Hidden Costs of SharePoint Server 2010; Office 365 Updates Across Microsoft's Line-up; Get Off My Cloud

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Prepare for the Hidden Costs of SharePoint Server 2010 Implementations (SearchContentManagement)
It’s rare for a major piece of software these days to lack some kind of hidden costs, and SharePoint Server 2010 is no exception. Not “hidden” in the sense that Microsoft is trying to slip something past you, but rather it refers to the costs of owning and operating SharePoint that businesses don’t always think about. Not thinking about these things can not only cost an organization money, but also jeopardize the stability, performance and reliability of its SharePoint infrastructure. That’s because without realizing that these costs exist, an enterprise might overlook some critical design, maintenance and management tasks.

The Art Of SharePoint Success: Governance -- How to Do It (CMSWire)
This is the fourth article in a series discussing my Art Of SharePoint Success framework which consists of four key elements: Governance, Strategy, Architecture and Transition. Last month I began to explore the murky, misunderstood, often debated subject of SharePoint Governance by giving my view on what it is, and what it isn’t. This month I’ll be wrapping the Governance discussion by looking at how you actually do it.

Office 365 Updates Begin to Percolate Through Microsoft's Line-up (ZDNet)
There’s a fourth quarter Office 365 update on tap from Microsoft, as I’ve blogged before. A few of the related pieces and components have started falling into place over the past week or so. Exchange Online — which along with SharePoint Online and Lync Online comprise the Office 365 bundle of Microsoft cloud-hosted servers that competes with Google Apps — is getting a new Office Web Apps feature. The Exchange team blogged about the coming tweak in a new post on October 31. (Office Web Apps are the Webified versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.)

Worldwide Browser Share Numbers Show Chrome Way Up (InfoWorld)
According to Web traffic measurement firm Net Applications, October saw Microsoft losing another big chunk of desktop browser market share, with Chrome and Safari picking up the slack. Internet Explorer continues its precipitous descent, dropping almost 1.8 percent to a 52.6 percent share of the worldwide desktop browser market. Back in June, I predicted that IE's market share would hit 50 percent by the end of the year. Looks like I was giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. If things continue at this rate, IE will fall below the 50 percent line by early December.

Inside Windows 8: What You Need To Know (RedmondMag)
At its BUILD conference in September, Microsoft released the Developer Preview version of the "Windows 8" client OS. While a lot was said at BUILD, the information often came piecemeal. Here, we're pulling together the major nuggets about Windows 8 that we've mined along the way. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer early on said that Windows 8 will be Microsoft's "biggest bet," and Microsoft showed some of its cards at BUILD. The architecture of Windows 8 offers greater options for developers to create applications that may be more easily ported across hardware platforms, especially with the shift toward HTML5-coded apps. That approach may help shore up Microsoft's eroding Windows PC market, which is being hit by an increasing global preference for mobile devices with greater computing power.

Microsoft to Android, iOS users: Get Off of My Cloud (NetworkWorld)
Microsoft executives say its high time for IT professionals to embrace the consumerization of IT, where employees choose the devices to work on, and all is run on the cloud. But they are somehow delusional in thinking that consumers will always choose Windows. "Anyone [working in IT today] who thinks you can completely control devices should probably get another job," pronounced Tony Scott, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, during a live Webcast on Tuesday on the "consumerization of IT," produced by Microsoft.

How Bad is Mobile Malware? (CRN)
Sometimes, the forecasters guess correctly. That appears to be the case with the myriad statements entering 2010 and 2011 that forecasted a precipitous rise in malware targeting mobile devices. According to a McAfee report released in February, the number of new mobile malware variants totaled 55,000 last year, a rather large spike of 46 percent compared to 2009. Clearly, the threat landscape has come a long way since 2004, when the first-ever malware for the mobile phone, known as Cabir, was sent to a number of anti-virus firms for inspection. The worm, written for Symbian feature phones, was merely an innocuous proof-of-concept – it was designed to display the word “Caribe” on the phone's display and spread to other devices using Bluetooth signals – but its arrival certainly proved prescient.


