Using SharePoint to Build Your Website; IE6: You're Doing It Wrong; Important Microsoft Product Lines

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3 Things to Know Before Using SharePoint to Build Your Website (CMSWire)
Starting any Microsoft SharePoint project can be a daunting task, especially when it’s the corporate website — it is generally a very high profile project. If you are thinking about using SharePoint for Web Content Management (Web CMS) or Customer Experience Management (CXM), here are my three top points to consider to ensure your project is a success:

If You're Part of the IE6 One Percent, You're Doing It Wrong (PCWorld)
Microsoft is celebrating the demise of Internet Explorer 6. It still has a small hold globally, but in the United States the archaic browser version has dropped below one percent -- which is essentially the same thing as extinct. As impressive as that is on some levels, it also means that one percent of the businesses or consumers out there are still stubbornly using IE6. Shame on you.

Microsoft Azure In 2012: Watch Out Amazon? (InformationWeek)
Microsoft plans to bolster Windows Azure in the coming months as it looks to fill gaps in the cloud OS. Redmond's goal: to make Azure a more compelling environment for mission-critical enterprise applications and services while reducing migration hassles. Observers suggest the changes will go so far as to move Azure from platform as a service (PaaS) into a more comprehensive infrastructure as a service (IaaS) play, a market where Amazon dominates with Amazon Web Services. PaaS typically offers users and developers a plug-and-play environment for apps, but key choices, like underlying OS and database, are limited. IaaS provides raw computing power, and users get more choices, but also more responsibilities.

How the Platform War Has Shifted to the Cloud (SYS-CON MEDIA)
Platform wars are not new to us. I have personally survived a few in the last two decades and I think I am all set to witness the biggest platform battle in the next couple of years. But this time the battleground is different. It has moved from the desktops to the servers to the web and now to the Clouds.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8 in 2012 (ComputerWorld)
2012 is finally here. Although Microsoft has not shared any details regarding an official launch date for Windows 8, all signs point to sometime this year. Windows 8 is still Windows at its core, but it is also a major departure from previous versions of the flagship operating system. So, what can we expect with Windows 8 on the horizon? Is there any reason to get excited about what Windows 8 has to offer? Here is a look at five features and capabilities of Windows 8 that may change the way you do computing in 2012.

What Does Windows 8 Have to Offer the Enterprise? (Computing)
The next version of Microsoft's operating system (OS), Windows 8, is widely expected to be on sale later this year, and although Microsoft has yet to reveal the release date, it has stated that the latest beta version will appear next month. An early beta version released last year to help developers build apps for the environment, revealed an user interface (UI) that appears to owe much to Apple's iOS, designed for mobile touch-screen devices.

Microsoft’s Nokia Smartphone Division Acquisition Tipped Imminent (SlashGear)
Rumors of Microsoft buying Nokia‘s smartphone division have resurfaced, with claims that the key execs at the firms will meet in Las Vegas imminently to finalize the sale. Steve Ballmer and Andy Lees from Microsoft and Stephen Elop and Kai Oistamo from Nokia plan to transfer the smartphone section over, where it would be run under a new Microsoft-led name not as Nokia, arch insider Eldar Murtazin has claimed today, leaving the Finnish firm pushing a portfolio of dumbphones and would-be smartphone alternatives.

13 Most Important Microsoft Product Lines (RedmondMag)
Microsoft is an unusual company for the sheer number of product lines that bring in more than a billion dollars. While the company doesn't break out revenues for all of its product lines, Communications Director Frank Shaw famously revealed Microsoft's billion-dollar businesses to the TechFlash news blog last year. Under those businesses, of course, are Microsoft's most important product lines.


Around the Blogosphere
Conditionally Enable or Disable a Button/Command in Your SharePoint 2010 Custom Ribbon Group (Tobias Zimmergren)
In most of my recent projects I’ve been required to hook up some custom functionality and add custom forms, pages and Web Parts. Some of the forms and pages I designed needed to be launched from the Ribbon menu, which of course is contextual. This basically means that when you visit a specific list which inherits from a specific content type, we can choose to display our custom Ribbon controls. One of the most common requirements I bumped into was having some kind of conditional check whether to enable or disable the button based on a set of conditions.

Solved: SharePoint Returning a Blank Page (T3chnicalLead)
After installing SharePoint Server 2010 on my fresh copy of Windows 7 I was seeing a completely blank page when hitting the site. Central admin was showing an empty page too. The blank page showed up almost immediately after navigating to the URL, so it appeared to not even be trying to load. After much digging and prodding I stumbled across the answer: I had forgotten to tick the Windows Authentication box when installing the IIS7 features.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love SharePoint (EndUserSharePoint)
Since we just started the new year, it seems like everyone is publishing top ten lists, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon. This isn't really a summary of my top ten "whatever" that occurred over the past year, but rather just a general list of the things I love about SharePoint. A while back I was talking SharePoint with my boss and he asked me a very simple, yet perplexing question. He said, "Why do you love SharePoint?" Sounds simple enough to answer, right? Immediately I had a plethora of thoughts floating around in my mind, but I couldn't seem to get a solid grasp on any of them with so much going on in my brain.

How Much Storage Space is My Site Collection Using? (Geoff Varosky's Blog)
A common question administrators have in their SharePoint environment is “How much storage space is my site collection using?” Well, fear not, trusty SharePoint administrators! There are a few ways to skin this cat – and we’re going to take a look at them.

How to: Query People Search in SharePoint Online (and Other SharePoint Platforms Too!) (Corey Roth [MVP])
At my Search talk at SPC11, I demoed how to build a Silverlight application that could query search in SharePoint Online.  I also built a separate application that could query people search, but I haven’t posted on it yet until today.  To query people search, we have to know a few things about how SharePoint operates.  It all starts with understanding the scopes involved.  If you take a look at your Search Scopes link in your site collection settings, you’ll see a similar list to the one below.


Around Bamboo Nation
This Week in Bamboo (December 18th, 2011 - December 31st, 2011) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
For this week in Bamboo, we released SharePoint Project Management Central Release 3.0 for SharePoint 2007 to the storefront with many new improved features along with many resolved bugs. Please see the release announcement blog post by our Product Managers for more details.  Patches for the following products were also released at the same time:  SharePoint Task Master, Poll Web Part, List Search Simple, Password Reset Web Part and World Clock and Weather Web Part.  Please see more details on all of the changes can be found below, along with new features, bug fixes and known issues related to additional products.


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SharePoint Administration & Development - Woburn, MA
Great 3+ month contract opportunity on the North Shore. Targeting a mix between SharePoint Administration and Development. A background with developing WEB applications using SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio, VB.NET, and C# would allow a candidate to shine in this opportunity! Candidates with a wide spread background would also be a potential superstar for the client.

Sr. Engineer, SharePoint - Herndon, VA
As a senior member of the technical team, participate in all required phases of full lifecycle product development and provide subject matter expert level development, support and maintenance for the tools and services managed by the team. Working with the Principal Engineers, members of the team, engineering and business resources, help define optimal short and long term system architecture for our customer's needs, including researching new technologies and supporting proof of concepts projects. Attend team meetings and provide input to validate system design and development; represent group in cross-functional and cross-departmental meetings.


Microsoft Updates
Create Visual Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 (MSDN)
Getting Started with Web Parts in SharePoint 2010:  Building Web Parts is one of the most common tasks that are performed by SharePoint developers. Learn to create and deploy Visual Web Parts that display hierarchical views of list items and SubWebs.


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