Selling SharePoint 2010 to Your Enterprise; TechNet Content on Amazon; Windows 8 in October?

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Selling SharePoint 2010 to Your Enterprise (CMSWire)
Communicating how your organization may implement SharePoint 2010 best is a very delicate message. Clearly communicating the value for every department, while acknowledging their different needs, is an important step in the implementation process. Introduce the language below to market gingerly towards the user community and the project implementation team. Intersperse these phrases in tandem with less records jargon-specific terms.

SharePoint Myths – Busted! (Pressbox)
For many organisations and projects, SharePoint is the right solution. There are, however, a lot of myths being thrown around stating “You can’t do X in SharePoint” and “SharePoint is no good for Y”. So we thought we would take a moment to do some myth busting! Here are the top 5 criticisms we hear directed at SharePoint & our myth-busters…

Does Microsoft Remain a "Cloud Player" in 2012? (ReadWriteCloud)
almost impossible to believe now, but when Microsoft premiered its Windows Azure service back in October 2008, there was genuine speculation over whether the company would try to muscle its way into the cloud the way it did with Internet Explorer during the war with Netscape. What was the hook? What Windows service or feature would be so irresistible that would require Azure, that no other competitor would be able to gain a footing?

Why Windows Phones Are the Most Exciting Handsets at CES (Wired)
There’s a curious thing happening in the smartphone space at this year’s CES. Two Windows Phone devices — the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 — are the most hyped, talked-about phones at the show. Yeah, that’s right: Windows Phones. This could be a good sign for Microsoft, whose critically acclaimed OS has had a hell of a time trying to make an impression with smartphone users.

Windows 8 Launch Set for October 2012? (Neowin)
Windows 8 was one of the biggest topics of discussion at CES 2012. The next version of Microsoft's operating system was the subject of a number of announcements at the trade show. We've already posted up some impressions of a pre-beta build for Windows 8 on a tablet device. The biggest question currently surrounding Windows 8 is when will Microsoft launch the final commercial version of the OS. Microsoft has already said it will release a beta version to the public sometime before the end of February. At CES 2012 this week, got what appears to be a huge hint about what Microsoft is at least thinking about when it comes to a final Windows 8 release date.

Search Flip Flop: Microsoft’s Bing Edges Past Yahoo Into 2nd Place Behind Google in US Market (Washington Post)
Microsoft Corp. has finally reached a long-sought and expensive goal — its Bing search engine now ranks second behind Google in the Internet’s most lucrative market. Bing and Microsoft’s other websites fielded 2.75 billion search requests in the U.S. during December, catapulting in front of Yahoo Inc. for the first time in the jockeying for runner up to Google Inc., according to statistics released Wednesday by comScore Inc.

Industry Predictions for 2012 (AIM)
Each year I have done industry projections either by myself or with AIIM’s former Emerging Technologies (EmTAG) group.  For the most part the projections involve looking at trends and trying to figure out evolution.  But this year, the dynamics are more volatile than ever before when it comes to ECM and related technologies.  If none of these predictions comes true, you can still take it to the bank that 2012 is going to be one of the most transformative years in the history of our industry.


Around the Blogosphere
TechNet Content for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Now Available on Amazon! (C5 Insight)
There was no big fanfare on this and could have been easily missed, and I thought it was worth repeating.  Microsoft and the content publishing team have compiled their downloadable content and made available on Amazon in a nicely bound book!  It’s great for all those out there that would stay up late at night feeling guilty for killing so many trees printing it yourself.  You can find the download links here on TechNet.  I will include the information here as I’m just nice like that.  I also didn’t say they were the cheapest around, but price varies by book ($66 is a little steep in my opinion).

