SharePoint 2010 Rumored for June Release; Security Lessons Learned from Office 2010; More Tweaks to IE Browser Ballot

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The Difference Between SharePoint and Lotus Notes (CMS Watch)
If you're familiar with Lotus Notes/Domino, I'm sure SharePoint, in many ways, feels like a déjà vu. But because we don't cover the Notes client or the Domino server (well, not on its own, though we cover several IBM Lotus products that run on top of Domino), I've never really compared them head-to-head.

Five Security Lessons Learned from Office 2010 (InfoWorld)
I continue to be impressed with the changes coming in Office 2010 (currently in beta). Previously, I explained how Microsoft drew on real-world usage data to craft the beta suite's updated UI. Security is another priority for the upcoming release, and while the improvements there aren't as readily apparent, for developers they're equally noteworthy.

The Black Screen Syndrome, or, Tech News in Search of the Apocalypse (Beta News)
Was the "Black Screen of Death" issue (KSoD) covered by Betanews earlier this week a real story? This is a serious question, especially in the wake of security firm Prevx's admission that it was very premature in its conclusions that KSoD incidents had been triggered by last month's round of Patch Tuesday updates.

Microsoft’s Cloud: Can MSPs Really Profit? (MSPmentor)
Our blog team spent Dec. 2 in New York at a lunch-and-learn hosted by DynTek (an $85 million solutions provider), Microsoft and Citrix. The topic: Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure and Windows 7. But during a side interview, DynTek Managing Director Ken Young offered up his thoughts on Microsoft’s cloud strategy. Our key question: Can VARs and MSPs really profit from Windows Azure (Microsoft’s Windows cloud) and BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite, which includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, etc.). Here’s a recap of the conversation.

Microsoft's Bing Goes Down (CNET)
In what could be a blow to its image, Microsoft's main Bing search site suffered through an outage on Thursday evening. Visitors to were getting a browser error message rather than a search bar. Service was down for at least 45 minutes before being restored around 7:10 p.m. PST.

Microsoft Tweaks Browser Ballot as EU Antitrust Deal Nears (Computer World)
Microsoft has revamped the browser ballot screen demanded by European Union antitrust regulators and may get final approval as early as Dec. 15, a source familiar with the case told Computerworld today.

Microsoft Targets Enterprise Endpoint With New Products (Dark Reading)
It was all about the corporate end user today as Microsoft added two new products to its Forefront security line that round out its endpoint security strategy -- including the first offering to employ its cloud-based Web reputation service.

Microsoft, Don't Hang up on Windows Mobile, but Do Call for Help (BetaNews)
It hasn't been a good day for anyone working on Microsoft's Windows Phone team. This morning, IDC made the ridiculous prediction that the number of iPhone/iPod touch applications would triple to 300,000 by end of 2010. Later, here at Betanews, Carmi Levy slammed Microsoft's Windows mobile strategy.


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Walkthrough of Creating a SharePoint 2010 External List Using Visual Studio 2010 Beta (Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog)
There are a bunch of SharePoint features in Visual Studio 2010 Beta. You may have already heard about them from reading the blog Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010 or by other means. Today I want to introduce one of them, Business Data Connectivity (BDC) designer, which is available in the project template Business Data Connectivity Model. If BDC is new to you, here is a short description. BDC is one of two most important architectural components of Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) which enables users to read and write data from external systems—through Web and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, databases, and Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies—from within Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 applications. This MSDN webpage Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Service has a more descriptive version.

Introducing the External Content Type (Microsoft Business Connectivity Services Team Blog)
External content type is probably the most important Business Connectivity Services (BCS) concept to understand, so I decided to create a brief post about it. In essence, an external content type is the SharePoint and Office representation of a real business entity like a Customer, Order or Employee.

Office 2010 Beta Hits a Milestone! (Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering)
You may have already heard, but we have some exciting news from the Office team -- earlier this week we reached the 1 millionth download of Office 2010!  This means that more than 1 million people across  the world are now experiencing and testing the next version of Office.  You’ll recall we launched the public beta just two weeks ago at the Professional Developer’s Conference and in reaching the 1 millionth download milestone, Office 2010 has had more people download it in the first two weeks than any other version of Office including Office 2007!

Minimizing the Ribbon: Exposed (Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering)
It’s Jon again from the Office User Experience team. I started at Microsoft a little over 2 years ago and one of the things that inevitably happened is that I instantly became the IT guy for everyone I know. The nice part about this is that every now and then I get to show off something that’s really cool to impress everyone in the room.

SharePoint 2010 Dev TidBit – Use the Tokens in Visual Studio 2010! (Andrew Connell)
When creating SharePoint 2007 solutions, such as custom application or site pages that include code behind files, you’re often stuck having to manually enter the fully qualified strong name (aka: 5-part name) of the class of the code behind piece of the page within the <% @Page %> directive. Specifically you’re doing something like this in the Inherits attribute: Namespace.ClassName, AssemblyName, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=UnreadableString.

Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010 – A Key ECM Enhancement (Chris O'Brien)
Last week I did a talk on ‘Enterprise Content Management enhancements in SharePoint 2010’ at the UK SharePoint User Group. Since the talk was 70% demos simply posting the slide deck doesn’t really convey the discussion, so over the next 2 posts I’ll cover the same ground in written form. So this ‘ECM enhancements mini-series’ consists of: Part 1 – Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010 – a key ECM enhancement (this post) Part 2 – ECM platform enhancements - Enterprise Content Types, Content Organizer, Scalability etc. (link to be added).


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint 2010 Set for June Release (SharePoint 2010)
The official published word from Microsoft regarding the release date of SharePoint 2010 remains (as it's been since at least the SharePoint Conference) no more specific than, "first half of the year."  Having said that, however, unnamed though reportedly reputable sources began saying recently to expect the official release to occur in June, and Ars Technica has followed up on the mounting anecdotal information with a Microsoft spokesperson, who responded on the record that, "We expect Office 2010 and related products to be generally available in June 2010."


SharePoint Job Listings**
K2 Black Pearl/SharePoint Developer - Neenah, WI
Assist with implementation of K2 workflow technology in our production environment; integrating K2 with the existing SharePoint environment and SAP environment; and convert existing workflows into K2 workflows.  Develop documentation, job aids or other methods to assist with future workflow migration efforts.

SharePoint Developer - San Antonio, TX
Assists client with developing a set of requirements to implement an enterprise-wide implementation strategy for SharePoint.  Develops a standardized architecture for SharePoint implementation that meets or exceeds all security, permissions, portal access, collaboration, and features requirements approved by the client.  Drafts a standards guide for communicating and fully documenting the proposed / implemented SharePoint architecture.  Provides subject matter expertise in the installation and configuration of enterprise SharePoint 2003 / 2007 and associated technologies (i.e., Microsoft MOSS) to implement the approved architecture.  Manages the standards baseline and change management process related to SharePoint.  Assist end user community with SharePoint site customization, scripting, and web page creation when migrating from a stand-alone SharePoint system to the new enterprise hosting platform.  Works with all internal NAVMISSA departments and divisions to create SharePoint team sites and workflow processes that support and enhance internal business operations.


Microsoft Updates
Values for some crawled properties are lost when you perform a full user profile import in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site (Microsoft Support)
A HighConfidenceDisplayProperty type is mapped to two or more crawled properties that have the People category in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. When you perform a full user profile import, the values for those crawled properties are lost.


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