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Building Ethical Walls in Microsoft SharePoint (Audio) (Legal Talk Network)
In our February edition of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay welcomes Mark Gerow director of applications development and business process in the intellectual property group at Fenwick & West.  They talk about why SharePoint is so popular in law firms, and how firms can create “ethical walls” to protect client confidentiality — the subject of Gerow’s article, Building Ethical Walls in Microsoft SharePoint, in the February issue of Law Technology News.

Why Microsoft Will Win the Small Business Cloud War (Forbes)
We’ve been reading about the war of the cloud.  We’ve seen how big companies like Google and Apple and IBM are offering their services and applications online, changing the way people use technology. We’ve watched how smaller companies, like Salesforce.com and Facebook and Groupon have turned themselves into giants by (literally) starting new cloud based industries.  We barf every time we watch those idiots on the Microsoft commercial who forgot to program their TV and are able to do it from the airport by going “to the cloud.”

Google Apps vs. Office Web Apps vs. iPad Apps (ZDNet)
Microsoft took over a suite off the show floor at last week’s Macworld Expo and persuaded some Mac stalwarts about their cloud applications. But the elephant in the room was the iPad. In his report on the show, MacWindows Editor/Publisher John Rizzo said that Microsoft made a case that Office Web Apps are better for Office users than Google Apps.

Revenge of the Nerds --- Can Engineers at the Top Save Microsoft? (ComputerWorld)
Multiple reports say that there's a management shakeup in the works at Microsoft, with CEO Steve Ballmer looking to find top engineering talent to spearhead its attempt to make up ground against Google and Apple in smartphones and tablets. But will it be too little too late --- and are more engineers even the right solution?

Is Microsoft's Future In Consumer Tech Certain? (International Business Times)
Jefferies & Co. said investors are uncertain about Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) future in consumer technology and that they have chosen to discount all parts of the business until it becomes clearer what Microsoft’s competitive position in the key areas of tablets, smartphones and online search will be. "We recently hosted Microsoft for some investor meeting. Uncertain over Microsoft's future in consumer tech, investors seem to be discounting all parts of the business. While not ignorant about potential market share losses, we are more sanguine given its history of come-from-behind victories and early success in cloud, gaming and phones," said Katherine Egbert, an analyst at Jefferies.

Smartphones 'Out Sell' PCs for First Time (Channel Register)
The smartphone is the new personal computer of choice. According to the device counters at IDC, makers of smartphones shipped 100.9 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2010, an 87.2 per cent increase from the 53.9 million units that were consumed in the final quarter of 2009. For the first time, smartphones have surpassed PCs in terms of number of units shipped in a quarter. In Q4 2010, with the PC market recovered but losing some steam, PC makers shipped 92.1 million units, a year-on-year increase of only 5.5 per cent.


Around the Blogosphere
About the Customer Experience Improvement Program in SharePoint 2010 (Wictor Wilén)
The other day I was setting up another SharePoint 2010 farm and got the usual question to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). As always I bailed out of this. Why? Sending information to a third party about my SharePoint farm doesn't appeal me, even if it's Microsoft. You know, they might check how I configure my farm, how I use it etc., and then sit back and laugh at me. Not really, but I think most of us prefer not to send that information to Microsoft. But, this is not my normal standing to the CEIP. I use to participate in it, like when I install new software and they have that little checkbox asking me to send info about my installation. Why not give Microsoft some help about any kind of troubles during the installation. But when it comes to SharePoint - nope.

How to Scale Out a SharePoint 2010 Farm From Two-Tier to Three-Tier by Adding a Dedicated Application Server (SharePoint Solutions Team Blog)
Microsoft provides some good documentation on different SharePoint 2010 Farm deployment scenarios in the TechNet Library.  One of those is about how to deploy a three-tier SharePoint 2010 Farm, which is the second most common topology for a SharePoint farm. But, I couldn't find anything on TechNet that walked through how to "scale out" to a three-tier SharePoint 2010 Farm from an existing two-tier SharePoint 2010 Farm (the most common SharePoint Farm topology).

The SharePoint Maturity Model, Version 2.0 (NothingButSharePoint)
The SharePoint Maturity Model was created to fill a gap I perceived in the community. While there is an increasing number of resources available about different aspects of this platform – and an increasing number of vendors with services, products and plugins to support and enhance it - there was no way to take a holistic view of a SharePoint implementation and describe what it could be at its full potential. In early November 2010, I had put together a first version of the SharePoint Maturity Model, and the folks at End User SharePoint were kind enough to publish it.


Around Bamboo Nation
SPTechCon SF: The SharePoint Journey, with Tony Lanni (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Today's lunch at SPTechCon was sponsored by AvePoint and, consequently, AvePoint's Tony Lanni provided a short lunchtime session on "The SharePoint Journey."  Tony began by addressing the oft-pondered question of "What is SharePoint?" and said that he'd come up with an answer that he believes amounts to "twelve words to change your life: SharePoint is a platform.  What you deliver with SharePoint is an application."

SPTechCon SF: Document Management from A to Z, with Paul Swider (The Bamboo Team Blog)
After catching up with a few folks over coffee in the registration area this morning, I kicked off my first San Francisco edition of SPTechCon with Paul Swider's half-day workshop on Document Management in SharePoint 2010.  Paul's one of the speakers who will be participating in the Sharing the Point tour of Asia that I'll be covering next month, and most of the other speakers who will be on the tour are also speaking at SPTechCon this week, so I'm going to do the best I can to cover at least one session by each of them in the coming days.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Systems Architect / Developer - Manassas, VA
Working with a team of top-notch developers, the Systems Architect will be involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. This includes system architecture, design and coding as well as business analysis and requirements analysis. Responsibilities include consulting with clients and other team members to design, build, and manage web sites; working with project managers to negotiate contracts/agreements with software vendors and other companies; mentoring junior engineers; and perform tasks with a wide degree of creativity and latitude.

.NET/SharePoint Developer - Hartford, CT
Looking for a strong ASP.NET developer with good SharePoint project development experience. Converting a large number of legacy documents into SharePoint, currently using MOSS 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0 with a SQL 2005 database. Looking for someone who can do both strong SharePoint development but also a good web developer. Good Workflow (2007) management experience as well as document management.


Microsoft Updates
Install a Software Update (SharePoint Foundation 2010) (TechNet)
This article describes how to install a software update on servers in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 farm. Additionally, three example scenarios are discussed and an update procedure is provided for each scenario.


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