Around the Blogosphere
What Makes a “Best Practice”? (Liam Cleary [SharePoint MVP])
Having worked with SharePoint for a long time, you like me may get asked "what is the best practice for…" Then the expectation is that you will conjure up the "best practice" that everyone will know and keep no matter what. So this got me thinking, what makes something a best practice?

Switching Back to SP2007-Style Web Part Gallery (Reza Alirezaei’s Blog)
As you probably know, Web Part Gallery and the way web parts are added to the page are completely changed in SharePoint 2010. The following picture, shows the new Web Part Gallery and its new positioning on the top of the page:  While this is great, there might be cases in which you want the Web Part gallery to appear in the right side of the page (like good old SP2007 time). Since SharePoint heavily depends on URLs to accomplish various tasks, URLs come handy in this particular case again! First, check out the page. Then append ?PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2  to the page URL and hit the Enter. Now, your page should look like this:

SharePoint Timer Service: Config Refresh and Internal Jobs (Beside the Point)
In describing the invocation and execution of timer jobs within SharePoint's Timer Service framework, there are a few possible approaches. We could begin by describing the SPJobDefinition class and its various descendants. Another approach would be to describe how the Timer Service instantiates and invokes the jobs. The approach we'll take is to go through many of the standard SharePoint Timer Jobs, using them as examples of types of jobs and paradigms in job creation.

Configuring SSL in SharePoint 2010 Development Environment (Waldek Mastykarz)
Once in a while, when working with SharePoint solutions you need to test them on sites using SSL just to be sure that everything is working just as intended. Although I have previously wrote about how to configure SSL for SharePoint development environments, SSL configuration in IIS7 has changed slightly. Find out how to configure SSL on SharePoint 2010 development environments.

The SharePoint Life Balance (AIIM)
SharePoint is great, the people are great, and the work can be very rewarding. The combination of those three things can lead to SharePoint overload if you aren’t careful. I have noticed that SharePoint has for the past few years been trying to take over my life. There are so many conferences, outlets, social media streams, events, webinars, etc. that it is literally impossible to keep up with everything. So how does one stay on top of the constantly changing SharePoint world. The truth is that you can’t. Simply don’t try to do everything. It is perfectly okay if you don’t know how a certain aspect of SharePoint works. One of the most important things I can recommend to people is to limit your social media time to a number that works for you. Something like 30 minutes a day.


Around Bamboo Nation
Announcing Workflow Conductor 2.1 for SharePoint 2010 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
I'm happy to announce that Workflow Conductor 2.1 for SharePoint 2010 has just been released and is now available for download. Despite being labeled a "minor" release, this one comes with a lot of new/improved features, including:


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Inside Sales Representative - Reston, VA
Presently, we are seeking an Inside Sales Representative. The position will become part of a sales team responsible for achieving targets for existing customer accounts and identifying new sales opportunities. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated professional who is personally oriented to building trusted and lasting relationships with prospective customers.

Technical Project Manager - Denver, Colorado
Provide project management support for the implementation of NewsGator product lines, including desktop products, Enterprise products, SharePoint solutions, web-based products, and NewsGator web services. This position is customer facing, in both a pre- and post- sale capacity, and requires some travel to / contact with NewsGator enterprise customers typically customer Project Management, Business Analyst, Business User, IT Support, and Executive Management. Candidate must have strong background managing enterprise software deployment projects.

Enterprise Support Engineer - Denver, Colorado
Provide 1st and 2nd level technical support for NewsGator product lines, including desktop products, Enterprise products, SharePoint solutions, web-based products, and NewsGator web services. This position is customer facing and requires frequent contact with NewsGator enterprise customers typically System Administrators and IT function level management. Candidate must be well versed in all aspects of customer support.

Software Engineer - SocialSites Developer - Denver, Colorado
Develop and debug NewsGator applications in C#, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and SQL on SharePoint. While the candidate may be responsible for overall system architecture/design for a particular feature or capability, the candidate should expect software coding to be the primary function of this position.


Microsoft Updates
Configuring SharePoint Server 2010 Search for External Content Types (Part 1 of 2) (MSDN)
Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enable users to easily include external data as results for the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 search capabilities. Learn to configure external content types for SharePoint Server search indexing and options for configuring SharePoint Server search results.


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