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SharePoint Implementation the Right Way (CMSWire)
In my last post, I outlined the decision point that the SharePoint user community faces right now. I caught some flak after the post that I want to address here head-on: some folks pointed out that whatever SharePoint can or can’t do in theory, in practice SharePoint implementations frequently fail to provide improved document management…and organizations find themselves with as big (or bigger) of a mess as they had with shared drives, Lotus Notes or whatever else was in place before SharePoint came along.

Five Important ways Windows 8 will Embrace Mobile Broadband (ARN)
Because Windows 8 will run on laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets as well as desktop PCs, access to mobile networks is important. On the Engineering Windows 8 blog on Friday, Windows president Steven Sinofsky detailed five improvements to Windows 8 that will simplify connecting to mobile networks and managing network connections. Here's a recap of the changes to watch.

Nokia: “Over One Million” Windows Phones Sold So Far (Gizmodo)
Nokia has just issued its financial data for Q4 of 2011, giving us our first look at how its effort with Microsoft is effecting the bottom line. Despite some recent mud-flinging regarding Windows Phone sales, it looks like it’s started pretty well — with Nokia claiming it’s already sold over a million Lumia-branded phones.

Why Steve Ballmer Won't Make Microsoft Great (The Motley Fool)
The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker and Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Phillips discuss topics across the investing world. A recent issue of Bloomberg's Businessweek praised Steve Ballmer while proclaiming "No More Mr. Monkey Boy." Eric and Jeremy take a look at whether Ballmer has really become the leader that the magazine makes him out to be.

How SOPA Threatens ECM - and the Internet (AIIM)
It’s been a week since Wikipedia shut down to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Originally expected to sail through rapid approval in Congress,  the subsequent lobbying efforts on the part of Google and internet users everywhere appears to have gotten the attention of the Obama administration who said they don’t approve the bill as currently written.  SOPA pits the major Hollywood movie and records studios against internet-based companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.  What you might not realize is that individual corporate users can get caught in the middle and it can affect your content management plans.

States Allow Voting Via Cloud For Citizens Overseas (Information Week Government)
Several states are using an online balloting website based on Microsoft's cloud-computing platform to allow U.S. voters living overseas to cast their votes via the Web in 2012 primary elections. LiveBallot, based on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud infrastructure, has already allowed more than 1,200 voters from Florida living in 40 countries around the world to access their ballots for a Jan. 31 election, according to Microsoft.

In 2012, Workers To Demand More Social Media, Mobility, Report Says (Integration Developer News)
Demand for social and mobile collaboration within the enterprise is growing, according to a recent study by ABI Research. A new wave of cloud-based, enterprise-caliber social tools and platforms are emerging as alternatives to email and other “legacy” collaboration platforms in the eyes of workers, the study found. Worldwide, the enterprise social collaboration sector will reach $3.5 billion by 2016, up from just under $1 billion in 2012, predicts the ABI Research study Enterprise Social Media and Content Management Systems.


Around the Blogosphere
Build a Simple Language Translator using InfoPath and No Code – Part 1 of 2 (Point Beyond)
One of the most useful features of InfoPath, is the ability to easily set up and use data connections from so many sources. Using data connections to web services, InfoPath can be used to create a form that passes data onto a third party website where the data is acted upon in some way and a response passed back to the end user.

SharePoint Ribbon ToggleButton: Creating Multiview Pages (SharePointDevWiki)
The SharePoint Ribbon is a very powerful thing. Today I will explain another very interesting use for it and will show how to create multiview application pages and use the ribbon to switch between views. To understand, what I’m talking about, just remember a standard SharePoint calendar list. It has “Scope” group on its contextual ribbon, and you can switch scopes by toggling the corresponding buttons:

How to: Use the Silverlight Web Part with Visual Studio 11 (Corey Roth [MVP])
Visual Studio 11 adds a new feature that makes working with Silverlight in SharePoint 2010 a bit easier.  The new Silverlight Web Part feature automates deploying your Silverlight applications to SharePoint and can really save you a bit of time.  We took a look at how the Visual Web Part works in VS11 a while back.  Now, let’s see what happens when we use Silverlight. To work with Silverlight, you can either create a new project or simply add a new item to an existing project.  I’ll start by creating a new project by choosing the item SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Web Part.  Remember the number of project types has been reduced in VS11.


Around Bamboo Nation
Paul Swider’s ‘Developing and Extending Enterprise Content Management Features’ at STP Santiago (The Bamboo Team Blog)
With Ricardo translating for the Spanish-speaking audience, Paul Swider delivered his STP Santiago session looking at ECM from a developer's perspective. Explaining the objectives for the session at the outset, Paul said that attendees would gain an understanding of forms of ECM programming, as well as best practices regarding extending ECM features. Paul also said that he would be focusing on the document management namespace and the taxonomy namespace during his session.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Solutions Architect - Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada
We have a challenging and rewarding career opportunity for a Microsoft SharePoint Solution Architect to assist with developing the SharePoint practice and leading the delivery of Microsoft SharePoint solutions across the related Microsoft technologies. As an architect you will be interviewing the executive stakeholders and designing an ECM roadmap based on SharePoint 2010 platform while deploying, documenting and training IT stakeholders on a pilot implementation using Microsoft best practices. This role understands interoperability issues and the strengths and weaknesses of platforms and products, and is able to provide a trusted voice at the decision-making table.

SharePoint Administrator/Designer - Arlington, VA
As a SharePoint Administrator manages all aspects of Analytic Services SharePoint environment, including design, architecture, availability, reliability, performance, monitoring and security of the portal. This position plays integral part in the development of strategies for optimal use of SharePoint and other collaborative tools with the organization. Administrator must be able to work with very little supervision in a highly charged and fast paced environment.


Microsoft Updates
Installing, Uninstalling, and Upgrading Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (MSDN)
This topic describes how site collection administrators can install, uninstall, and upgrade sandboxed solutions.


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