iCloud is Built On Windows Azure; Developers Scared of Windows 8; What Microsoft Did Right in Fiscal 2011

SharePoint Daily LogoYesterday a coworker mentioned that, at times, my headlines (and sometimes the articles I find) are a bit sensationalist. You tell me, am I finding interesting articles or am I one step away from "Bat Boy Uses Office 365"? --Chris

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Bugs Dog Office 365 as it Nears Launch (ZDNet)
Users of the Microsoft Office 365 beta have been reporting problems which prevent them from using some features of the software and put them off sticking with the online suite when it exits beta status in late June, according to posts on the Office 365 support forum. Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its popular desktop package of office applications and includes web versions of products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Lync. The suite was introduced in October 2010 and moved into public beta in December 2010. It is scheduled for general release on 28 June.

Access Free Office 365 Jump Start HD Videos (Softpedia)
“Microsoft Office 365 for IT Professionals” Jump Start is now live on TechNet Edge, offering no less than 15 videos focused on the services that the software giant plans to introduce at the end of this month. With the official RTW (release to web) deadline for Office 365 just a couple of weeks away, IT pros that are considering the Redmond company’s Cloud offerings need to take a look at the videos supplied especially for them, and maybe even give the Beta of the Cloud productivity suite a try while they still have the chance.

iCloud Is Built On The Backs Of Windows Azure And Amazon (Cult of Mac)
Apple’s iCloud may be looking to revolutionize the way consumers interact with the cloud, but that doesn’t mean Cupertino’s not drawing on its competitors expertise when it comes to actually hosting their online services. In fact, Apple’s pushing the iCloud online with more than a little bit of help from both Microsoft and Amazon.

The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Computing (SOAWorld)
Cloud computing has essentially been private from the beginning. Google, for one, demonstrates that the world's most successful search engine runs not on an IBM Power, Sun Enterprise, or other massively powerful machine engineered for business by the go-to-vendors for computer solutions. More in keeping with its democratic, spare, and ubiquitous, engineering ethos Google created a "cloud" of white box computer - throw-away hardware servers running Linux. Rather than purchase software box-software or hire a large consulting firm to design and build the infrastructure, Google engineered proprietary software to enable search requests and indexing tasks to be coordinated across this white "cloud" of white box hardware. Like most innovations that somehow become synonymous with brilliance and innovation, the innovation of using large numbers of identical machines to process enormous amounts of work isn't new at all. In fact it isn't even an innovation that can be attributed to computing at all.

Why Microsoft has Made Developers Horrified About Coding for Windows 8 (Ars Technica)
When Microsoft gave the first public demonstration of Windows 8 a week ago, the reaction from most circles was positive. The new Windows 8 user interface looks clean, attractive, and thoughtful, and in a first for a Microsoft desktop operating system, it's finger friendly. But one aspect of the demonstration has the legions of Windows developers deeply concerned, and with good reason: they were told that all their experience, all their knowledge, and every program they have written in the past would be useless on Windows 8.

11 Things Microsoft Did Right in Fiscal 2011 (BetaNews)
If there was an award for most unpopular CEO, Steve Ballmer just might win it. There have been increasing calls to off his head -- to remove him and bring in anybody else. "Psst, Ms. Cleaning Lady, how would you like to run a software company?" But Microsoft's chief executive deserves more credit than he gets. The company closes its fiscal year in 17 days, with brighter future than any year since Apple announced iPhone in January 2007. Ballmer and his executive team delivered one of Microsoft's best years ever -- from a strategic perspective.


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Using Sub-sites to Manage Files Instead of Library Folders – A Contract Management Solution (Mastering SharePoint with Bob Mixon)
Recently I wrote an article about why I don’t like the use of folders in SharePoint Document Libraries.  Some comments left on that article prompted me to describe one approach to using sub-sites instead of folders for managing documents.  The specific comment I am referring to indicated they were managing thousands of clients documents, categorized by client and contact.  And, I must say, in this individuals specific situation, folders may have been the best approach for them; I am not certain of all their business requirements.

Custom Signout Page in SharePoint 2010 (allaboutmoss)
In this Article we will see how we can set a custom Sign out page for your SharePoint 2010 Web Application. This does not involve dirty tricks like replacing signout.aspx. We will be using Visual Studio to design our sign out page and PowerShell to set our custom page as default sign out page. At the end of this article we will also see how to reset back to default Sign out page. Fire up Visual Studio and create an Empty SharePoint Project. Add a new Application page. This will be our custom sign out page. Remove the following from your aspx file.

