SharePoint as a Web Delivery Platform; Key Features of IE10; Office 15 Beta in 2012?

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SharePoint 2010 As a Web Delivery Platform (CMSWire)
Each Web Content Management (WCM) platform has a sweet spot and making the right technology decision really depends on what is at the heart of your online business model. Understanding the business model for your website is fundamental in understanding whether Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is the right WCM platform for you. Should the website provide brand awareness? Should the website connect people with people, products or services? Should the website drive revenue directly through online commerce? These are just some of the questions that should be asked, but are so often overlooked, before deciding on which WCM platform suits your requirements.

Collaboration Software: The New Sharing (SmartCompany)
“The New Sharing” was voted as the number 11 Sales Trends for 2011. Just think, it was a milestone to have a shared calendar! Well, think again. We’ve come a long way. Look out for new collaboration software tools; people within companies are better sharing information, connecting, communicating and collaborating in secure online environments. Because of this, people can connect about projects, sales pitches, client accounts and daily workflow in real time across geographic locations and time zones.

Microsoft IE10: 5 Key Features (International Business Times)
Microsoft has unveiled the fourth preview of its upcoming web browser, Internet Explorer 10, which is now available for developers to download. The browser appears to be evolving into an application platform for HTML5, with nearly all of its improvements revolving around the updated markup language to help developers build Web-optimized applications. "These foundational capabilities are what developers building native applications depend on: working with binary data and files, controlling selection and hit testing in application UI, and providing accessible video content with captioning," said Rob Mauceri, program designer of the IE group at Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 15 Beta Due Early Next Year [Rumor] (Windows 8 Beta)
The major chunk of Microsoft’s revenues would come from the OS and its prime software Office. Now that Microsoft is working on developing Windows 8 and releasing its beta versions sometime next year, the company hasn’t forgotten about releasing the latest version of its Office productivity suite.

Windows 8 Tablets Will Be a Huge Hit: 10 Reasons Why (eWeek)
There’s little debating that tablets have become a huge hit and will be a major factor in the future growth of the PC market. People around the globe are flocking to stores to get their hands on everything from Apple’s iPad 2 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Amazon Kindle Fire. And along the way, they’re helping those prominent companies generate millions of dollars in new revenue and their pushing other firms to join the fray.

What Does Windows 8 Mean for Silverlight's Future? (Visual Studio Magazine)
The software industry lives within an interesting paradox. IT in the enterprise moves slowly and cautiously, upgrading only when safe and necessary.  IT interests intentionally live in the past.  On the other hand, developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) not only want to use the latest and greatest technologies, but this constituency prides itself on gauging tech's future, and basing its present-day strategy upon it.  Normally, we as an industry manage this paradox with a shrug of the shoulder and musings along the lines of "it takes all kinds."  Different subcultures have different tendencies.  So be it.


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Evolution of the Enterprise App (AIIM)
Social Informatics is the study of information and communication tools in cultural and institutional contexts. It is a broad, inter-disciplinary analysis of usage patterns that spans sociology, anthropology, psychology, technology, and business. More specifically, it is a study of the way that we do business – the tools we use, how we connect and collaborate, and how we consume and disperse information. It is important to understand social informatics because the fundamentals of how the next generation of your workforce (Millennials and beyond) relate to each other, how they work alone or together, and how they use technology has changed **dramatically** over the past decade. Understanding these changes in how people think about their enterprise applications may help you to evolve your thinking about how to deploy or transform your SharePoint platform.

How SharePoint is Helping Change the Way We Blog (SharePoint and Assessment Blog)
Social media and social networks have become interlaced with the way we share information as companies, as marketers and even as people.  While we come from a culture of sharing news through more formal networks such as the media, we have slowly gone into blogging as a way to share information anywhere and at any time sans the traditional gatekeeper or editor.  It has given people a chance to become experts in their field by sharing information online and growing a readership that, if enthused, will reTweet and Facebook your thoughts and articles.

What if you Succeed With Your SharePoint Adoption Plan? (Views from Veronique)
Have you ever asked yourself that question? A lot of time is spent trying to figure out how to get people to use SharePoint. But what happens if you actually succeed?  What will you do if you get every single person in the company to use SharePoint, to actively start creating content?  Are you ready for that?

Managing and Monitoring SharePoint Server 2010: Configuring the Usage Database (SYS-CON)
This article is the second article in our series about SharePoint. In our first article we provided a few SharePoint basic system performance counters that you can use to monitor the overall health of the server itself that is running SharePoint; a requirement before you can monitor SharePoint effectively and detect and identify possible bottlenecks. In this article we’ll discuss SharePoint monitoring more in depth and provide some best practices.


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SharePoint 2010 Cookbook: How to Create a Custom Page Layout for Publishing Sites Using Visual Studio 2010 (SharePoint 2010)
As stated in an MSDN article, "Publishing in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is fundamentally a means of authoring and displaying information by using a set of templates." An Office article adds: "Each publishing page is associated with a page layout. The page layout controls the look and feel of the publishing pages that are created from it. It also defines the fields where contributors can enter various types of article content, such as article titles, graphics, quotations, and unstructured text." Creating a custom page layout using SharePoint Designer is very straightforward, presenting users with a "what you see is what you get" UI, but using Visual Studio offers its own distinct advantages to creating custom page layouts.


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SharePoint End User, Designer and Admin Trainer - Syracuse, NY
Webucator delivers onsite and instructor-led online technical and business training throughout the US. We currently have 25 employees, over 70 active contract trainers, and are one of the fastest 5,000 growing companies in America, according to the Inc.5000. All Webucator employees work from their home offices, so while we are headquartered in Jamesville, NY, there is no need to relocate. Check out our website to learn more about our company.

Senior SharePoint Architect - Irvine, CA
Perficient's MSFT West NBU is currently looking for a hands-on SharePoint Architect with great customer facing skills located in Irvine, CA. Our ideal candidate will be a SharePoint expert with the ability to self-motivate and to motivate those around them. They will have a proven record with MOSS architecture, design and implementation, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and a passion for communicating the benefits of great products and services to partners and clients.


Microsoft Updates
Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions (MSDN)
The SharePoint development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provide a simple and effective approach to packaging and deploying the files and code that are required to apply branding to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 sites using a sandboxed solution. This article describes a best practice for creating sandbox-compatible branding solutions by using custom master pages, cascading style sheets (CSS files), and images that can be deployed to SharePoint 2010 farms that are running either SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010.


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