O365/SPO + Azure + AuthN - Overview of Challenges with O365, SPO & MSO (Andrew Connell)
Creating applications in SharePoint 2010, specifically the hosted environment Office365/SharePoint Online, when you want to communicate with applications and services in Windows Azure you are limited to client-side communications or using Business Connectivity Services (BCS). This is because all server-side code must run in the sandbox and that blocks all external web service calls. What's the Problem? However when you create an application in Windows Azure, or anything that wants to talk to SharePoint Online, regardless of the tools you use to connect to SharePoint Online (REST or OData / CSOM / Web Services / WebClient) you'll quickly find you are having authentication issues. The reason for this is because SharePoint Online is configured for claims authentication and use Microsoft Online (MSO) for authentication. That's why when you go to your SharePoint Online site, you are sent to what looks similar to a LiveID login page but it is branded for Office 365:

Want to Get Certified in Office 365? (Microsoft Lystavlen - The Office 365 Display Board)
Certifications are a great way to verify and document your skills. To help you certify your Office 365 skills we're releasing two exams soon (expected in April 2012). Exam 70-323: Administering Office 365 intended for IT professionals who administer Microsoft Office 365 in an environment that may include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, and/or Microsoft SharePoint. Exam 70-321: Deploying Office 365 intended for consultants and IT professionals who plan and implement Office 365. This includes migrations to Office 365 (simple and hybrid deployments)

How to: Use Visual Studio 11 to Publish Solutions to SharePoint Online (Corey Roth [MVP])
So I’ve been living under a rock again and I had never gotten around to checking what’s new in Visual Studio 11.  The Developer Preview has been around a while and I wanted to check it out today and was surprised to see some new SharePoint development features that I am really excited about.  If you have been following me, you know I have been doing some work with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, so when I read about the new Publish feature in Visual Studio 11, I had to check it out.  Let’s start by creating a new project with a simple web part.  We’ll look and what’s new and see how exactly we can publish to SharePoint Online.

RBS (Remote Blob Storage) - Part 1 (ITPro)
Remote Blob Storage (RBS) is a Microsoft technology for managing large BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) in SQL Server and is fully supported within SharePoint 2010. This technology basically allows you to take the large binary files that are expensive to maintain within a database, and offload them to a separate drive.


Around Bamboo Nation
Sharing the Point South America Tour to Begin 1/21 in Buenos Aires, with Stops in Montevideo, Santiago, and Antarctica (The Bamboo Team Blog)
The Sharing the Point (STP) South America team is excited to announce that details regarding venues and event times for each of the three STP South America tour stops have been finalized:

This Week in Bamboo (January 1st, 2012 - January 7th, 2012) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
This week in Bamboo, we celebrated the first week of the New Year by rolling out two major releases, Password Change Web Part Release 4.0 and User Account Setup Web Part Release 4.0, along with the following patches: Virtual Map View Web Part, Data-Viewer Web Part, Chart Plus Web Part, List Bulk Import, Cross List Web Part, List Rollup Web Part, and Alerts Administrator.  Please check out our storefront for the latest releases, and see below for more information about new and improved features, bug fixes, known issues, and limitations.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Consultant - Atlanta, Georgia
SharePoint consultant needed to oversee and participate in the design, installation, customization and integration efforts for at least three enterprise SharePoint-based solutions supporting internal and external business processes. The consultant will work in conjunction with an experienced system administrator to establish a production environment and a separate development environment integrated into our Windows AD structure. The solutions may involve Collaboration, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process and Forms, and Business Intelligence (BI). The consultant will also contribute expertise and provide mentorship and training to IT staff and end users.

SharePoint Architect - Columbia, SC
Responsible for the overall design of the enterprise wide data/information architecture, which maps to the enterprise architecture and balances the need for access against security and performance requirements. Knowledgeable in most aspects of designing and constructing data architectures, operational data stores, and data marts. Focuses on enterprisewide data modeling and database design. Defines data/information architecture standards, policies and procedures for the organization, structure, attributes and nomenclature of data elements, and applies accepted data content standards to technology projects. Facilitates consistent business analysis, data acquisition and access analysis and design, Database Management Systems optimization, archiving and recovery strategy, load strategy design and implementation, security and change management at the enterprise level.


Microsoft Updates
Integrating Mobile Client Applications with SharePoint 2010 Workflows (MSDN)
Learn to integrate mobile devices with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Learn to create a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application that calls a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service to submit data into a SharePoint site and update the status of a custom SharePoint workflow.


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