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Microsoft Readies SharePoint Server 2010 Beta (PC World)
Microsoft will launch an invitation-only SharePoint Server 2010 beta test in July with a select group of customers and then follow the program up with a public testing phase ahead of the Office 2010 release in the first half of next year. Earlier this week at its annual TechEd conference, Microsoft said the Office 2010 beta slated for July will not include the SharePoint Server 2010 beta.

Microsoft to Rename Groove as SharePoint Workspace (CMS Wire)
Is Microsoft loosing its Groove? No, but they are changing the name of it. Microsoft Groove 2007 - the collaboration and document sharing software for small teams working online and offline — is getting a new name. The new name? Why it will become Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.

New Microsoft Office 2010 Test Build Leaks (ZDNet)
Microsoft officials said last week that the company would release a new test build of its Office 2010 suite in July. But it looks like some testers got it at the end of this week and subsequently leaked it to the Web.

Screenshots: Office 2010 Technical Preview (ZDNet)
The next generation of Microsoft Office, currently in technical preview, has leaked to the web in an unsurprising move, as Redmond still struggles against the vigilante work of the renegade leaker. As the so-called “plumber” is making is rounds across campus, he continues to leave leaks throughout the teams, with Windows 7 being the most problematic.

Tips For Collaborating with SharePoint (Intranet Journal)
Great collaboration. It means eliminating boundaries of time, place and technology so that people can work together effortlessly. Today's business environment demands that people are able to communicate and share information effectively in any situation. That means eliminating the typical constraints of location and technology so employees can remain productive in or out of the office.

Microsoft Set to Deliver Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 (eWeek)
Microsoft is set to deliver the first beta of the next major version of its flagship tools suite, Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 will be available to core application developer customers on May 18.

Microsoft's Software Pipeline Set to Burst (Computer World)
If there was one revelation at this week's Microsoft TechEd conference it was that the company's product pipeline is stuffed with new software timed for release in the next seven to 12 months that will force corporate IT to deftly plan and strategize how it wants to deal with the onslaught.

The Real Story Behind Windows 7 Compatibility (Tech Radar)
Usually, when Microsoft talks about compatibility with Windows 7, it's either impressively big numbers - Senior VP Bill Veghte claiming Microsoft has logged 10 million device installs on Windows 7 between the beta and release client and that over 10,000 hardware and software vendors are developing for Windows 7 - or broad generalisations, like corporate VP Mike Nash saying that "by and large apps that worked on Vista should work on Windows 7 as well, if not a little bit better".


Around the Blogosphere
How to Emulate Network Shares in a SharePoint Document Library (Meet Dux)
Here's a 15 minutes screencast I've created showing you how you can emulate the experience of navigating through a network share hierarchy WITHOUT creating sub-folders in a document library. Enjoy!

Developing Application Pages for SharePoint (UK SharePoint Team)
Developing application pages for SharePoint can be challenging. This blog post provides guidance on some methods that I use to make the development process easier.

TechEd North America 2009 Wrap Up (Binary Wave)
Well, it's finally over - TechEd North America 2009 is is done and dusted. It seemed like a really long week; waiting until Friday afternoon to speak sure didn't help. Quite a few folks turned up for a late-on-the-last-day session and asked a lot of good questions. We slung some code, handed out a few prizes (thanks to all the authors who donated books - Rob Bogue, Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Michael Noel), and laughed at a few redneck jokes. I think it helped that I had extra swag to give away ;-) Extra kudos to the guy that came all the way from Poland. Wow!

Passing Multiple Query String Variables Using SPD – Follow Up on Creating Parent / Child List Relationships (The SharePoint Hillbilly)
How’s that for a long blog title?  Well, by far my most popular blog post has been about creating a Parent / Child relationship in SharePoint Designer and one question keeps getting asked over and over again: “How do I pass multiple values to the new item screen for the Child?”  So, I thought it was about time I actually told you how.  :)  Are you ready?

