Who is Pushing the Private Cloud?; IE9 Preview Supports HTML 5; Windows Phone 7 in October?

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SharePoint Causing Info Management Problems, Says Analyst (Computing)
Firms are losing business-critical information contained in Microsoft SharePoint sites, according to research firm Ovum's research director Tim Jennings. Jennings said two customer surveys of European IT decision-makers showed that firms were deploying SharePoint for business collaboration without any forethought about information governance around the technology.

Microsoft Accidentally Confirms October Release for Windows Phone 7? [During Live Labs Presentation, Microsoft Accidentally Pins October Release on Windows Phone 7] (TFTS)
First released as Pocket PC 2000 back in April of 2000 (hence the version’s title), Windows Mobile has progressed through many different iterations and currently sits at version 6.5. While it started as a PDA operating system, it has evolved into a full fledged mobile phone operating system and has appeared on a plethora of devices. Considering it possesses a decent chunk of the market, you would expect Windows Mobile to be a decent operating system. However, according to critics, the operating system is laden with bugs and isn’t very stable resulting in a not so pleasant mobile experience.

Microsoft Updates IE9 Preview, Beefs Up HTML5 Support (ComputerWorld)
Microsoft on Wednesday updated its rough-edged preview of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), adding support for several crucial HTML5 standards and boasting that the browser is faster than ever. Last updated seven weeks ago, the IE9 Platform Preview is not a full-fledged browser, but instead features a very bare bones interface wrapped around Microsoft's newest rendering and JavaScript engines.

Who is Pushing the Private Cloud: Users or Vendors? (ZDNet)
No two pundits, partners or customers seem to be able to agree exactly what a “private cloud” is/isn’t. But that’s not the only cloudy party of the cloud. There’s also disagreement as to who wants private cloud computing.

Why IT Must Get Back Into Growth Mode (InformationWeek)
Imagine you have just seven days to get to know your customers better. Seven days to understand their needs and wants and fine-tune your product for them. After those seven days, you've lost the chance to sell them more of what they would have loved to buy.

Salesforce.com Sues Microsoft over Alleged Patent Violation (eWeek)
Salesforce.com is accusing Microsoft of infringing on five of its patents, in a lawsuit countering the suit Microsoft filed in May against the cloud-based software company. Salesforce.com is asking for a jury trial, as well as unspecified damages. Microsoft indicates that it plans to press forward with its own lawsuit, which accuses Salesforce.com of violating nine of its patents. Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff has referred to Microsoft as a patent troll.


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Upgrading Custom Field Types ( SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
Found this bit of information buried in a larger document.  I’ve found it’s valuable in upgrades.  Feel free to ignore it if it doesn’t relate to you.  I recently had a conversation with the tech doc folks for the protocol docs and they told me, Yeah.  If you can help bring visibility to content that’s buried that you think is important… go for it. [Feel free to cut and paste and link back to us].  Here’s one of those cases.

PM Guide - (1) Initiate the Project (Manage Projects on SharePoint)
In May I started a series of short articles that were to form a Project Management Guide - a very simple one. Honestly I thought I'd be finished by now! Where has the last six weeks gone?! Anyway I am back and determined to get it finished in the next few weeks. However no promises this time! This next article is all about getting the project started. This first step we break into the following three sub-steps:

Message to RIM and Microsoft - Why won't my BlackBerry Synchronize with Outlook 2010? (NetworkWorld)
Planning any software upgrade, especially one with multiple partner dependencies, is a major challenge and an exercise in coordination.  But Microsoft upgrades are well known in advance, especially for solutions like Office, where multiple third party companies offer integrated solutions.  So I really have to wonder why 8 weeks after Office 2010 has been available in final release form, I still can't synchronize my BlackBerry.

Backslide (End User SharePoint)
For those of us who consider ourselves lucky to have a Golden Retriever in our lives (apparently 98% of Boulder, Colorado), the term backslide instantly resonates.  GRs are infamous for being super responsive to behavior change, meeting and exceeding our expectations in obedience, agility and tracking.  Then, over time, they backslide to their previous erratic behaviors.  Backslide is exactly what can happen with your business change efforts.

Login Failed Connecting to SharePoint WID Using SQL Server Express When Login is Perfectly Valid, on Windows Server 2008 r2 (Damn You R2!) (BrainLitter)
Ok this one is kinda lame... but alas, the fix is simple. My ultimate goal was to perform a backup of a SharePoint WSS database on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, with the intent of performing a database restore, to a new SharePoint 2010 Foundation Farm, so that I could perform a Database Attach Upgrade.


Around Bamboo Nation
Guest Blog by Microsoft UK's Georgina Lewis: A Glimpse Into the 2010 UK Tech Days with Reed Shaffner's Office 2010 Demo (The Bamboo Team Blog)
As manager of the content and speakers for the UK Tech Days events, each year I liaise with a breadth of fantastic speakers that make these events what they are. This year's event was no exception, and one exciting area of conversation was Office 2010. At our most recent UK event, we saw the launch of Office 2010, boasting a number of improvements over Office 2007 - many of these requested by users and consumers. The video below is an excerpt from Reed Shaffner's demo of Office 2010. Reed, the Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Office, took the audience through improvements and additions to be found in Office 2010, particularly the addition of the Ribbon user interface to Outlook (and across a whole host of other applications), meaning that the UIs for both Office and Sharepoint are now identical, facilitating a more intuitive experience and the ability to add custom features.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Consultant / Solution Designer - Reston, VA
Bamboo Solutions is currently interested in recruiting a SharePoint® Consultant / Solution Designer to work at our headquarters in Reston, Virginia. The SharePoint Consultant / Solution Designer position will require an experienced, client-facing business professional who provides a variety of information directly to clients for their ongoing SharePoint-related programs, new initiatives, strategic plans. In addition to a strong technical understanding of MS SharePoint and how SharePoint can be used to solve business problems, the Consultant/Solution Designer must have a strong customer service orientation and be experienced contributor who remains current on SharePoint industry and customer trends. The SharePoint Consultant/Solution Designer will value team-work and can work effectively in both the implementation and client-acquisition phases of a project.

Reporting / Dashboards Developer - SharePoint - Columbus, OH
The candidate will be responsible for assisting in the development / creation of standardized reporting / dashboards for Servicing, Default and Originations projects. The successful candidate must be able to take data from multiple data sources (i.e. Excel, MS Project, internal reporting applications) and create a set of reports / data dashboard(s) for Portfolio Management Reporting, automating where possible.


Microsoft Updates
Description of the Office updates: June 8, 2010 (Microsoft Support)
On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, Microsoft released the following security and non-security updates. These monthly updates are intended to keep our customers secure and up-to-date. We recommend that you install all updates that apply to you.


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