SP2010 Records Management; Could You be Fired Due to Office 365?; Are Tablets a Fad?

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The Record Stays in Place: SharePoint 2010 Records Management Governance Plans (CMS Wire)
SharePoint 2010 offers a brilliant records management upgrade from MOSS 2007. In addition to offering the traditional records flow from document to records repository, SharePoint 2010 may create a record from a document that continues to reside in its home page. I affectionately call the second option Records mise en place (after the literal French, putting in place) because the metadata wrapper is applied to each object without the cold (antiquated?) end user-driven experience of transferring it to the Records Center. At last, the record may stay in place. A functional improvement, Microsoft has provided a capability that should be appreciated by us Record and Information Managers as much as the end users to whom we consult.

Microsoft to Push IE 9 Broadly Via Windows Update in Late June (ZDNet)
Microsoft will begin pushing Internet Explorer (IE) 9 to users in earnest starting at the end of June 2011, using its Windows Update mechanism, officials said this week. Microsoft released the final version of IE 9 on March 14. Microsoft “turned on” Windows Update for users who had installed the Beta and/or Release Candidate (RC) versions of its latest browser on March 29.

Will Office 365 Get You Fired? (InfoWorld)
What's on the mind of the IT admin these days? If the talk around me at the Connections conference here in Orlando is any indication, one big topic is Microsoft Office 365, mingled with the fear of being out of work -- especially if you're an Exchange admin. The next generation of Microsoft's BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard) hosted application services, Office 365 is a combination of Office Professional Plus, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online. Notice, if you visit the Office 365 website, that there are no version numbers attached. This is because Microsoft wants you to think of released features, not versions. However, for those of us in the know, you're looking at the 2010 flavors of each solution. Further, Microsoft backs these services with a 99.9 percent uptime SLA, geo-redundant data centers, and a variety of management tools, including Microsoft Online service, the Exchange Management Console (in hybrid environments), Exchange Management Shell, and Exchange Control Panel.

Hey, Wait a Second — Don’t Write Off Microsoft-Nokia Smartphones Just Yet (BNET)
IDC has predicted that by 2015, Microsoft Windows Phone will take nearly 21 percent of the mobile-phone operating system market because of its adoption by Nokia. Naysayers dismiss the analysis as either overly optimistic or just plain bunk. They are wrong. Look, it’s way too early to write off the Microsoft-Nokia partnership and assume that the future belongs to a war between Google and Apple. Windows Phone certainly isn’t guaranteed to succeed, but it has a decent chance thanks to consumer buying habits and the realities of merchandising.

Microsoft Exec: Tablets Could Be Temporary Fad (eWeek)
At least one Microsoft executive seems unconvinced that tablets are much more than a passing fad. “Mobile is something that you want to use while you’re moving, and portable is something that you move and then use,” Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, reportedly told the audience at a lunch in Sydney. “These are going to bump into one another a little bit, and so today you can see tablets and pads and other things that are starting to live in the space in between.”

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Collaborators (CMS Wire)
Over the past two weeks, Aberdeen has provided 5 Reasons Organizations Require Real Time Collaboration and Nine Steps to Improve Business Collaboration to show how Best-in-Class high revenue growth companies (averaging 25% revenue growth last year) compared to all other organizations. But what if you’re not ready for a jet-powered trip to collaborative Nirvana? Perhaps your company is the epitome of a hide-bound and traditional organization that is averse to change. If so, you don’t have time to do everything. You need to focus on the greatest change agents that can be established within your organization.

Microsoft to File Antitrust Complaint Against Google (CNET)
In a somewhat ironic twist, Microsoft said this evening it will file a formal complaint against Google tomorrow with European antitrust regulators. Microsoft, which itself has been the subject of several antitrust probes in the United States and abroad, argues Google is engaging in anticompetitive behavior in search, online advertising, and smartphone software, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith wrote in a blog explaining the action.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint 2010: Basics on How to Apply Branding (SharePoint Branding & Design)
So, I have gotten a lot of great feedback within the comments of my blog. I have heard from quite a few people that they either just been tasked with branding SharePoint and don’t know where to start. Or they have a basic idea about SharePoint, CSS and HTML but don’t know where or how to reference the custom CSS. This is a long post so hold on to your hat!

Configuring Security with the FAST Search for SharePoint Server 2010 Lotus Notes Connector (SharePoint Dev Wiki)
I recently had the pleasure of configuring the FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Lotus Notes Connector. An attempt had already been made to get the connector working. The connector allowed the FAST Search server to connect to Lotus Notes and crawl the content, but it seemed only anonymous content in Lotus Notes was being returned in searches. When configuring the connector, the Content Collection created for the connector to feed was filling up. As expected, running the Get-FASTSearchContentCollection PowerShell cmdlet displayed tens of thousands of documents indexed, which suggested crawling and indexing was working just fine, but I wasn't getting anywhere near this number of documents returned in any searches.

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Filename: redirection.config (Geoff Varosky's Blog)
If you see this error when activating a feature which makes use of the Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace, and the account you are using to activate this feature does not have permissions to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config, chances are, you will see this error.

End User Certification Update #3 - Basic Concepts for Site Owners (End User SharePoint)
Last week, our focus was on Basic Terminology. We now have 27 terms (and still growing), 20 defined thus far, a combination of “short” and more detailed descriptions for each, and many with screenshots. If you haven’t signed on as a volunteer, please do! Everything we do here is a community effort, but I would like to cheer for our star of the week. Can you all help me applaud? I realize we are all reading this in various parts of the world, but if we all clap together, maybe Steven will be able to hear us in London.


Around Bamboo Nation
This Week in Bamboo (March 20th, 2011 - March 26th, 2011) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Workflow Conductor R1.6.1 was released to our storefront this week for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 with some new features and a lot of resolved bugs.  Please check out Bamboo store for the latest version of Workflow Conductor.  Also for this week, we fixed many customer issues and released the patches for the following products in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010: Tree View Web Part, Calendar Plus Web Part and Alert Plus.  Please see below for more details about the list of patches, bugs fixed, along with limitations and known issues.

SharePoint 2010 Lessons Learned, Part 6: A Cautionary Tale Involving Deleting Photos While Editing a Blog Post (SharePoint Blank)
Just as I expected might turn out to be the case, during the recent Sharing the Point (STP) tour of Asia, I learned a few more SharePoint 2010 lessons while working on my blog posts from the tour.  Today I'd like to share the lesson that was the most painful, and it involves editing a post that's in Save as Draft form.


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Network Engineer / IT Coordinator - Denver, CO
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SharePoint Developer - Bellevue, WA
As a Senior SharePoint Solutions Developer with the Application Development & Integration team you will lead the technical design and development efforts of SharePoint-related engagements. Your high level of technical expertise in development and delivery of web based applications will help you successfully design, develop, troubleshoot, debug, and implement software code for web based applications and sites. Your deep SharePoint solutions experience will allow you to effectively integrate web applications with other enterprise systems.


Microsoft Updates
Deploy a Client Tool for Taking SharePoint Content Offline (Video) (Microsoft TechNet)
This video shows how to deploy Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 to SharePoint client machines so that end users can efficiently synchronize offline work with SharePoint sites. In order to benefit from this video, you should have expertise in the following areas: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 administration; SharePoint site administration; Microsoft Office 2010 policy deployment.


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