Day 3 at TechEd; Groovier Side of SharePoint Workspace 2010; Microsoft's Server Road Map

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The Groovier Side of SharePoint Workspace 2010 (CMS Wire)
There's more than one way to collaborate and work with SharePoint 2010 (news, site), and Microsoft has SharePoint Workspace 2010 to prove it. Not sure what this Workspace thing is? Let's have a closer look. If you were like most in 2006, then you had no clue what Office Groove was. You might still not have a clue as to what it is even now. I don’t blame you. The name ‘Groove’ was simply the result of a 2005 Microsoft purchase of Groove Networks, a collaborative product allowing multiple users to work on documents simultaneously.

Microsoft's Cloud-based Exchange, SharePoint Still Stuck in 2007 (NetworkWorld)
Microsoft has begun upgrading cloud-based Exchange and SharePoint services to its 2010 offerings, but the migration is expected to last all year and many customers may see only a "preview" version of the technology in 2010. Exchange 2010 shipped last November, and SharePoint 2010 was released in May of this year. But the cloud-based versions of Exchange and SharePoint, which are part of BPOS, Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite, are still running on the 2007 versions.

SharePoint 2010: Experts Dish on the Good and Not So Good (CMS Wire)
Like a dish detergent spun through the rebranding cycle, SharePoint 2010 (news, site) is all new and improved. The enhancements though to the World’s most popular and prevalent web development platform — nee portal platform; nee enterprise content management platform; nee Microsoft’s answer to Lotus Notes / WebSphere — are far more impressive than your standard “new and improved” detergent in a bigger box. SharePoint’s box is bigger, but there is substance to the improvements above and beyond the style.

Seven Reasons to Care About SQL Server 2008 R2 (InfoWorld)
With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft begins to fully realize its vision of SQL Server as an information platform and not "just" a database. Hence the main theme for this release -- at least according to Microsoft -- is self-service BI. The PowerPivot plug-ins for Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 are easily going to make the biggest splash of all the new features, not least because they're the most complete. But then, SQL Server 2008 R2 isn't strictly necessary for PowerPivot for Excel, which works with plenty of other data sources.

Microsoft: We'll be Running 85 to 90 Percent of Our Apps in the Cloud this Decade (ZDNet)
Just over a month ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent a memo to a few key execs inside the company, asking them when Microsoft was going to be “all in” with the cloud and moving its own, internally-developed apps there. What did one of those e-mail recipients, CIO Tony Scott, tell SteveB? He made it clear it was a top priority, and that as many as 85 percent to 90 percent of the company’s internal apps would be cloud based five to ten years from now.

Microsoft Aims to Lure Developers to Windows Phone 7 (Redmond Developer News)
Windows Phone 7 has been a topic of discussion at the Microsoft Tech Ed North America 2010 Conference here in New Orleans. While there were no sweeping announcements, Microsoft did reveal details about its Windows Phone Marketplace , a central retail and download service similar to Apple's AppStore. The company also provided some detail about release time frames for the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Microsoft's Server Road Map: Top 5 Developments Coming Soon (InfoWorld)
It's that time of year again. TechEd 2010 is being held this week in New Orleans, and Microsoft has used it to give IT a preview of where its enterprise platforms are heading in the near term. For those of you not at the conference with me, here's what you should know.


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Building a Mashup with Bing, Silverlight, and SharePoint 2010 (edhild's WebLog)
So a bit of a preview for you about one of the solutions from my new book, Pro SharePoint 2010 Solution Development. This one shows how you can use the Silverlight Bing Maps control to build a SharePoint solution that layers data from a KML file, Geocoded RSS feed, and a SharePoint 2010 list. The beauty of the solution is that since it is Silverlight-based, you can use the new client-side library for talking to SharePoint. This means that getting the list data onto the map is almost trivial. The appearance is that you might think it is server-side code, but it isn't. In this example, campgrounds is the SharePoint list which has a content type that is derived from the out-of-the-box contacts content type. Here is some code from the load event of the user control.

