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SharePoint Professionals Share Canned Goods (Computer World)
SharePoint Saturday DC is collecting canned goods for donation to charities in the northern Virginia area. The organization is sponsoring an event on May 2 for developers, architects and anyone else who is interested in SharePoint.

SharePoint 2010: Still Confused? (Intelligent Enterprise)
Microsoft has recently announced that the new SharePoint version will be called "Microsoft SharePoint 2010." The announcement had lots of other goodies in it, but I was particularly interested in the name change. Microsoft will often change product names from version to version; clearly to create distinction in the market, but occasionally as the result of moving products from one Microsoft team to another (as happened with SharePoint).

Is Microsoft Facing its Ozymandias Moment? (Guardian News)
Oh dear, Mini-Microsoft – the anonymous blogger inside Redmond who has agitated for years for the company to slim its staffing down and focus on results – is not pleased. The other day he walked over to the new building called "The Commons" on the Microsoft campus and reveled in its size and grandeur: " I walked around admiring the scope of the project, thinking 'This is what Windows built. This is what Office built'."

Golden Goose Continues to Lay Microsoft Eggs (TG Daily)
The software giant from Seattle may have had its feathers ruffled by yesterday's not-so-brilliant third quarter financial results, but it's ever onwards and upwards for Microsoft. It hopes.

Microsoft Partners Not Panicking Over Earnings (Channel Web)
Hammered by weakness in the PC and server industries, Microsoft this week stumbled to its first-ever year-on-year quarterly revenue decline. But Microsoft partners are confident that when viewed through the lens of time, this will come to be seen as an aberration resulting from the most challenging economy in decades.

Windows 7 RC Build 7100 Leaked and Available for Download (Softpedia)
Just a day after information on Windows 7 Build 7100 made it into the wild, the actual bits for the fully fledged Release Candidate of the next iteration of the Windows client have been leaked and are now available for download via torrent trackers. Meanwhile, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny Build 7100 as the RC of Windows 7, but Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, did explain that the radio silence from Redmond was catalyzed by the amount of work and focus on the development process. But while the Redmond company is keeping mum on Windows 7 Build 7100, any user with a BitTorrent client can already start playing with the Release Candidate bits.

Microsoft Gears Up to Focus Windows 8 (IT Vior)
Windows 7 might still not be officially complete. But the company already gears up to launch its next operating system, “Windows 8”. Early job postings indicate at least one focus for Windows 8 will be systems and data management. The company has advertised for developers and testers to deliver "major improvements" in Windows' File Server.

IBM Plans Cloud Computing Services (IT Web)
IBM plans to launch several cloud computing services this year, taking on companies such as, Google, Microsoft and International Business Machines spokesperson Kelly Sims said yesterday the first of these new services will enable developers to write software that works with the emerging, Web-based technology.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint (WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007) SDK Updated April 2009 (v1.5) (Andrew Connell)
Microsoft has released the April 2009 refresh (v1.5) of the downloadable version (CHM files) of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 & Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDKs.

FLASH:  Microsoft Reveals that Common STSADM Command Can Corrupt Content DB's (Real SharePoint)
Microsoft just released a knowledge base article that will likely send shivers down the backs of SharePoint administrators around the globe.  According to Microsoft, the STSADM command MergeContentDB may fail when attempted on a site collection bigger than 10GB.  Not exactly comforting news.  But the really scary part is that running the command for collections over 10GB can cause both the source and the destination databases to become corrupted.  (Ughh.)

7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint #3 - Designate a “Go To” Person for SharePoint (Offline SharePoint)
This is the fourth post in the series I’m doing here on the OfflineSharePoint blog. The last post was on Embracing the “Seamless Teamwork” Approach. With the SharePoint software installed, business value can start to flow as soon as you align the use of SharePoint with the technical capabilities that are available. This requires consultation with different business groups about how they get their work done today, and follow-on analysis of how and where work process can be improved. This type of analysis is not generally what IT is good at, so you need to find and designate someone (or multiple someones) to form the bridge between the SharePoint group in IT and the business groups wanting to use SharePoint. Let’s call them a “business process improvement analyst”, or for short, the “go to” person for SharePoint. And for your firm, there may already be such a group in existence—it’s time to co-opt their help with understanding what SharePoint can do to help improve business performance.

Does Microsoft Online Services Support Internet-Facing Sites? (SharePoint Buzz)
I had been asked a question from a twitter follower if Microsoft Online Services product Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) supports Internet-Facing sites? After a quick tweet, John Ferringer and Andrew Walmsley both stated the facts:

About Custom Timer Jobs and SPJobLockTypes (zevenseas)
If you are just starting with creating your own custom timer jobs, you probably run into the posts of AC (Creating Custom SharePoint Timer Jobs , MOSS Timer Jobs - Create Your Own!) and his MSDN article Creating Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and you start using the examples provided and build your very own first timer job right? (I know I did .. and if it wasn’t for his posts and articles in the first place, this post wouldn’t exist ;)

Laura and Lori: On the Go! Part 3 - Policy Management System (End User SharePoint)
This is Part 3 of Laura and Lori On the Go. In this segment, Laura describes a Policy Management System she implemented using lists, site columns, site content types and publishing HTML fields.


Around Bamboo Nation
Bulk Update (or Redirect) of SharePoint Wiki Links ... Can it be Done? (SharePoint Blank)
In response to an earlier post on Getting Started with SharePoint Wiki Pages, I received a question regarding the possibility of a globally updating a set of links on a wiki page in SharePoint.  To wit, ya daddy asked: How would I go about pointing multiple links to a different document.  Example:  I have a wiki page where the links point to page 1 but now I want to point all of those links to page 2.  How would I go about doing it in bulk instead of [re-]pointing every link on the page individually.

