SharePoint Thought Leaders in Social Business; The Good and Bad of Windows 8; Can Windows Phone 7.5 Compete?

SharePoint Daily LogoI'd like to thank the folks over at for mentioning me in their SharePoint Thought Leaders study. Considering the names that made the list, I'm honored to have even made the honorable mentions. This brought a big smile to my face in the middle of all the SPC11 prep chaos.  -- Dooley

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The Top 25 Most Influential SharePoint Thought Leaders in Social Business Today (
When researching SharePoint collaboration and Social Business best practices, we discovered a number of individuals providing exceptional advice.  Advice that helps SharePoint administrators build high adoption sites that employees get excited about.  Using innovative ideas and approaches, they offer a new road map for companies looking to manage SharePoint more strategically. Since the demand to make SharePoint more social has increased tremendously over the past 12 months, our goal for the list was to identify the SharePoint thought leaders providing the best guidance for companies looking to increase their social and collaboration capabilities. We were careful to select the most knowledgeable, most influential and most social SharePoint influencers based on a similar methodology that was featured in the New York Times.

7 Steps to Embracing Collaboration Software for Success (TMCnet)
Collaboration is a key tool any organization can use to speed time to market on key products and services, streamline internal operations to gain greater efficiency and ultimately achieve greater success in the market. In a recent ZDNet piece, collaboration expert, Dr. Graham Hill, offers some practical steps to enable a company to embrace the potential in collaboration software to become more successful in an intensely competitive market.

An Evolution from Project Management to Cloud-Based Social Collaboration (Cloud Computing Journal)
As hundreds of Enterprise 2.0 tools continue to flood the market, the use of social networks within the enterprise is extending into other toolsets such as project management. The intersection of project management and social collaboration has the potential to improve complex project management by leveling customary organizational boundaries and facilitating interdepartmental co-creation. By doing so, innovation is crowd-sourced at an enterprise level, enabling and filtering out the best ideas rather than the loudest. This area of cloud adoption could potentially change organizational behavior and innovation as we know it.

Hands-on: What's Good and Bad About Windows 8 (InfoWorld)
Since Microsoft's Build conference earlier this month, where Windows 8's debut was the grand spectacle, I've been quietly exploring the forthcoming OS deeply. Now that I've spent real time with it, I can give you a fuller analysis than what appeared in the first days of its announcement. I can honestly say that any "final judgments" you've read about Windows 8 are worthless. The preview edition of Windows 8 isn't so much as half-baked, even down to small details such as the atrocious color scheme. It's obviously in preliminary stages, as you can see from the video below.

With Mango, Can Windows Phone 7.5 Compete? (CNET)
As of this morning, Microsoft and its partner carriers have begun pushing the 7.5 Mango OS update (review) to the first wave of Windows Phones. The question on everyone's lips isn't so much if the more than 500 changes to Windows Phone OS will satisfy current Mango users; they will. It's a good release, on one that proves Windows Phone is maturing, however gradually. With it, Microsoft will continue to keep its current customers. After all, that set is already committed to the platform, at least for another year or so until their contracts expire.


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Programmatically add Ribbon Custom Action to an Existing List (SharePoint 365)
There is plenty of documentation on the web for creating Ribbon Customisations using the standard SharePoint CAML XML mark-up. This is a great dialect for creating complex customisations to the ribbon, but they only get applied on Feature Activation. What if you have a List in the site that already exists and you need to apply some Ribbon actions? Sure, you can add Ribbon extensions to a Content Type (and this is probably recommended), however not all of our environments that we encounter use Content Types. Or, we have Lists being created from the “Custom List” list definition (or list type) programmatically in a Feature Receiver (which is executed after all the Feature CAML has been loaded & provisioned). Or we have lists created dynamically from Workflows, or other Event Receivers, or some other dynamic method at runtime.

