SharePoint Use Increasing; Challenges for IE9; Can Xbox Save Microsoft?

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SharePoint Usage Set to Increase (On Windows)
According to the study, conducted by Lightning Tools on more than 800 businesses, 75 per cent of companies surveyed used SharePoint. Of the respondents that didn’t use SharePoint 2010 26 per cent stated that they are hoping to upgrade in the ‘third or fourth quarter of 2011’ whilst a further 25 per cent are planning to use the new system by the first quarter of 2011.

How to Integrate an Acquired Company in Just 90 Days (ComputerWorld)
It sounds impossibly fast. But $23 billion electronic components distributor Avnet can usually bring acquired companies into the fold -- including IT systems -- within 90 days. Avnet CIO Steve Phillips explained the process at Computerworld's Premier 100 IT Leaders conference this month. The Fortune 500 company has grown via numerous acquisitions, including three just last year. Phillips said Avnet has an acquisitions playbook -- actually a SharePoint site -- that serves as a repository of everything Avnet has learned through more than 60 acquisitions. It includes checklists, processes and best practices for integrating all parts of the business, with a particularly thick section on IT.

Windows 8, Future Office on the Horizon (CMS Wire)
While Microsoft tries to get industry converted to the most recent Windows and Office releases, it is steadily beavering away on their revolutionary successors. But will there be much a market for them to play in? Facing an Uncertain Future: A pragmatic view of tech life is that a high percentage of enterprise 2.0 (and 1.0) PC users will still be using their computers, in the same ways they always have, in the next four or five years. So, Microsoft need not worry too much about the value of its stock.

Despite 2.3 Million Downloads IE9 Still Faces Challenges (eWeek)
Microsoft claims more than 2.35 million downloads of Internet Explorer 9 in the new browser’s first 24 hours of release. “That is over 27 downloads every second,” Ryan Gavin, senior director for Internet Explorer, wrote in a March 16 posting on The Windows Blog, “or over 240 downloads every nine seconds.” The number of IE9 downloads in 24 hours, apparently, is double that of the IE9 Beta and “four times that of the IE9 RC”.

Elop Says Work Begun on First Windows Nokia Phones (Reuters)
Work has begun on the first Nokia (NOK1V.HE) smartphones based on Microsoft (MSFT.O) software following the partnership announced by the companies last month, Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop told Reuters. Elop was recruited last year to rescue Nokia from increasing irrelevance at the high end of the market, and is under huge pressure to produce results from the partnership.

How The Xbox Can Save Microsoft (InformationWeek)
Microsoft has reportedly decided to kill the Zune franchise. If that's true, the only question is what took it so long. While the failed MP3 player may be the company’s latest flop on a growing list of them, Microsoft does have one consumer brand that's red hot—and it could lead a renaissance throughout Redmond if Steve Ballmer and team would only let it. The Xbox is the hottest tech brand on the planet right now. If you don't believe me, ask the folks over at Guinness Records. They just named Xbox Kinect the fastest-selling gadget of all time. Indeed, Microsoft moved more than 8 million Kinect units in the eight weeks following its Nov. 4 launch. Take that, iPad.

Windows Tablets: Be Careful What You Wish For (InfoWorld)
Forrester Research this week released a damning study of various vendors' tablet plans, which concluded that Apple will rule this field much as it does the MP3 player (iPod) market. The reason: Android tablets, along with the coming HP WebOS and RIM BlackBerry tablets, are overpriced, sold in cell phone stores that customers dislike visiting, and -- perhaps most critical -- not compelling products in their own right. Although some iPad competitors win on spec wars, none prevails where it counts: user experience and utility.


