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SharePoint & Office 2010 on Windows Phone 7 (Video) (PocketNow)
Last Monday we had a meeting with the Office 2010 Mobile team and got to talk about a few of the cool new features in Office 2010 for Windows Phone 7. Since most of the tech reviewers that you'll see around the internet probably won't have access to a SharePoint 2010 server, I was especially interested in seeing how the SharePoint 2010 features and integration worked. So that's what you'll see in the video below.

Windows Phone 7 Could Rival Apple's iOS 4 (Computerworld)
With all the features of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 now out in the open -- along with details about the handsets available on AT&T and T-Mobile here in the U.S. -- comparing the new mobile platform to Apple's iOS 4 is a natural. The long-running debate about Windows vs. Mac can now move into the world of mobile operating systems.

How Microsoft is Wasting the Windows Phone 7 Marketing Moment (Network World)
Microsoft's initial ads for Windows Phone contrast sharply with Apple's, and the contrast shows why Apple is such a marketing powerhouse and Microsoft...well, isn't. The first sign of this problem was the Monday unveiling of the first Windows Phone 7 handsets. You can't blame Microsoft's Steve Ballmer for not being Apple's Steve Jobs: no one currently does the Zen Charisma Thing like Jobs. But after waving at the 9 phone models, and mentioning their manufacturers, Ballmer introduced 30-something Joe Belfiore, corporate VP, Windows Phone Program, who then did what he has done repeatedly since WP7 was unveiled last February: show an audience how he uses it.

IE9 Beta Safe from 10 IE Vulnerabilities Patched this Month (Softpedia)
Early adopters that are already running the next iteration of Internet Explorer needn’t worry about the security updates offered in October 2010 for IE. This because, Internet Explorer 9 is not affected by any of the vulnerabilities patched in this month’s update effort from Microsoft which is synonymous with the release of no less than 16 security bulletins designed to resolve a record 49 vulnerabilities not just in IE, but also in Windows, Office and the .NET Framework.

Is Cloud Computing the Future for Business? (Smart Company)
My kids are four-and-a-half and seven years old. They have only ever used cloud-based software! Does that make you feel old all of a sudden, because you still use software that has been installed on your computer? There is no longer any doubt in my mind that in future, software will be something we connect to rather than install and use. Here's a quick computer/software timeline for you.

Microsoft's Bing Collaborates with Facebook (San Francisco Chronicle)
Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday revamped its search engine to tie into the information posted by the hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, a collaboration that one analyst said hits rival Google Inc. "right between the eyes." By turning Bing into a social search engine, Microsoft Online Services Division President Qi Lu said it was the "unfolding of a new era of search," and added that the partnership will "make people first-class citizens of the search experience."

Microsoft Must Rebuild Its Brand: 10 Ways to Do It (eWeek)
The question over whether or not Microsoft’s brand is strong can be difficult to answer. Microsoft supporters could easily point to the company’s dominance in the software market to prove that it has a well-respected brand. After all, if the company’s brand was poor, how could it sell so many licenses and generate such a huge profit each year? That’s understandable. But if that’s all Microsoft would cling to in such a discussion, it’s rather short-sighted. Microsoft does have a major brand issue. Its brand is not even close to matching that of Apple’s or Google’s, two companies that consistently make the software giant look bad. That’s something that the company needs to understand. And until it realizes that its future will be in jeopardy until its brand is revitalized, Microsoft will continue to flounder.


Around the Blogosphere
Understanding Focused vs. Global Commands in SharePoint Ribbon Page Components (Andrew Connell)
In some of the recent work I've been doing around the SharePoint ribbon, specifically when diving into the way how the commanding works, I noticed the SharePoint SDK talks about two types of commands: global and focused commands. This was a bit confusing as I didn't see a way to qualify the difference between the two when working with command UI handlers, only with commands implemented with a page component. Naturally I had to dive in and figure this out. The SharePoint SDK doesn't provide a lot of context around the difference between the two. Hopefully this post will shed some additional light and clarification on the differences between the two and provide some guidance on when you should use one over the other.

Warning to SharePoint Administrators: Don’t Ignore the Red Health Bar (SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
It’s already becoming commonplace.  The red bar at the top of the central administration is quickly becoming a part of what you expect to see when you login to CA.  I’m telling you now… that feature was designed to give you a heads up on issues and problems relating to the health of your farm… Already you’re ignoring it. Don’t deny it. Stop it! First off “view these issues…”

SharePoint: Question of the Day (End User SharePoint)
Today’s topic from Stump the Panel comes from Ninel.  He writes: I was told to create a blog site, but the blogger does not want to have categories. I was able to remove the Categories web part from the left navigation panel, but when creating a new post I have to select the category. Can I remove this and not have categories at all?

SP2010 AJAX - Part 1: Boiling jQuery Down to the Essentials (Chris O'Brien)
This is the first article in a series which looks at building AJAX-style applications on SharePoint 2010. As you may have read in my last post, I recently gave a talk at the UK’s first SharePoint Saturday event on this topic, and this series goes into detail on what I covered there. Series contents (note the ‘technique’ and ‘tip’ article types):


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint 2010 Cookbook: Document Sets for a Document Library (SharePoint 2010)
SharePoint 2010 delivers a comprehensive set of document management features. In this post, we will take a look at one of the new Document Library features: Document Sets. Challenge: In many situations, you want to have the ability to manage multiple documents in your SharePoint document library as a single entity. For example, you might have the following: A marketing brochure that contains image files, source files created in Adobe applications, and final output in PDF. Manufacturing part documents that contain CAD drawings, specifications, and assembly instructions.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Application Developer-SharePoint
Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS), .Net, Master pages JavaScript/AJAX functions, InfoPath forms HTML and CSS skills Metalloid, SharePoint Designer (for master pages, changes to list forms), usual web design tools (Photoshop, etc.) Experience on SharePoint Customization and Configuration Knowledge on some basic SharePoint Administration activities Good documentation & communication skills.

SharePoint Developer - Washington, DC
Experienced SharePoint developer developing SharePoint applications using C# and ASP.Net. Will work with users, gather requirements, design, develop, test and implement SharePoint solutions. Experience with SQL server, web services also required for this position. The SharePoint developer will also create custom web parts, custom lists, custom content types, master pages and page layouts, event handlers, and SharePoint features. The candidate will develop solutions to integrate with other business applications and create Business Process Management solutions using both Visual Studio and SharePoint designer workflows. In addition, the responsibilities will include meeting software compliance standards including version control, developing and maintaining application documentation on an ongoing basis, and contributing to best practices for SharePoint Development.


Microsoft Updates
An access violation occurs when you perform a complex custom query on an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site or a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site (Microsoft Support)
Consider the following scenario. You perform certain kinds of complex custom queries on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site or a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site. These custom queries cause the search service to restart unexpectedly. The search service takes several minutes to restart. In this scenario, search results are not available or are available with bad performance.


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