Installing SharePoint 2010 Prerequisites Offline (Shared Points for SharePoint)
I use my private server for different types of testing, it’s a really a try & fail environment. Some days back I created some new VM’s (I am running a Windows Server 2008 R2 host with Hyper-V enabled) and created an isolated private network that will run SharePoint Server 2010. As i had no problems setting up a new Domain and SQL server (by the way there is an excellent TechNet article which describes how to set up a virtual ADDC), I experienced issues with the SharePoint Server 2010 Prerequisites Installer. As usual I started the installer, this fantastic little app doing the necessary boring stuff on your server making it ready for SharePoint 2010 :). It started off normally but stopped mid-way with a message that it failed on downloading the MS SQL 2008  Analysis Services ADOMD.NET component. Well, no wonder why, running VM’s in a private network makes them Private, no access to the physical network off course. I had to install the prerequisite offline.


Around Bamboo Nation
TechEd 2010: SharePoint Security - Permissions, Identities & Objects...Including a 'Gotcha' that Breaks Security Trimming (SharePoint 2010)
This afternoon at TechEd, I attended the SharePoint Security: Permissions, Identities and Objects session presented by Dan Holme.  Dan is Director of Training and Consulting at Intelliem but, as he explained, his "job really is to help the [SharePoint] community."  In his session today, Dan set out to dive into the SharePoint 2010 security model, "looking at the object model security in SharePoint."

TechEd 2010: Fine Tuning Your SharePoint Server 2010 Environment (SharePoint 2010)
I chose Fine Tuning Your Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Environment as my first session of the day today; a 300-level presentation by Shannon Bray (Technical Architect with Planet Technologies) and Mike Watson (a Microsoft alumnus, and now owner and Principal Consultant with SeriousLabz).  The starting point for their session was the acknowledgment that SharePoint 2010 is awesome but, as Mike said, "It's very easy to get bit by this new functionality [since] this functionality comes at a cost: performance."

Take the Easy Road: Create a Project Site Template That Includes Additional Columns (The Bamboo Team Blog)
I am not a warm weather kind of person. As soon as May arrives and the warm days become more frequent, I start dreaming of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Give me negative temperatures and thick sweaters over sunscreen and flip flops any day. There's just something about warm weather that drains my energy. When the days are hot, I just want to lie around and exert as little energy as possible. So in honor of my summer-inspired laziness, I'm going to show you how to save yourself some time and energy by creating a project site template in PM Central that contains additional columns. It serves as a companion piece to another blog post of mine because it outlines how you can save a project site template that contains the additional columns you created in Displaying Additional Key Metrics on the PM Central Portfolio Site By Adding Additional Columns to the Project Health List (aka the longest blog title ever).


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Software Engineer - Reston, VA
Test, code, design, implement and maintain software modules; write design documentation; write test unit programs using C#/C++ programming, .NET Platform, XML, and Web programming. Employer: Bamboo Solutions Corporation. Position located in Reston, VA. Requirements: B.S. in Computer Science, and 3 months of software development experience using C#, C, C++ and XML. Send resume and salary requirements to: Carol Kozloff-Land, Bamboo Solutions Corporation, 11417 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 105, Reston, VA 20190. No calls or e-mails, please.

Sr. SharePoint Developer - Columbus/Zanesville, OH
Demonstrated experience in SharePoint 2007/MOSS (both application and infrastructure components). Demonstrated experience in Microsoft .NET technologies such as, C#, SQL Server 2005/2008, XML, and Web Services. Proficiency with SharePoint 2007/WSS and MOSS technologies including custom Web part development, business data catalog development, custom field types, event development, site definitions and features. Working knowledge of SharePoint 2007 installation, configuration and maintenance. Experience developing applications for MOSS 2007 including custom workflows, SharePoint Designer, and InfoPath Forms.


Microsoft Updates
Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint could cause elevation of privilege (Microsoft Support)
Microsoft has completed the investigation into a public report of this vulnerability. We have issued MS10-039 (  to address this issue. For more information about this issue, and this includes download links for a security update that is available, please review MS10-039 (


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