The SharePoint Social Landscape; Not All Clouds Are Created Equal; 2012 Tech Predictions

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Breathing Life Into SharePoint's Social Landscape (CMSWire)
According to Forrester Research, social computing is one of the primary reasons why SharePoint 2010 adoption has surpassed all goals and predictions, with over 80% adoption in the enterprise (and making solid inroads into the SMB space), much higher than previous versions of SharePoint at this stage of the lifecycle. However, expectations for social tools have also expanded since SP2010's general availability in the spring of 2010.

Google vs. Microsoft: Not All Clouds Are Created Equal (Wired)
Amit Singh defected to Google after 20 years at Oracle because he wanted to join the revolution in the cloud. In May, he took over Google’s enterprise operations, overseeing the company’s effort to replace traditional business software with new-age web services such as Google Apps and Google App Engine. Since his move, Oracle has uncloaked its own “cloud” services. But for Singh, that’s a little different. “I don’t know what there is about Oracle’s cloud that is really the cloud,” he told this week. “[Oracle CEO] Larry [Ellison] has never been a big supporter of the cloud. He’s recently made some changes, but Oracle are very much a traditional on-premise company.” An on-premise company is an outfit that sells hardware and software to businesses for use in their own data centers. Google is in no way an on-premise company.

Windows 8's Metro Interface Could Slow Down Business Users (PCWorld)
Microsoft certainly made a big splash Tuesday with its demonstrations of Windows 8 at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, and it's easy to see why. The new platform is a surprisingly radical departure from the traditional Windows paradigm. There are clearly going to be lots of improvements in Windows 8, including snappier performance, multiplatform support, and improved security features. Then, of course, there's Metro, the software's new, mobile-style interface, which will likely appeal to an increasingly mobile-minded world of consumers.

Microsoft: Where's your $199 Windows Tablet? (ZDNet)
As I write this, Amazon is in the process of preparing shipments of hundreds of thousands of 7″ Kindle Fire tablets to customers, which are awaiting delivery of their $199 devices next week. It’s also now in the process of priming their retail partners such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Staples to sell the device for the holiday season. Similarly, Barnes & Noble is also preparing their own retail store channel for the 7″ NOOKTablet, which is priced at $249 and has similar capabilities.

Quest Software Shares Ten Predictions for Technology Trends and Practices in 2012 (ITWire)
Ian Hodge, managing director – Australia and New Zealand, Quest Software, said, “The IT community is responding to explosive demand for mobility, collaboration and social networking technologies. At the same time, virtualisation and cloud computing are reshaping how and where applications and computing power are managed and delivered. The implications on communications, security, provisioning, and systems management are enormous. “How organisations are addressing these opportunities and challenges are some of the most important questions the IT community faces today.”

How Google–and Everyone Else–Gets Wi-Fi Location Data (ZDNet)
When I wrote about Google making it possible to opt-out of their Wi-Fi access point mapping program, I made a mistake. I thought Google was still using its StreetView cars to pick up Wi-Fi locations. Nope, Eitan Bencuya, a Google spokesperson, tells me that Google no longer uses StreetView cars to collect location information. So, how does Google collect Wi-Fi location data? They use you. Or, to be more exact, they use your Android phone or tablet. But, it’s not just Google. Apple and Microsoft do the same thing with their smartphones and tablets.


Around the Blogosphere
Jeremy Thake Talks (The MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast)
Born out of a merger between and the SharePoint DevWiki, and with the addition of an IT Pro channel, is one the leading online resources in the SharePoint community. It boasts an array of fantastic authors and a huge archive of valuable articles. More than this, it’s been custom built and actually runs on the SharePoint 2010 platform. In this interview, Jeremy Thake tells us how he and Mark Miller came to join forces for and all of the work that was involved in merging these communities, customizing the platform and putting the overall experience together.

You Can't Start with SharePoint (AIIM)
I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of people at the University of Connecticut about ECM and SharePoint. One of the things people tell me that they like about my presentations, and my SharePoint Stories blog, is that I include the things that didn’t go according to plan. That’s easy for me, I don’t sell SharePoint and I don’t sell my services so I don’t have to give you the impression that I always know what I’m doing. That said, if I do know one thing about building an ECM solution on SharePoint, it is that you don’t start with SharePoint, you start with AIIM. When I mentioned that to the organizer of the event at UConn, I was asked if I could “tell us a little about AIIM”, and I was happy to comply.

Dealing with that Pesky SharePoint Server in Another Time Zone (Dot Net Mafia)
Working at an International company now, I found that I was often running into issues looking at the time stamps of documents.  Our collaboration server was in EST while I was in CST.  It could be confusing at times when you were working on a document for a while and you weren’t sure if the latest version had been saved.  While I was at #SPC11, I sat in a session and picked up this quick tip.  You can actually configure SharePoint to display times in your own time zone.  If you’ve been working for a large company, maybe you already knew this, but I had never noticed it before.

Interesting Access Denied Problem on Publishing Pages (Stefan Goßner)
In a recent case I was analyzing an interesting access denied scenario related to publishing pages. In the specific scenario permissions were broken on the Pages library and all rights except for the site owners group were removed from the pages library. In addition permissions were broken on the publishing pages and individual permissions were granted to different groups of users on each of the publishing pages.


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint Saturday Denver: Online Dating, Riot Police, Yeti Sightings, and the Inexorable Migration of Legacy ECM to SharePoint (Bamboo Team Blog)
My SharePoint brothers and sisters, your faithful herald has finally broken free of the bonds of merriment and camaraderie sponsored in snowy Colorado by our friends at Planet Technologies.  First and foremost, high fives and fist bumps to Clayton Cobb who, as Dux Raymond Sy did this past summer with SharePoint Saturday: The Conference, evolved the standard one-day SharePoint Saturday format into a 3-day business/pleasure extravaganza including virtually everything but Cirque du Soleil.


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Sr. Systems Administrator - SharePoint - Charlotte, NC
This position is responsible for the day-to-day operational support of the corporate internal SharePoint systems. This position will work closely with IT management and corporate SharePoint COE team to design, develop, deploy, and administer the company's web-based SharePoint environment. This position will be responsible for the following: Responsible for administration and support of SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010 systems. Design, implement, and maintain SharePoint-based solutions. Monitor and resolve SharePoint helpdesk problem tickets and respond to end-user questions and inquiries. Develop and maintain documentation pertaining to standards, procedures and techniques for administration, change management, and problem resolution. Collaborate with Infrastructure and DBA groups on backup/recovery operations and disaster recovery testing. Advise and train IT Service Desk personnel. Configure, tune, and troubleshoot enterprise SharePoint and search.

SharePoint Developer - Seal Beach, California
In this newly-created role you will have the opportunity to make an impact in all areas of our organization as you take the lead on designing, implementing and administering our SharePoint, intranet and reporting environments. We are just beginning to build out the SharePoint environment and bringing this function in-house, although you'll be able to take advantage of contract consultants to complement your skill set.


Microsoft Updates
Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions (MSDN)
The SharePoint development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provide a simple and effective approach to packaging and deploying the files and code that are required to apply branding to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 sites using a sandboxed solution. This article describes a best practice for creating sandbox-compatible branding solutions by using custom master pages, cascading style sheets (CSS files), and images that can be deployed to SharePoint 2010 farms that are running either SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010.


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