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SharePoint Implementation Checklist: Aligning People, Technology & Process (CMSWire)
SharePoint adoption in the enterprise is growing at a rapid pace, but many organizations are still struggling to achieve the proper mix of “people,” “technology” and “process.” In the midst of just trying to figure out the technology side of SharePoint, many organizations overlook the people and process side of an implementation. Pushed even further to the backburner are the “business value” considerations of SharePoint. What is the purpose of implementing SharePoint in the first place? How will SharePoint improve operations and drive overall business results?

Sensitive Information Protection and SharePoint (White Paper) (SDTimes)
To enable SharePoint for use by your company's executive staff, boards of directors, and human resources departments, you and your fellow SharePoint administrators must go beyond common SharePoint security mechanisms such as role-based access control and security for the network session. As you'll learn about in this short white paper, your company needs to make sure that privileged IT administrators cannot mistakenly or maliciously access sensitive content. However, new security controls must not hamper the end users' productivity.

Too Big to Fail? Microsoft, ARM, and Windows 8. (ZDNet)
In 1912, three of the ten biggest companies in the world were J&P Coats, Pullman, and U.S. Steel. They were giants in their day. Today, they’re either business history footnotes or shadows of their former selves. Why in the world should we think Microsoft will be any different? I wrote recently about Microsoft trying to block any other operating system from running on Windows 8 ARM-powered devices . While Ed Bott think that seeing this as an attack on Linux and other operating systems is FUD, I don’t think that’s the point.

2012 Is The Year Of Social Business (BCW)
There have been numerous reports predicting 2012 will be the year of social business, and the increasing popularity of ‘digital transformation’ services touted by management consulting firms would appear to support this theory. However, I expect companies will struggle to “revolutionise” the way they do business. In a word of caution, consultants and vendors alike will champion ‘digital transformation’ initiatives ala Y2K. But take their advice with a pinch of salt as most of these changes operate on a rip-and-replace model, asking companies to take a major leap of faith by dumping their existing communication and collaboration tools in favour of the latest, greatest social business paradigm.

Windows 8's Locked Bootloaders: Much Ado About Nothing, or the End of the World as We Know It? (Ars Technica)
Microsoft has published the hardware requirements that manufacturers must follow if they want to slap a "Designed for Windows 8" sticker onto their systems. In among many innocuous requirements—multitouch systems must support at least five points of touch, there must be at least 10 GB of free space available to the user, and more—are a set of requirements for Windows 8 systems' firmware. These requirements have reignited Linux users' fears that they will be locked out of Windows 8 hardware. The concerns revolve around the use of a new feature called UEFI Secure Boot. All Windows 8 systems that meet Microsoft's certification requirements must use UEFI firmware with Secure Boot enabled.

Is Skype the Windows Phone Wildcard? (SlashGear)
That Windows Phone lacks a Skype app is, like Apple’s fixation on the word “Magical” and the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber, one of life’s great conundra. Microsoft is desperately seeking “must have” apps to showcase its smartphone platform, and yet it already owns a VoIP company putting out what could legitimately be described as just that on iOS and Android. Delivering Skype for Windows Phone would certainly answer one great criticism of the OS, and cross a further reason off the wait-and-see list for many buyers. Still, it’s the promised deeper integration of Skype into future iterations of Windows Phone, however, that could signal the turning point for the “third platform.”

Collaboration: What's Next? (Business Standard)
Globally, the ‘workplace’ is evolving. Productivity at work today has less to do with the individual’s physical proximity to his/her workplace and more to do with access to the network and to collaborative tools. According to a recent report commissioned by Cisco, 60% of the employees surveyed felt that it was unnecessary to be in the office to be productive. Major technological and demographic transitions are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, work and collaborate. Taken individually, each one of these trends by itself is very powerful. Taken together, what we see is a tremendous transformational force.

IBM Offers IBM Docs, Social Email, Social Content Management (CMSWire)
So we've told you about the latest version of IBM Connections, unveiled at Lotusphere 2012 this morning. But that's not all IBM announced. We also saw a new socially enabled enterprise content management solution and a brand new cloud-based productivity suite.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint in Education – The Social Intranet (Introduction: Part 1) (SharePoint 365)
When I first started writing on Edugeek, many will remember me as one of the SharePoint gang. My more recent writings may have convinced some of you that I was less interested in it now…but that couldn’t be further from the truth. SharePoint 2010 is a brilliant product – and one which could be put to great use in Schools and Colleges.

