Do You Really Use SharePoint?; Enterprization of Consumer Apps; Mozilla & Microsoft vs. Google

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You Think You Use SharePoint But You Really Don't (TechRepublic)
Thousands of organizations have implemented SharePoint but fail to exploit the most obvious of SharePoint’s many benefits. Here are some suggestions for a SharePoint roadmap that can succeed. You see it all around you, good SharePoint gone bad. The number of SharePoint deployments in the world today has six digits in it, and four-fifths of them suck. That’s a subjective observation, of course; many who deploy SharePoint (especially the license-free version) don’t have very high ambitions. The irony is, they could aim much higher, and get a lot more out of their deployment without upgrading to the more expensive version.

Can Mozilla and Microsoft Be Allies Against Google? (Conceivably Tech)
The October browser market share numbers are in. It was a bloody month for Microsoft, while Mozilla was able to slow Firefox’ decline. Chrome gained substantially and posted a new 6-month gain record. It appears that virtually all users IE and Firefox are losing migrate to Chrome. Does that create a scenario for two unlikely allies?

Microsoft Puts More of its Own Apps on Windows Azure (GigaOM)
Earlier this month, Microsoft started moving Photosynth, it's cool immersive camera application, to the Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service. The move was the start of a flow Microsoft legacy apps — many of which it already hosts but not on Windows Azure — to its cloud platform. Microsoft’s goal all along was to put most — if not all — of its existing services on Azure, so this is a first step in that direction.

Have Your HTML5 and Native App Too (InfoWorld)
HTML5 has been promised as the way to escape paying Apple its 30 percent cut of app sales while delivering apps to users, but HTML5-based Web apps have a limitation that has made the promise less real than developers might hope. Yes, Android and iOS -- the two main app-savvy mobile OSes -- support a significant percentage of the evolving HTML5 specification, and the new BlackBerry OS 7 actually outperforms Google's Android in this regard. But there's a lot that HTML5 can't do. Specifically, it doesn't let developers tap into smartphones' and tablets' native hardware capabilities.

Wolverton: New Nokia Phones, Running Windows Phone 7, are Nice but Not Enough (SiliconValley)
Nokia's new Windows smartphones are almost here. But I don't think they'll be enough to revive the struggling company. As you may recall Nokia, the world's biggest phone maker, announced in February it was abandoning Symbian, after failing to adequately update the smartphone software and after seeing its market share decline. In Symbian's place, the company said it would embrace Microsoft's fledgling Windows Phone 7 software.

The Enterprization of Consumer Apps (All Things D)
The classic Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd comedy “Trading Places” explores what happens when people from completely different walks of life switch places, in that case over a $1 wager. In the technology world, we are witnessing a similar swap. Many industry pundits have talked about the Consumerization of the Enterprise — the idea that enterprise users expect the mobility, integration and ease of consumer technologies in their work lives. People often cite the move to user-purchased mobile devices like the iPhone or user-provisioned collaboration services like Box, DropBox and Yammer as evidence of this phenomenon. And because many of these services have freemium models, IT departments are finding that huge numbers of their employees are already using these services for business purposes in addition to personal ones. So in many ways, consumer expectations are driving the ways enterprise CIOs think.

Can Apple Really Sue Google or Microsoft for Using Its Patented Sliding On/off Switch? (ZDNet)
In last week’s episode of “Can you top this dumb patent?” we discovered that Apple had patented the design element of sliding to unlock a device. Gosh, and I recall my grandpa’s front gate having a slide-to-unlock device in the 60s! Boy those Apple guys had to get up early in the morning to invent that one. Sarcasm aside, does” every Android device now infringe this Apple patent?” Or, for that matter, every Windows 8 device? Well, yes, they probably do. But does that mean that Apple is really going to be using this patent to sue everyone and anyone who uses the slide metaphor in their design? I asked some prominent intellectual property (IP) lawyers about it and this is what they said.


Around the Blogosphere
Social, It's in Microsoft's DNA... (AIIM)
Anyone who's looked at Microsoft’s business model will begin to realize that Microsoft understands "social" better than anyone.  The economics of Microsoft's ecosystem add up for everyone involved where everyone in the community shares the economic benefits.  In fact, social has been in Microsoft's business model and DNA for 3 decades.  Recent case in point is SharePoint's explosive growth.  SharePoint’s success and widespread adoption demonstrates the power of community, innovation within the community, and the economic benefit shared by all --- including partners, integrators, suppliers, customers.

Searching for In-Place Records Using CAML (John F. Holliday)
Just a quick note to all you records management junkies out there.  Here’s a question I’m seeing a lot of.  “Can I write a CAML query to locate all of the documents that have been declared as in-place records?” The answer is yes.  It’s actually quite simple.  There is a new field called “Declared Record” that holds the date on which an item was declared as a record.  If that field is null, then the item was not declared.  The only trick is that you have to use the internal field name, which is “_vti_ItemDeclaredRecord”.

Controlling the List of Available Web Parts with Web Part Adder (Waldek Mastykarz)
One of the common requirements when building SharePoint solutions is to control the list of available Web Parts. Find out how to do this using the new Web Part Adder control available in SharePoint 2010.

The Breadcrumb in SharePoint 2010 (Me & My SharePoint Designer)
The breadcrumb in SharePoint is useful just like the other navigation elements like the global navigation. In SharePoint 2010 we have the PopoutMenu control which can be visible if you click at the folder icon in the ribbon. That’s cool, but if you want to display the breadcrumb as a part of every pages without the need to activate it, it just to add a ASP:SiteMapPath control onto your custom masterpage.


Around Bamboo Nation
Announcing the Release of PM Central 3.0 for SharePoint 2010 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
I'm pleased to announce the release today of PM Central™ 3.0. As always, we have been keenly paying attention to our customers' feedback—since you are the most active users with the most in-depth use cases—and have been working hard to apply your feature requests in order to deliver the best SharePoint-based project management application on the market.


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Inside Sales Representative - Reston, VA
Presently, we are seeking an Inside Sales Representative. The position will become part of a sales team responsible for achieving targets for existing customer accounts and identifying new sales opportunities. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated professional who is personally oriented to building trusted and lasting relationships with prospective customers.

Technical Project Manager - Denver, Colorado
Provide project management support for the implementation of NewsGator product lines, including desktop products, Enterprise products, SharePoint solutions, web-based products, and NewsGator web services. This position is customer facing, in both a pre- and post- sale capacity, and requires some travel to / contact with NewsGator enterprise customers typically customer Project Management, Business Analyst, Business User, IT Support, and Executive Management. Candidate must have strong background managing enterprise software deployment projects.

Enterprise Support Engineer - Denver, Colorado
Provide 1st and 2nd level technical support for NewsGator product lines, including desktop products, Enterprise products, SharePoint solutions, web-based products, and NewsGator web services. This position is customer facing and requires frequent contact with NewsGator enterprise customers typically System Administrators and IT function level management. Candidate must be well versed in all aspects of customer support.

Software Engineer - SocialSites Developer - Denver, Colorado
Develop and debug NewsGator applications in C#, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and SQL on SharePoint. While the candidate may be responsible for overall system architecture/design for a particular feature or capability, the candidate should expect software coding to be the primary function of this position.


Microsoft Updates
Configuring SharePoint Server 2010 Search for External Content Types (Part 1 of 2) (MSDN)
Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enable users to easily include external data as results for the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 search capabilities. Learn to configure external content types for SharePoint Server search indexing and options for configuring SharePoint Server search results.


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