magazine)
Some people actually refused to upgrade to Office 2007. They'll be even more turned off by Office 14, the next iteration of the Suite. And Windows 7's new UI? Forget it!

Spin Doctors Try to Whip up Enthusiasm for New Office (Australian IT)
AFTER the fiasco of its Windows Vista operating software for PCs -- rejected by most customers, who are sticking to older and less fancy versions -- Microsoft's spin doctors are trying to whip up enthusiasm for a planned version of its Office software suite.

Patterns For High Availability, Scalability, And Computing Power With Windows Azure (MSDN)
During the last decade, the decoupling of interfaces from implementation, scalable hosting models, service orientation, subscription-based computing, and increased social collaboration became the goals of distributed systems. Now, Internet-hosted distributed applications with connectivity to internal applications—often referred as Software plus Services (S+S)—are gaining popularity. Organizations are leveraging datacenters hosted by third parties to alleviate concerns about hardware, software, reliability, and scalability. These are just some of the new architecture trends that help you build interoperable applications that scale, reduce capital expenditure, and improve reliability. Cloud computing offers many of these benefits.

Have We Arrived in the Post-Windows Era? (ZDNet)
Microsoft knew this day was coming. This was the reason it desperately wanted — no, needed — to take down Netscape in 1996. Netscape wasn’t just trying to build a program for reading text and photos across a network of connected computers. Netscape was trying to build a new platform - the ultimate platform - to run software and share information instantly and on a global scale. And no one understood that better than Bill Gates.


Around the Blogosphere
Exporting Audiences using STSADM (SharePoint Automation)
I’d been wanting to build an export and import command for Audiences for quite some time but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I’m currently looking for a good sample command to build during a possible talk at the next Best Practices conference so I decided to give this one a whack considering that I already had a good chunk of the code written and just needed to repurpose it.  I don’t know if I’ll use this command for the presentation so if anyone has any good ideas of things they’d like to see please let me know and I’ll look into it.

Using MSDN (and other) Forums for SharePoint Support (Paul Galvin's SharePoint Space)
I could write on at great length about MSDN forums, etiquette, naming conventions, search, etc.  I may do that, in fact.  I wanted to point out a small thing which may help people have a better overall experience.

How to Create a “Back” Button on a SharePoint Dashboard  (Brain Litter)
Well, gotta love the power of smart friends. I'm more of an SMB/SharePoint Infrastructure guy, however, I do some SharePoint Development (not really in .NET, think of me as the go between, in Designer). Anyways, I needed to know how to create a 'back' button on a Specialized SharePoint site that was acting as a 'kiosk' of sorts. I needed a really big button, to take someone back to the page before and do it 'gracefully', in a SharePoint environment.  My own Google search didn't turn up anything quick enough, so why not bother my peers, eh? :)

Finally: Dynamic Charting in WSS, No Code Required! (End User SharePoint)
Inspired by the GREAT jQuery series by Paul Grenier at EndUserSharePoint and the TERRIFIC ideas of Christophe at Sparklines and other charts in SharePoint lists, I have built a small jQuery script and used Google Charts service to get the following (click to enlarge): I based the example in a FAQ list, so the chart shows the distribution of questions among the different “Topics”.

Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista (Sharing The Point (SharePoint)
When you install Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista, you may not be able to login initially, and presented with an error message. HTTP Error 404.2 - Not Found. Description: The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the ISAPI and CGI Restriction list settings on the Web server.


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint Saturday D.C. Announces Charity Food Drive Contest In the Spirit of Collaboration and Competition (The Bamboo Team Blog)
As promised in my earlier post announcing SharePoint Saturday D.C. (SPS DC), we can now reveal the exciting details of a contest that the event organizers have arranged.  A contest, you ask?  Is this not a charity food drive, where we all come together in the spirit of giving back to the community?   It is, yes, but what would life be without competition and an attendant chance to win?   Read on to see how the organizers have combined the spirit of charity with the thrill of competition, thereby creating a proverbial win/win situation for everyone involved.

The Mystery of the Default Display Style in a SharePoint Picture Library (Part 2 of 2) (SharePoint Blank)
After having followed instructions from and seemingly having solved the puzzle of how to show the Details display style by default to all users of a picture library, recall that I ended my last post with the words: It was at this point that I went into my boss' office, boasting manfully of my victory. Minutes later, I was slinking out of my boss' office, head hung low in shame. Tune in Monday to read the gory details, and to follow the continuation of the SharePoint Blank case files. And so, to the gory details, such as they are...