How to Total Calculated Columns in a SharePoint List (The Bamboo Team Blog)
A customer recently approached us with the following problem: How can one Total (sum, average, Max, Min) a column of type Calculated in WSS v3/MOSS 2007? Standard SharePoint List Views doesn't provide this option for this column type -

A Nerd's Dream Come True - My First Trip to Microsoft (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Next week I'm headed to Redmond on business.  This will be my first visit to Microsoft, and I have to admit that I am as giddy as a school girl.  For a nerd, this is the culmination of a life long dream.  In my mind, I'm headed for a Utopian crystal city, where rivers of free soda flow freely and everyone zips around on Segways in between Xbox tournaments.  This exalted vision of the Microsoft campus has been decades in the making...

WSS Custom Search (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) lacks some search functionalities which are available in MOSS but these differences are among the reasons why WSS is free and MOSS is a more pricey product. There are, however, some ways that WSS search can be improved upon to provide some of the same functionalities as MOSS. The FullTextSqlQuery represents the search query and can be used to provide a custom search feature. This class uses the search SQL syntax and is defined in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Query namespace.

Bamboo Welcomes SharePoint911 to the Partner Advantage Program (The Bamboo Team Blog)
SharePoint911 is a SharePoint only consulting company. Their consultants live and breathe nothing but SharePoint and are even specialized within SharePoint to really bring you the most to the table. They currently have 2 SharePoint MVPs on the team and are constantly out in the community blogging and answering questions on the SharePoint forums. We welcome SharePoint911 into the Partner Advantage Program and look forward to working with them.


Microsoft Updates
SharePoint Designer: Error message "Error Rendering control" shows up on most of the controls on opening web pages in SharePoint sites in SharePoint Designer (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
When SharePoint Designer is used to open and edit web pages of a SharePoint site the following error is observed. The error is displayed on most of the controls, when the web page is opened in Design View. "Error rendering control. An error occurred while fetching preview"

The variation system failed to pair /Pages/Default.aspx because their Content Types do not match (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
After creating a variation hierarchy the following error is observed. The variation system failed to pair pages http://Server/en-US/web/Pages/default.aspx (http://Server/en-US/web/Pages/default.aspx) and /ja-JP/web/Pages/default.aspx because their Content Types do not match.

Error message with Outlook and SharePoint integration: "This task could not be updated at this time" (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
When SharePoint sends a task email notification, Outlook provides the 'Edit this Task' button on the ribbon. When clicking on this without the component the error message appears: This task could not be updated at this time.


SharePoint Job Listings**
Mixon Consulting, Inc. is Seeking a Senior SharePoint Information and Solution Architect
Candidates should have more than five years experience with the Microsoft Development platform as well as experience with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).  In addition to possessing a strong technical background, the individual must demonstrate strong communications, business analysis and leadership skills.


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April 29, Online, Tips and Tricks for E-Mail Archiving with SharePoint - Mixon Consulting, Inc.

May 2, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions, Innovative-e, Dux Sy
May 4, New York, New York, PMI New York City - Innovative-e, Dux Sy
May 7, Online, Unleash the Collective Power Within a Media / Advertising / Publishing Company with SharePoint 2007 - InterDyn AKA
May 20, New York, New York, Almost Summer SharePoint Happy Hour - DataLan

June 13, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions
June 20, Charlotte, North Carolina, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions

July 18, Harrison, Arkansas, SharePoint Saturday - B & R Business Solutions

August 24-26, Washington, DC, Best Practices Conference - Mindsharp


SharePoint Events**
April 27-May 1, Anaheim, California, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp
April 28, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 28, Online, Train the Trainer Series
April 28, Online, Become Your Company's SharePoint SuperStar!
April 28, Online, MindManager 8 Seminar
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - AM
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - AM
April 29, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar - PM
April 29, Online, Tips and Tricks for E-Mail Archiving with SharePoint
April 29, Jordan, Jordan SharePoint User Group
April 29, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group
April 30, Online, SharePoint Project Management Webinar
April 30, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Unleash the Power of Office SharePoint Server 2007
April 30, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group

May 2, Reston, Virginia, SharePoint Saturday
May 4, New York, New York, PMI New York City
May 6, Dallas, Texas, SharePoint TechFest 2009
May 7, Online, Unleash the Collective Power Within a Media / Advertising / Publishing Company with SharePoint 2007
May 7, Kansas City, Kansas, Office Developer User Group of Kansas City
May 11-15, Los Angeles, California, Microsoft Tech Ed North America 2009
May 12, Online, Setup jQuery in Your SharePoint Environment - Step by Step
May 14, Evansville, Evansville Indiana's SharePoint Group
May 20, New York, New York, Almost Summer SharePoint Happy Hour
May 26, Online, Deep Dive with jQuery: Create a Preview Pane

June 11, Evansville, Evansville Indiana's SharePoint Group
June 13, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Saturday
June 20, Charlotte, North Carolina, SharePoint Saturday
June 22-24, Boston, Massachusetts, SPTechCon
June 26-27, Dulles, Virginia, Regional SharePoint Users Conference 2009

July 2-3, Wellington, New Zealand, New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference
July 13-16, New Orleans, Louisiana, Worldwide Partner Conference 2009
July 18, Harrison, Arkansas, SharePoint Saturday
July 20-24, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp

August 24-26, Washington, DC, Best Practices Conference

September 21-25, Chicago, Illinois, SharePoint Branding Bootcamp

October 19-22, Las Vegas, Nevada, SharePoint Conference 2009

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