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5 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your SharePoint Implementation (WindowsITPro)
You’ve got a burning sense for the fact that your SharePoint project hasn’t gotten the adoption you want. Perhaps it’s your ears burning as others talk about the failure of the project to meet the adoption goals, or perhaps it’s just a fire in your belly that tells you there’s more to be had. Here are five tips to help you measure your success.

Microsoft, HP Team to Sell Public and Private Cloud Services (ZDNet)
Microsoft and HP’s Enterprise Services division announced a four-year agreement to sell public and private-cloud solutions built around Microsoft Office 365 and its on-premises server counterparts. The pair plan to jointly deploy, support and enhance three groups of services, according to a December 8 announcement. Initial availability begins this month in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S., with wider global availability to follow.

IDC Prediction: Windows 8 Launch "Largely Irrelevant" But Why Not? (Analysis + Video) (International Business Times)
In an IDC report on 'Top 10 system software prediction for 2012', the potential success of Windows 8 was given a poor evaluation by the global market research company. IDC pointed out that Windows 8 launch will be "largely irrelevant" for PC users and it might not capture the potential market, citing two reasons. One is that Windows 8 is not familiar to existing Windows users. Secondly, Windows 8 has entered into the tablet PC market so late. Let us check out their analysis in detail.

Windows 8 Store: 8 Ways It Beats Apple (InformationWeek)
Microsoft on Tuesday said a public beta of Windows 8 will be released in February 2012 and provided details about its forthcoming Windows 8 Store, the mechanism within Windows 8 by which the company will sell and distribute Windows 8 Metro apps. Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft's operating system for personal computers, laptops, and tablets. It brings with it major changes, such as an integrated software store--similar in concept to Apple's Mac App Store--and support for ARM chips. Metro is the name of the new touch-centric user interface in Windows 8.

Microsoft to Monetize Enterprise-Level Skype Features (CMSWire)
When you spend US$ 8.5 billion on a company, you'll want to start earning some of that back someday, Microsoft thinks it has that figured out. Don't Panic the Users: For the millions of Skype users in consumerland, there is little likelihood of Microsoft ever doing much more than a pricing tweak as currency rates across the world go round like pinball scores. However, in the enterprise — where companies pay big bucks for all kinds of services — Microsoft is probably best-placed to earn back some of that payout.

Microsoft's Gates Returning as CEO Would Prove a Bad Move (eWeek)
Is Bill Gates about to pull a Steve Jobs? That seems to be the inference of a new Fortune magazine piece, quoting “one prominent chief executive” who’d “heard from someone close to Gates” that the Microsoft co-founder is “considering” a return to the helm of his own company. Certainly, that event would boost Microsoft’s stock price, however temporarily, and spark a heavy round of media comparisons between Gates and Jobs, who returned to Apple in the late 1990s and revived its then-flagging fortunes.


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Evaluating Cloud Providers: Tools and Questions (ITPro)
On a fairly frequently basis I am asked about my opinion about one hosting provider, or one cloud provider versus another. Of course my response as a consultant is “It Depends”. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what your business priorities are, what your specific needs are, and so much more. Here is an example of a slide deck I have done before that relates to better understanding SharePoint in the Cloud (which often prompts these questions).

Using Search to Find Recently Modified Files in SharePoint 2010 (Dot Net Mafia)
Last week, I posted about how we can extend CoreResultsWebPart to show documents created by the current user.  Using this same technique, we can also use search to find recently modified documents.  If you are a long time follower of my blog, you might remember that I posted how to do with using the Wildcard Search Web Part in SharePoint 2007.  In an effort to keep posts updated, I thought I would post a follow up on how we can do the same thing in SharePoint 2010.  Since the CoreResultWebPart has changed quite a bit, the solution is quite a bit cleaner and still only requires two lines of code.  Again, we are going to create a web part that inherits from CoreResultsWebPart as described in my Wildcard Search Web Part for SharePoint 2010 post.

Christmas Time – Snow in Home Page (All About MOSS)
Its Christmas time and time for some fun with our SharePoint site. Here is a quick trick to show snow fall in your SharePoint page (May be your Intranet Home Page). It will take you just few minutes to setup.

Where is Cloud Computing Going (AIIM)
The news about cloud computing is astonishing – new companies are appearing almost daily, new services are being developed and offered, existing companies are quickly filling holes in their products, and new connections among cloud companies are being made. But the most exciting news may be that users can actually self-provision all the services needed to run and operate a company with cloud-based applications - without an IT department and without a basic computer room.


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Save 10% on All Bamboo Suites Through December 31 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Hello to everyone out there in Bamboo Nation. It's been a while since my last blog post, but with the latest news I couldn't resist. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday getting all of the press of late, Bamboo thought it would take it up a notch and offer Discount December! 'Tis the Season, after all! OK, I admit Bamboo isn't officially calling it that, I just thought it sounded good. However, the truth is that Bamboo is doing something I haven't ever seen in the two years I've worked here: offering 10% off every Suite in our catalog.  The Suites are already heavily discounted when compared to purchasing all of the individual components a la carte, and we're offering an additional 10% off your Suite purchases in December.

This Week in Bamboo (November 27th, 2011 - December 3rd, 2011) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
This week in Bamboo, we continued to update our products to use our latest Web License Manager Version and released the patches for the following Web Parts: File Share Library, Column Level Security, Validator Column, User Directory Web Part, User Profile Sync, Custom Identifier Column, Rating Column, List Search Advanced Web Part, Site Creation Plus Web Part, Bamboo KPI Column, Group Email Web Part, List Print and SharePoint Navigators.  At the same time, Workflow Conductor R2.1 for SharePoint 2007 was also released to the storefront with many new and improved features.  Check out our store for the latest version of Workflow Conductor and try it for 30-day free trial download.  Please see below for more details about this week’s releases.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Business Analyst / Administrator - Vienna, VA
Next Tier Concepts, Inc., is actively looking for a SharePoint Business Analyst / Administrator to assist in the set up and maintenance of several existing portals on three different networks. The ideal candidate will assist in supporting and designing team sites built on SharePoint (MOSS) 2007, will deploy custom developed and third-party SharePoint solution packages and will consult customers on how to move their current business practices to a portal environment.

Senior .NET Engineer - Overland Park, KS
Digital Evolution Group is seeking a Senior .NET Engineer to develop comprehensive enterprise level Internet, Intranet, custom applications and SharePoint based solutions for a diverse group of nationally known companies. Applicants must have at least 5 years demonstrated experience building database-driven web-based applications. In addition to some level of relevant technology domain expertise, this individual must have proven project management skills and be able to contribute meaningfully to client deliverables and proposals. This is an exciting opportunity as we are in the process of experimenting with and adopting newer technologies, coding best practices and Agile methodologies. Greenfield development is commonplace and innovation is encouraged. Our highly entrepreneurial, collaborative, and dynamic environment is the perfect place for smart, motivated people to make an impact. With competitive benefits and a dedication to work-life balance, we are also a great place to come to work.


Microsoft Updates
Access Multiple SharePoint 2010 Lists by Using LINQ (MSDN)
In this exercise, you develop and deploy a visual Web Part that reads data from three lists by using LINQ queries and displays the results in a grid view control. The Web Part also contains a drop-down control that enables you to select which query is executed. To complete this task, you must do the following: Create a Visual Web Part Project; Generate LINQ to SharePoint Proxy Code; Add Code to Create the SharePoint Controls; Add the LINQ Queries to the Project; Test the Solution.


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