Bamboo Welcomes isolutions AG to the Partner Advantage Program (The Bamboo Team Blog)
We are excited to welcome isolutions AG into the Partner Advantage Program.  isolutions is a software consulting company headquartered in Berne, Switzerland.  It’s corporate focus lies in particular in the following areas: Collaboration, Enterprise Portals, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Administration (OXBA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Along these lines isolutions has proven business, technology and implementation expertise in meeting the above business requirements.  isolutions serves midsize and enterprise companies as well as the central government.


Microsoft Updates
Crawling a Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 list or document library might fail with timeout, or Site Data Web Service "Out of Memory" error in the crawl log, if the list or document library contains several hundred columns (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
Although SharePoint's internal structure can handle thousands of columns in a list or document library, (as documented in Technet article without having a performance impact, SharePoint's search engine might fail crawling these structures. If there are no search results for a list or document library with a lot of columns, and in the crawl log you see either a Site Data Web Service, Out of memory, or Timeout error, you may be experiencing this problem. The Site Data Web Service error appears if you have a SharePoint build before the 2008 October rollup.

How to stop the import part on the destination side of a content deployment job when it appears to hang (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
During the execution of the import part of a content deployment job on the destination side, if the deployment is stopped due to errors, the status of the deployment job is not updated and cannot be stopped or re-started from Central Administration.

Exported file will be saved as Reserved.ReportViewerWebPart with extension rather than the actual report name (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
When you try to Export Data from a Reports Library, it by default saves the data using the name Reserved.ReportViewerWebPart.PDF instead of the Report Name. For example if the Report Name is NorthWind then while exporting it will try to save the file as Reserved.ReportViewerWebPart.pdf instead of NorthWind.pdf.


Bamboo Partner Events*
April 23, Online, Free Webinar: Web Based Business Analytics in SharePoint: Dash Boarding and Report Writing From GP to SharePoint - InterDyn AKA
April 25, San Francisco, California, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions

May 2, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions, Innovative-e, Dux Sy
May 4, New York, New York, PMI New York City - Innovative-e, Dux Sy
May 7, Online, Unleash the Collective Power Within a Media / Advertising / Publishing Company with SharePoint 2007 - InterDyn AKA
May 20, New York, New York, Almost Summer SharePoint Happy Hour - DataLan

June 13, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions

August 24-26, Washington, DC, Best Practices Conference - Mindsharp


SharePoint Events**
April 21, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 21, Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide SharePoint User Group April 2009 Meeting
April 22, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 22, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 22, Online, SharePoint Administration Webinar
April 22, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland SharePoint User Group
April 22, Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group
April 23, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 23, Online, 'What's New from Bamboo?' Webinar Series
April 23, Online, Free Webinar: Web Based Business Analytics in SharePoint: Dash Boarding and Report Writing From GP to SharePoint
April 25, San Francisco, California, SharePoint Saturday
April 27-May 1, Anaheim, California, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp
April 28, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 28, Online, Train the Trainer Series
April 28, Online, Become Your Company's SharePoint SuperStar!
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - AM
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - AM
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - PM
April 29, Jordan, Jordan SharePoint User Group
April 29, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
April 30, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 30, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Unleash the Power of Office SharePoint Server 2007
April 30, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group

May 2, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint Saturday
May 4, New York, New York, PMI New York City
May 6, Dallas, Texas, SharePoint TechFest 2009
May 7, Online, Unleash the Collective Power Within a Media / Advertising / Publishing Company with SharePoint 2007
May 7, Kansas City, Kansas, Office Developer User Group of Kansas City
May 11-15, Los Angeles, California, Microsoft Tech Ed North America 2009
May 12, Online, Setup jQuery in Your SharePoint Environment - Step by Step
May 14, Evansville, Evansville Indiana's SharePoint Group
May 20, New York, New York, Almost Summer SharePoint Happy Hour

June 11, Evansville, Evansville Indiana's SharePoint Group
June 13, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Saturday
June 22-24, Boston, Massachusetts, SPTechCon
June 26-27, Dulles, Virginia, Regional SharePoint Users Conference 2009

July 2-3, Wellington, New Zealand, New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference
July 13-16, New Orleans, Louisiana, Worldwide Partner Conference 2009
July 20-24, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp

August 24-26, Washington, DC, Best Practices Conference

September 21-25, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp

October 19-22, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Conference 2009

* If you are a Bamboo Partner please contact Janet Goda ( to have your event included in the Bamboo Partner Events.

** Please contact Chris Dooley ( to include your event in our SharePoint Events listings.


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