O365/SPO + Azure + AuthN - Workarounds and Fixes for Claims-Based Auth Sites (Andrew Connell)
Now let's see how we can address the authentication fixes for each of the different ways you can access SharePoint remotely. In this post I'll cover each of the specific tools (REST or OData / CSOM / Web Services / WebClient) and how to address each of the tricks. Each one has it's pros & cons, hence why I had to use all four tools in my demo in my breakout session Out of the Sandbox and into the cloud: Build your next SharePoint app on Azure at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 (see that link for where you can download the sample).

3 Things to Know Before Using SharePoint to Build Your Website (EndUserSharePoint)
Starting any Microsoft SharePoint project can be a daunting task, especially when it’s the corporate website – it is generally a very high profile project. If you are thinking about using SharePoint for Web Content Management (WCM) or Customer Experience Management (CXM) here are my three top points to consider to ensure your project is a success:

A look at Visual Web Parts in Visual Studio 11 (Corey Roth [MVP])
I recently published my first post about SharePoint development with Visual Studio 11 and I mentioned that there were some changes in how the Visual Web Part worked.  If you are familiar with the Visual Web Part in Visual Studio 2010, you know it really is just a glorified user control and it doesn’t work in the sandbox.  Luckily, the community stepped up and provided some alternatives that do work.  Visual Studio 11 now provides a Visual Web Part that works in the sandbox out of the box.  Since I am always curious about how things work, I decided to take a deeper look to see just how this web part is implemented now.


Around Bamboo Nation
A SharePoint Newbie’s Take on Password Change Web Part (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Hello, Bamboo Nation! My name is Jeff Kim and I'm one of the new(er) technical writers here at Bamboo Solutions.  Having recently started at Bamboo, I can definitely say that I recognize SharePoint is a huge product with great scope for businesses all over, and that learning the ins and outs of such a product is a daunting task indeed.  The good news is that I have the luxury of a great set of managers and co-workers who are helping me to understand more and more every day, and the more I learn, the more I realize how powerful SharePoint can be ... especially when combined with the products we create here at Bamboo.  In light of this ongoing realization, I have decided that the best way I can serve our community is to provide what I hope to be a fresh take on each of our products from a perspective that you may not be used to hearing: a technical writer's.  As I help to produce new documentation for our many products, I will attempt to chronicle my thoughts and opinions on them, perhaps even revealing a juicy little tip or tidbit that will help you utilize the product in a way that's just a little bit more efficient or fun.  As I learn about our products, I hope you will, too.  Many of you are probably already familiar with our products, but if you're new to SharePoint or Bamboo Solutions, think of this as a first look at some of the great tools we offer.  Feel free to leave comments regarding our Online Documentation or about our products in general!


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Sr. SharePoint Architect - Seattle, WA
As a Sr. SharePoint Solutions Architect, you will provide technical and consultative leadership for technical solutions opportunities on a range of complex IT consulting engagements. These projects may include analyzing requirements, implementation, customization, integration and documentation for the customer. You will work closely with internal teams and customers to ensure a smooth implementation and transition from start-up to integration/production mode.   You will ensure the successful execution of all consulting engagements including evaluating customers' strategic business issues, identify requirements, create business case justifications, and propose appropriate enterprise solutions. Other duties and responsibilities include:

SharePoint Architect - Arlington, TX
The SharePoint Architect is responsible for the development of technical specifications through analysis of functional and business requirements, coordinating the high and low level design effort on projects impacting our SharePoint environment, providing guidance and mentoring on technical issues, helping to define and document development standards and providing architectural oversight on projects to ensure that systems conform to AmeriCredit's architectural standards. This employee has contact with other Company departments.


Microsoft Updates
Managing Enterprise Metadata in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM) (MSDN)
Learn the core concepts of SharePoint Server 2010 managed metadata and how to use it. Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define, and then use as attributes for items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This topic introduces the core concepts about managed metadata, and then describes ways to use managed metadata. The final section presents several benefits of incorporating managed metadata into your SharePoint Server 2010 solution. This topic includes:


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