Windows 7 Less Secure than Vista; Game Over for Microsoft on Consumer Front; Microsoft's Challenges in 2010

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Microsoft's 4 Challenges in 2010 (PC World)
When you're a technology mongrel like Microsoft, challenges are constant -- and 2009 was chock full of them. It was a tumultuous year that saw the software giant's first widespread layoffs and its worst quarterly revenue earnings ever.

The Battlefield - Google vs. Microsoft (IT Chuiko)
The battle between Google and Microsoft for the Internet search market continues, and although this is not the case when the dead will be only one "battle turns quite impressive. But only if you do not look at it in real time. Otherwise, it will appear in the form of separate steps of both companies, taking place in recent years where once a week, and looking totally unrelated to each other. On Monday, Google made another step, and I finally got his hands to raise some of the latest news on this topic.

Predictions: Microsoft: Windows 7 Leads, But Office 2010 Lags (PC World)
Techinciter believes 2010 will be another tough year for Microsoft, though less so than the year that is about to end. Windows 7 will be a hit with business users, but Office 2010 has a lot of convincing to do. Like Windows XP, Office 2007 is proving to be long-lived and hard to displace. Here are some Microsoft-related predictions for 2010:

For Microsoft Azure Platform, Late is Good (Search IT Channel)
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. The Microsoft Azure platform, when it makes its commercial debut in February, will be late to the cloud computing party compared to Amazon, and Google. But it won't be too late, according to developers and solution providers weighing their own move into cloud computing applications.

Is It Game Over for Microsoft on Consumer Front? (ZDNet)
With Microsoft's Windows Mobile unit having run in slow motion for the past several years, it doesn't surprise me that there are calls for the company to get out of the phone business. The more interesting question raised in a New York Times blog post, to me, is whether Microsoft flat out just doesn't get the consumer.

Windows 7 is Less Secure than Vista (
Microsoft's Windows 7 is supposed to be the 'fixed' version of the misbegotten Vista, as it offers more security, features, fluidity and peace of mind to consumers. Many tore their hair out in frustration after Vista popped up confirmation dialogue boxes four times just to copy paste tiny files. Moreover, laptop users were doubly irritated when their laptops which were pre loaded with Windows Vista ran slowly and did not let themselves be downgraded to XP to even 98. (Of course some users tried slipstreaming and got what they wanted, though not without a few swear words hurled about).


Around the Blogosphere
Common Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Installation Issues and Resolutions (Bill Baer)
I’ve been following the SharePoint 2010 Forums and have noticed several common installation issues.  These issues and possible steps to resolve those issues are included here.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (blah!bLaH!BLOG!!)
About time I finally introduced my next big project. I have undertaken to solo-author Apress's flagship SharePoint 2010 book. Being a solo-author is generally a ton of work. However in my opinion if the entire book comes from a single author it generally tends to flow together better. In my book I intend to tell a story. A story I wish every productive SharePoint team member knew. I purposely didn't say development or ITPro or designer. To a large extent there is an overlap within these roles, and these boundaries have purely been created as a matter of convenience because there's simply too much for one person to learn.

Running the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Preparation Tool with Local Paths on Machines without Internet Connectivity (Bill Baer)
One of the questions I’ve received on a few occasions to date is how to run the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Preparation Tool on a machine that does not have a connection to the Internet. There are two possible methods to working around this scenario: Manually download on another machine and then install the prerequisite software and configure the Server Roles, Role Services, and Features accordingly.

***NOW AVAILABLE*** MSDN: Designing and Developing High-Performance SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites (Andrew Connell)
An article I worked on has recently been published on MSDN. The article, Designing and Developing High-Performance SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites, explains some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your WCM sites built on SharePoint Server 2007. Here’s the article summary on MSDN: Learn about the Web Content Management features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that enable organizations to deploy Internet-facing publishing sites, and considerations for developers and designers when designing and building high-performance publishing sites.

Recommended Upgrade Resources for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Server 2010 (Bill Baer)
Upgrading is common function with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, whether it be product specific such as Service Packs and Cumulative Updates or platform specific such as new versions of products or the core operating system.  Prior to upgrading to any version of a product or patching and updating that product you should understand both the process and options and available to you. This post provides recommended upgrade resources related to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Server 2010 and the technologies on which depends separated by both Documentation and Tools resources because I hate looking for this stuff myself.  Smile

You Installed a Visual Studio Extension and It Doesn’t Work… (Waldek Mastykarz)
Visual Studio 2010 ships with a great extensibility functionality allowing you to write and deploy new extension in a very easy way. However, if you’re a SharePoint developer there is one thing to keep in mind while installing new extensions.

Four Interesting Changes to the SharePoint Foundation 2010 API (Wictor Wilén)
Working with SharePoint 2010 is really a joy, you stumble upon great things all the time. The API has not had any revolutionary changes to be backwards compatible; but small changes here and there, both publically visible and internally, really makes the API better than before.


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint Web Part Gallery Realizations and Ruminations (SharePoint Blank)
Yesterday I spent some time on my My Site for the first time in a little while and, thinking it might be time to get to know a new-to-me Web Part, I edited the page and clicked the Add a Web Part bar to bring up the Web Part gallery and consider my options.  Maybe it's because I haven't spent much time there of late, but one thing that really jumped out at me on the resulting Web Part gallery form was just how cluttered my Lists and Libraries section has become with content that I've created for mostly test purposes.  Seeing all of that clutter quickly led to a pair of realizations, and ultimately ended up leading me on a path to learn more about the Web Part gallery itself, which turned into an adventure all its own.


SharePoint Job Listings**
SharePoint Consulting Manager - New York, NY
We are currently looking for SharePoint Architects to work in our Enterprise Solutions organization. Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 5 years of experience and must be comfortable working with clients. Architects must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the design and hands-on development of solutions using Sharepoint Services and/or SharePoint Portal. Must be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot any issue with the technology. The person in this role must be able to work closely with clients in order to translate their needs and create technical solutions.

SharePoint Developer/ Integrator - Stafford, VA
MTCSC is looking for a SharePoint Developer/Integrator. The successful candidate will work from our Stafford, VA office and will be part of a team developing an integrated software solution utilizing technologies such as MS SharePoint Office Server (MOSS) 2007/2010, SQL Server 2005/2008, Google Search Appliance and VMware. The primary responsibilities will consist of:


Microsoft Updates
Values for some crawled properties are lost when you perform a full user profile import in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site (Microsoft Support)
A HighConfidenceDisplayProperty type is mapped to two or more crawled properties that have the People category in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. When you perform a full user profile import, the values for those crawled properties are lost.


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