Is it Necessary to Customize Your SharePoint Implementation in Order to Mature it? (EndUserSharePoint)
When I talk to folks about SharePoint maturity, I often get the question, “Do I have to customize SharePoint in order to have a more mature implementation?” The immediate answer is, “it depends on the competency.” With Publication and Collaboration you can get pretty far with out-of-the-box functionality. But for areas like Business Process Management, Integration, and Insight, every organization’s needs are so different, and can be so complex, that SharePoint simply can’t support them out-of-box.

Take Advantage of SharePoint Server 2010 Search Capabilities from SharePoint Server 2007 by Doing a Search-first Migration (To the SharePoint)
Upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 from SharePoint Server 2007 provides significant enhancements in enterprise search capability. This includes many improvements for end users when they issue search queries and view search results. You can find a summary of these enhancements in  What's new in enterprise search (SharePoint Server 2010). However, due to policy or resource constraints, organizations sometimes aren't in a position to complete an upgrade all at once. If this sounds like your organization, you can still set your end users up to take advantage of search capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 from your existing SharePoint Server 2007 deployment by performing a search-first migration.

Microblogging and Forums in the Enterprise (SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
I've been looking at the challenge of how do I promote community and help break down the solos that are so easily created with security and political boundaries in the enterprise. As I've been investigating Yammer, Chatter, Socialtext, and our proof of concept environment of NewsGator Social Sites 2010 on top of SharePoint 2010 I'm finding some interesting trends. I brought up the need for Forums today and a colleague asked me… "What is the difference between microblogging and forums?"


Around Bamboo Nation
This Week in Bamboo (May 29th, 2011 - June 4th, 2011) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
This week, we released to our store SharePoint Task Master R2.5 for SharePoint 2010 along with the patches for the following products: Tree View Web Part, SharePoint Team Calendar, User Account Setup Web Part, Password Expiration Web Part, and SharePoint Knowledge Base Solutions Accelerator.  For details about the latest release of SharePoint Task Master, please see our Product Manager Announcement blog:  SharePoint Task Master 2.5 for SharePoint 2010 - Optimizing Performance and Time With Task Management.  And for a complete list of bug fixes, great new features, limitations and known issues about the patches release, please see below.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Consultant - Clemson, SC
This position will provide senior level consulting to a software development and operations organization that is working to standardize its project management tracking around SharePoint 2010. The project team is a broad mix of information technology professionals and is currently engaged in development for mainframe and modern web applications. The team has made limited use of SharePoint 2007 (primarily as a document repository) and seeks to expand its use of SharePoint in a broader sense for general project management, tracking and workflow tasks. The project team seeks an experienced consultant that can: Quickly assess the team's needs and recommend a menu of approaches for successful SharePoint use in project management; work with team members to implement the selected recommendations; train the team's SharePoint administrators while working side-by-side with them; work with Clemson's infrastructure and operations teams on SharePoint configuration, deployment, and best practices if/as needed. The project is expected to last 3-6 months.

SharePoint Administrator / Software Engineer - Fort Belvoir, VA
The position is a day shift position supporting the core hours of 0600 to 1800. The position is responsible for supporting the customer's SharePoint environment, and internal and external websites as well as other applications or related tasks, and assist with other IT related projects as needed. Additional duties include providing training and support to technical and non-technical personnel in group and individual settings, conducting regular working group sessions, and briefings for management and customers; creating documentation to include SOP's, system documentation, and training/"how to" documentation, and briefing slides. The employee is expected to conduct research as needed to keep abreast of current and future technology, and proactively provide recommendations for changes, projects, and products; as well as keep current with related DoD and agency policies and guidelines. The employee is required to ensure that applications conform to STIG requirements and relevant policies.


Microsoft Updates
Best Practices for Team Collaboration Sites (SharePoint Server 2010) (TechNet)
This article is one of a series of best practices articles for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This article describes the typical characteristics and best practices for hosting collaboration sites in a SharePoint Server 2010 environment. SharePoint Server 2010 makes team collaboration easier with features such as My Sites, blogs, wikis, and co-authoring. When you plan for team collaboration sites, remember that these sites typically exhibit the following characteristics:


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