Rounded Corners in SharePoint (SharePoint Branding & Design)
Rounded corners have become a staple in website design. But they come with a price. Don't get me wrong I really like the look of them and they really help soften the look of the site. In most cases you can create this look by using the method below. Later on in this post I will highlight some of the things you can do and some of the things not technically possible without major custom development.

Open XML Format SDK 2.0: Getting Started Best Practices (Erika Ehrli - Adventures in Office Development and .NET)
The Open XML Format allows you to generate, manipulate, or pull data from Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 files. If you are working with Microsoft-based solutions, you can generate, manipulate, and pull data from documents using the following tools and technologies:


Around Bamboo Nation
Guest Blog by Dana Simberkoff - HiSoftware & Microsoft Release Accessibility Kit for SharePoint v2.0 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Last fall, Steve Gaitten first broached the topic of accessibility in the Bamboo Team Blog.  Implementing strategies and safeguards to address Web governance provides both an opportunity and a risk for both public and private sector organizations on a worldwide basis.  Organizations that make the necessary investments in providing online Web sites, systems and applications that provide a usable, accessible and trustworthy computing experience have an opportunity to increase market share, build brand and customer loyalty, and may also avoid risk and exposure to potential legal and/or financial liabilities. There is real economic opportunity with accessible Web sites.  The key objective for making a Web site accessible is to allow people to access your services and your site effectively and easily, rather than to simply meet a regulatory standard or a series of checkpoints. Approximately 20% of the population on a worldwide basis has a legal disability. Further, accessible content opens doors to more consumers. In many cases, Web content built with accessibility in mind is more popular with non-disabled consumers than content that does not consider accessibility.

Is There a Checkbox Solution to Delete Many SharePoint Groups at Once? (SharePoint Blank)
I originally thought that today's question might underscore a difference between earlier versions of SharePoint and current releases.  This turned out to not be the case which, as you will see, I would come to realize in time, but our tale begins with sapience99, who asks: I would like to know if there is a checkbox approach to delete a big bunch of groups. Or is it only achievable via a script.


SharePoint Job Listings**
Mixon Consulting Seeking a Sr. Information Analyst
This is one of the more critical roles on the implementation project team.  They assist in the development and maintenance of document management strategies and implementation programs for multiple customers. Collaborate with business units to formulate a process for effective content assessment. Select, refine or create a taxonomy framework that will take corporate structure and culture and instantiate it within distinct business units. This role assists in the process of refining corporate template with business-specific terminology while maintaining a tie to the corporate vocabulary. They participate in research and recommend tools and technology to aid in the administration of resulting repositories, integrating with line-of-business applications, and client-based tools for managing documents in the new controlled environment.  This role is on a track to become an Enterprise Information Architect.

Senior Developer- .Net - Full Training in SharePoint Provided! (Electronics Weekly)
Senior Developer required for MS Gold Partner in Marlow. An experienced Developer is required to work for a leading MS Gold Partner in Marlow. This role will involve taking on both a Consultancy position as well as a Senior lead. You can expect to remain hands-on as well as client facing in this exciting new role. To apply, you must have excellent ASP.Net 3.5, C# and exposure to SharePoint 2007. Please be aware, as this is a consultancy role you will be travelling 50% of the time, with the remainder time spent in the offices in Marlow. You will also be required to pass a Security Clearance to SC level.


Microsoft Updates
Entire Contents of a File that is Crawled by Microsoft SharePoint may not be Searchable (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
The entire contents of a file that is crawled by Microsoft SharePoint may not be searchable.

How to Disable Autocomplete for an Entire SharePoint Farm (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
Some 3rd party security applications will flag the built in AutoComplete SharePoint functionality as a security risk when users access the SharePoint resources on a public machine.

ASPStateTempSessions Table in the SSP Database is not Cleaned up Automatically (KBAlertz - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article)
The ASPStateTempSessions table in the Shared Services Database grows in size considerably.


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