Around the Blogosphere
Silverlight and SharePoint User Profile Service GUIDs (Matthew McDermott, MVP)
Way back before the 2009 SharePoint Conference I was building a Silverlight and SharePoint demo and ran into an issue whenever I tried to use Silverlight and call certain methods of the SharePoint User Profile Service. If the web service returned a GUID type, which is part of the PropertyData type from methods like GetUserProfileByName, I would get the error:

SharePoint Content and Site Editing Tips (Fear and Loathing)
A few content management and site editing tips for power users on this bacon flavoured unicorn morning. The theme here is keep it clean! - Write "friendly" email addresses: Remember it's human beings reading your content. So seeing something like "If you have questions please send an email to" breaks up the readablity. Instead just do the simple steps of writing the content in plain English and going back, highlighting the name and insert a link (note: you might have to prefix the link with It makes for a friendlier looking page and hides the ugliness that are sometimes in email addresses.

List Web Parts Deleted From Site Page When Editing Views in SharePoint 2010 (Views from Veronique)
Another not so amusing quirk from SharePoint 2010.  If you insert a list web part into a site page in SharePoint 2010, and then try and edit the columns in the view – the web part will delete from the page. In this example, I wanted to add my Announcements web part to the landing page to display all previous announcements per category.  The web part inserts perfectly, but there are too many columns for the landing page.

Some SharePoint Internet Sites Statistics from (Ian's SharePoint Blog)
I have just updated the Silverlight Pivotviewer of SharePoint Internet sites to reflect more than 70 new sites add to the list this month. Of the 2073 SharePoint Internet sites I have listed, 123 are based on the 2010 platform.

Creating Custom Managed Properties (Connecting. Collaborating with SharePoint CKS:EBE 2.0)
I speak frequently on the topic of search at various conferences, and one of the challenging parts about this subject is that many of the demos simply take a lot of time.  For example, if I wanted to do a demo about to show how users could search on their own custom fields it would require that I subject the audience to sit there while I run some indexes.  Which is no fun to watch, and I simply don’t have enough bad jokes to keep an audience entertained for more than 30 seconds at the most. I’m writing this post as a way to provide the steps required to do that demo for creating your own custom fields.


Around Bamboo Nation
How To Rate My Site (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Are you curious how your SharePoint site is doing?  Do you need a way to get valuable feedback from your users?  Now you can!  With the combination of Bamboo Rating and these simple steps, you can receive that valuable, real-time rating from your users.

Guest Blog by Bill English: Mindsharp Customer Appreciation Event (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Mindsharp is proud to announce a special Customer Appreciation Event that will run through the month of March, thanking customers for their continued support. The event will extend customers special package pricing on Mindsharp's UserVersity computer based training products as well as Mindsharp public and private training classes.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint 2010 Designer - Stockholm, Sweden
Human Data, Stockholm, Sweden, is looking for experienced web designers specialized on SharePoint 2010. If you love SharePoint, and want to focus 100% on designing public and internal web sites based on SharePoint Server 2010, then you should talk to us! Human Data is a 10 year old consulting company with close to 20 SharePoint experts, among them one SharePoint MVP. Are you looking for a true nerd company that consists of people loving their job, without crazy sales people, and where even the CEO works as a consultant, then contact for more information.

Premier Field Engineer - SharePoint Job - Phoenix, AZ
The purpose of the Premier Field Engineer (PFE) position is to provide Microsoft customers with reliable technical solutions to the complex integration problems associated with business solutions built using Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Typical tasks performed in this role include specific problem isolation and correction, conducting application design and technical reviews, performance tuning, application stability consulting/troubleshooting, code reviews, porting/migration assistance, configuration/administration management, pre-rollout testing and general development consulting. The prospective PFE candidate should draw upon all resources at Microsoft, to advise and consult on the use of Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to avoid such problems in the future.


Microsoft Updates
Deploy a Client Tool for Taking SharePoint Content Offline (Video) (Microsoft TechNet)
This video shows how to deploy Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 to SharePoint client machines so that end users can efficiently synchronize offline work with SharePoint sites. In order to benefit from this video, you should have expertise in the following areas: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 administration; SharePoint site administration; Microsoft Office 2010 policy deployment.


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