Considerations for Enterprise Collaboration Tools; SharePoint Recovery; Microsoft Flattered by iOS 5

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When the Worst Happens: SharePoint Recovery (ComputerWorld)
SharePoint has become vital to the business infrastructure and, in many companies, it's even used as the company's face to the world: its public facing website. Because of this dependency and high visibility, a well-thought-out disaster recovery strategy for SharePoint is imperative. Three types of disasters can impact SharePoint:

Four Ways the Red Sox are Scoring with SharePoint (CIO)
The Boston Red Sox have many weapons to keep the team winning on the field: powerful hitters, a seasoned pitching rotation, and an experienced coaching staff. But off the field — and in the data center — a key role player for the Sox has been SharePoint 2010. At the SPTechCon SharePoint conference in Boston last week, Red Sox IT director Steve Conley stepped up to the plate for a Q&A with Microsoft's SharePoint Product Management Director Christian Finn.

Gartner: Five Considerations with Enterprise Collaboration Tools (CMSWire)
In recent months, the subject of enterprise collaboration has come up quite a bit. So has the issue of spending on IT, which everyone seems to agree is on the way up again. Put the two facts together, and it’s likely a number of companies are going to be spending money on collaboration in the next year. But should they? Actually the question would probably be more useful if it was a given that enterprise collaboration is a good thing, and we were to look at what kind of collaboration packages enterprises should be considering.

Microsoft Windows 8 Demos Spur Developer Worry (PCWorld)
Thanks to two brief demonstrations of Microsoft's next-generation operating system, third-party Microsoft Windows developers are expressing frustration over what they consider a lack of clear direction on how to develop applications for Windows 8. Their concern centers on a new Web standards-based development platform that Microsoft may be deploying for the Windows 8 live tile touch-based interface. While promoting this platform in various demonstrations last week, the company said little about the role that its other widely used Windows development platforms, Silverlight and .Net, would play in the new operating system, which is widely expected to be released next year.

Microsoft 'Flattered' By Apple iOS 5 (PC Magazine)
Well if you can't stop them with a patent lawsuit, drown them in sarcasm.  Shortly after Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled iOS 5 at the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) on Monday, a Microsoft exec tweeted that he was "flattered" that so many of its abilities resemble Windows Phone features. "Feeling flattered today. Lots of great WP ideas headed to iOS. (Camera button/above lock, auto-upload of pics, better notifications," tweeted Joe Belfiore, vice-president of the Windows Phone Program Management.

Microsoft Demonstrates Mango’s SkyDrive Upgrades [Video] (TNW)
Microsoft continues to plug away at Mango, the coming update to the Windows Phone 7 platform that, depending on who you ask, will either represent the coming of age party for the phone line, or merely another milestone on its trek to irrelevance. Whatever the case, the Redmond software giant is happily crowing about the coming software bump, and is hoping to get the WP7 community excited about it in the process. In a new blog post today the company broke down and detailed what will be possible in Mango in regards to the company’s consumer cloud storage solution, SkyDrive:

Microsoft’s Plans for Skype Are Unclear (The New York Times)
If Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype, the Internet communications company, goes through, supporters of network neutrality may be losing a standard-bearer. In Europe, Skype has been the chief litmus test for measuring the openness of mobile networks. The results so far have been resoundingly negative. Most European mobile operators block Skype from their networks or impose arbitrary charges on consumers wanting to use the free service from their cellphones.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint 101 for the Business Person (EndUserSharePoint)
The reason many SharePoint deployments fail, might surprise you. It usually has nothing to do with technology or capability of SharePoint. It most often has to do with a disconnect between the users and those setting SharePoint up. Most of my time speaking to IT is spent explaining what the business use case of SharePoint is and why users are so key. What I have not spent much time doing is working on the other side, helping business users talk to IT. So if you are IT, this blog pot might frustrate and bore you, leave now! This post is an attempt to help create a common ground so that during conversations of how SharePoint should be setup the users have the tools they need.