Roundup: SharePoint Warm-Up Scripts (ITPro)
Harry Chen did a comparison of SharePoint Warm-Up scripts in October 2010, this is essentially a follow up to his findings. At the end, I’ll share the script that I’m using. Do we really need another SharePoint Warm-Up Script? No, but since I found some useful and others not so much, I decided to modify one for my needs. First, let’s describe briefly what these scripts are and their benefit. During normal operation, IIS will recycle application pools, this is normally done once per day. An IISRESET or computer restart will recycle application pools as well. When this happens, there is a significant performance hit when loading a web site for the first time because everything needs to be compiled.

SharePoint Governance: How are YOU Communicating and Managing SharePoint? (Views from Veronique)
So I woke up this morning to the sound of chainsaws.  There’s only one reason there would be chainsaws in the complex – to cut trees.  There are two things you simply cannot do in front of me, hurt animals and cut down trees. I live in a sectional title complex where the body corporate leaves a lot to be desired.  They never communicate with the home owners on anything – you simply wake up one morning to find all the trees on the perimeter cut down and your unit is next.

How to: Enable Clip Art with PowerPoint Web App SP1 (Dot Net Mafia)
When SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 came out, I noticed the following line in the release notes regarding Office Web Apps. “Lets you insert clip art in PowerPoint Web App. (By default clip art support is disabled. An administrator can decide to enable it.)” However, it didn’t say how to enable it.  I looked all over the Internet multiple times and never found a solution.  I knew it had to be some property I could set with PowerShell but guessing the right one and how to set it was the question.  On a recent search, I came across this support article on Symantec web site where someone was having an issue and it was then I discovered the property name, EnableClipArt.  On a whim, I decided to give it a try.


Around Bamboo Nation
Bamboo Solutions Announces Enterprise-class Knowledge Management Solution for Microsoft SharePoint (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Bamboo Solutions, the leading provider of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, has released a comprehensive Knowledge Management solution for SharePoint.  With Knowledge Management Suite (KM Suite), Bamboo extends SharePoint's baseline capabilities as a platform for enterprise knowledge management.  Bamboo's knowledge management solution, coupled with SharePoint's core capabilities, can provide organizations with a legitimate alternative to expensive legacy software at a fraction of the cost.  KM Suite combines Bamboo's popular Knowledge Base application with workflow and process automation to deliver a full-featured solution leveraging the SharePoint platform.  Key benefits of KM Suite include:

This Week in Bamboo (September 18, 2011 - September 24, 2011) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
HW21 List Rotator Web Part for SharePoint 2007 (2.5.49) and SharePoint 2010 (2.5.67).


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Designer - Piscataway, NJ
SharePoint Designer Opportunity. Ideal candidate will have a minimum of three to five years of experience in web design in SharePoint 2007. Position will involve creating design prototypes, including graphic design, site navigation, and layout of content for SharePoint sites. Build SharePoint sites using technologies that conform to international standards and make sure that they are universally accessible. Provide training on maintenance and update procedures to clients who choose to take charge of their own websites.

SharePoint Developers / SME's - Warren, MI
SharePoint 2010 SME Configuration person to implement the design Script builds of SharePoint 2010 for various server roles. Configure and test SharePoint 2010 farm to meet project High Availability and Backup/restore requirements. Document configuration and build steps. Design, document and execute test strategy and cases. SharePoint 2010 farm configuration. SharePoint and server build SharePoint operations (issue resolution and best practice operations process).



Microsoft Updates
Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with the Silverlight Client Object Model (MSDN)
With each release of Microsoft SharePoint, developers ask for additional web services to simplify reading and writing SharePoint site data from custom code that is not on the server that is running SharePoint. Instead of building more and more web services, Microsoft introduced in SharePoint 2010 the client object model, which contains a familiar subset of frequently used objects. The client object model is very similar to the SharePoint server-side object model. This SharePoint Visual How To demonstrates how to use the SharePoint 2010 Silverlight client object model.


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