SharePoint: Managing File Types and Sizes (ITPro)
Good SharePoint governance policies will frequently contain operational directives regarding both the type and size of files that can be stored on SharePoint 2010. Being able to control the types of files is essential to any organization to ensure that only the correct type of content is stored within the platform. Many organizations encourage their users to move content to SharePoint, however they do not want users moving their entire ITunes library or video collection.

Easier Maintaining Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools (Waldek Mastykarz)
Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools simplify working with SharePoint 2010 projects. By introducing SharePoint Project Items (SPIs) the tools hide the internals of creating SharePoint packages and allow you to focus on the real work. However, when you start moving SPIs around, things might get complicated and break. Find out how to prevent yourself from spending hours on fixing stuff using the standard functionality of the new developer tools.

Talking Office 365 Podcast - The Business Case for the Social Features of SharePoint (The SharePoint Guys)
The latest episode of Talking Office 365 podcast has an interview with Rob Finney from the MCS UK SharePoint team. During the interview Marlon Marescia the host of the Talking Office 365 podcast and Rob discuss the following:

Using PowerShell to Find Site Collection Size in SharePoint 2010 (Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Blog)
Today on Twitter I received a message from Nik Patel: “How would I determine the site collection size using PowerShell? I am sure you have figured it out.. ;)” As luck would have it, I had. The good news is that PowerShell exposes that information pretty easily. Even an admin like myself can figure it out. Let’s walk through how I put this all together. First I set a variable to a site collection so that I could take a look at the properties that were exposed.

SharePoint Search XSL Samples Update (Matthew McDermott, MVP)
A long time ago I pulled together a bunch of my SharePoint Search XSL samples for SharePoint 2007. I spent the morning updating the samples so that they work in SharePoint 2010. I also added a new sample for rendering links directly from a links list (rather than landing on the DispForm.aspx page).


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint Task Master 2.5 for SharePoint 2010 - Optimizing Performance and Time With Task Management (The Bamboo Team Blog)
SharePoint Task Master, which allows project managers and teams to easily manage project schedules and the relationship between tasks (parent-child, predecessor-successor, and constraints) in SharePoint makes for an easy purchasing decision for many organizations. Providing this functionality within SharePoint without having to install Microsoft Project makes the decision even easier still, as does the fact that we're continuing to add new features and enhancements to Task Master to make it both more powerful and easier to use.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Intranet/SharePoint Developer - Washington, DC
This position resides within our Marketing Systems Team in IT Corporate Applications and will be responsible for developing and supporting SharePoint Intranet web parts, web services, and workflows. The individual will work with the Intranet Lead and the Marketing department to determine the project requirements for enhancements and new initiatives. This person will have responsibility for developing and interpreting technical specifications used to support interfaces, reports, business rules, and other technical components of the environment, understanding project management concepts and deliverables. This person will need to be able to document and pro-actively address change management and governance issues and assist in creating test plans, test scripts/cases and executing test scripts to test developed objects where applicable.

SharePoint Technical Writer - Reston, VA
The primary responsibility for this position is working with the product management team and technical resources to develop, write, and maintain software installation, configuration and usage instructions, online knowledge base content, supporting blog articles, quick start guides, supporting graphics, and web content for our online storefront. Working under minimal supervision, this position reviews, develops, and edits complex written and graphic technical materials, including system configurations and workflow diagrams. Ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices of style and format; excellent usage of the written English language, and overall structure and organization of material to create professional documentation.


Microsoft Updates
Best Practices for Team Collaboration Sites (SharePoint Server 2010) (TechNet)
This article is one of a series of best practices articles for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This article describes the typical characteristics and best practices for hosting collaboration sites in a SharePoint Server 2010 environment. SharePoint Server 2010 makes team collaboration easier with features such as My Sites, blogs, wikis, and co-authoring. When you plan for team collaboration sites, remember that these sites typically exhibit the following characteristics:


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